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Gun-Nac is a shooter genre video game developed in 1990 by Compile and published in the same year by Tonkin House to Nintendo Entertainment System.

The player controls the Gun-Nac commander and through 8 different levels fights numerous enemies from inside his spaceship. This ship can be upgraded and expanded, allowing the star craft to withstand two enemy hits instead of just one, as per the initial configuration. The primary weapons are 5 and the secondary bombs are instead of 4 different types.
Among the standard weapons we mention the normal pistol, the flamethrower and the remote controlled boomerang, all equipped with unlimited ammo and obtained by collecting numbered circles that correspond to a certain weapon. The same principle applies to secondary bombs. Gun Nac is set in a distant future, with Earth's resources now depleted and its inhabitants on their way to a new artificial solar system, IOTA Synthetica. When a mysterious cosmic radiation attacks the solar system, it is up to Commander Gun-Nac, son of Xan, to save the human race.

First, enable “Non-Death Mode”. Complete the game and at the final scenes, before the credits begin, press and hold the A + B keys.
If the trick works, you will see deleted scenes that are present in the Japanese version of the game.

Pause the game, then hold B and press START. Exit the break and a blue bonus will appear.

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