Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 – Review

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Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 is one 2 dimensional shooter, sequel to the famous first title. Even if we already have experienced and reviewed the PC version, that for Nintendo Switch is it worth buying? Let's find out together in this review!


We can play with friends to face cops ...
... mafia ...
... zombie ...

We are in the 1944, at the height of the second World War, 15 years after the events that occurred a Thugtown. A mysterious Dark Gift want to make skin a Vincent Cannoli, the protagonist, as well as the only survivor of the events of the city now in quarantine. Obviously ours Italian-American antieroe he will want to assert himself and will have to make his way between mobsters, zombies and Nazis, between a cannoli and the other.

One thing worth noting is the gameplay improvement, improved since the first chapter, where we could only shoot in front of us. It will in fact be possible to shoot in any direction, thanks to the improved aiming system. The addition of the second jump will also allow us to better dodge the bullets and physical attacks of the enemies, who will do their utmost to defeat us.

Unique big sore point of the game. Despite the large number of levels, 17 to be precise, the game will briefly finish even on the highest difficulties, with or without cooperative allies. There scarcity of longevity, coupled with the absence of a score, is a severe handicap to replay value of the title of Crazy Monkey Studios, but not so excessive as to have to shelve the title.


We will have a very respectable arsenal at our disposal.
The effects of the flamethrower are very well developed.
The Thompson submachine gun is a 40s cliché.

The commands of Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 they might seem complicated and difficult, but on the contrary they are immediate and practical.

  • using it left stick or DPAD we will be able to move our character
  • with the right stick instead we will be able to aim at 360 ° with our weapon.
  • pressing ZR spareremo
  • the button R opens the weapon wheel, while with X we can go directly to the next weapon
  • with the key Y we can reload our weapon
  • thanks to B we will be able to kick it, which will serve as a rudimentary riot vehicle while we reload
  • with L you can roll to dodge attacks, but beware, we won't be invulnerable during the animation
  • ZL it will be used to jump, and if pressed again in mid-air it will allow us to make a second jump
  • with A we will be able to interact with the elements of the scenario

We will have a very respectable arsenal, fully compliant with the game setting. In fact, we will have available from the classic baseball bat to the machine gun Thompson, from the gun moult to the rocket launcher and all this accessible in real time thanks to the weapon wheel.

While the commands are not remappable, they will be very comfortable to use and structured well. Although the absence of the mouse to aim may be tangible, the analogue habit will soon take over, leaving us fully enjoy the fun gameplay.

and Cannoli…

We will be able to interact with the scenario or take possession of enemy weapons.
The settings are very accurate.
The references to other works are evident ...
... VERY obvious ...

The atmosphere in the game is spectacular. The well-kept and maniacal work of the graphic sector blends perfectly with the soundtrack, which incorporates the music of America in the years of prohibition.

Speaking of graphics, we can see the developer's effort to try to recreate a serious, but colorful world, to give a light-hearted and detailed tone of the environment that surrounds us.

The work of light and shadow that can be observed, where for example a building in the city could obscure an alley, as instead the sun illuminates the entire landscape, are excellent. In fact, we will pass from one setting to another, realizing it effectively, because they are clearly distinguished from each other.

Plus the characters are stereotyped by a flawless dubbing. Despite being completely English, we can hear the macaronic chant of Vinnie and the mobsters, like that severely exasperated of the Nazis, making enjoyable and fun game.

Again with regard to the acoustic sector, the choices for the sounds of the special effects are spot on, as for the soundtrack. While we set fire to some zombies in the sewer tunnels, there will be one dark and ominous background music. On the other hand while we will be in the lair of the Nazis, there will be a music of imposing background.

Final comment

Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 does his dirty work, entertaining us, with a price so low it seems ridiculous. Surely it is worth buying, even at full price, despite being unfortunately very short. If you want you can buy it directly from Nintendo e-Shop.

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