Gun Gun Pixies - Review of the PC version

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Compile Heart it has always been a software house that tends to mix a rather cured gameplay and plot with many componenti fanservice, keeping everything perfectly balanced.

Some examples of this are the famous series Neptunia, Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers or the saga of Gun Gun. Today we will talk about the new chapter of the latter, Gun Gun Pixies.

Will the Compile Heart guys be able to create a fun game that combines rampant fanservice with great gameplay?

Find out with this new review!

Two aliens on a mission to save their planet

In Gun Gun Pixies we will find ourselves in the shoes of Bee-Tan e Kame-Pon, two inter-space agents sent to earth to study the human social relationships means the observation of a group of female students who live together in a pension.

This will serve to resolve a great social problem that plagues the planet of Bee-Tan and Kame-Pon, or that people no longer communicates and most of the inhabitants tend to isolate themselves more and more.

It will be up to our two inter-space agents to find a solution to the problem.

Endless stereotypes

From the very first minutes, the new Compile Heart product does not mind showing the player all the most stereotypical characters of the Ecchi genre: Bee-Tan represents the extremely suggestive girl, and Kame-Pon represents the studious and super serious.

The different girls in the dormitory are also very stereotyped, that is Kira Torii, the energetic and always positive girl, Amayo Sato, the girl mature and worried about her weight, and finally Misa Torii, the otaku and fujoshi of the group.

To complete it all there will be, later in the plot, the addition of Minami Kaima, the typical gothic lolita with the "eighth grade syndrome".

Despite all this, however, thanks to the light plot and the omnipresent fanservice, Gun Gun Pixies still manages to be relaxing, getting a few laughs from time to time.

A gameplay that mixes TPS and stealth components

Gun Gun Pixies looks like a GST with a very light component exploratory and stealth.

The players will be instructed, with each new chapter, to investigate one of the problems that afflict the students.

First you will have to understand what the cause of the problem. You will then have to explore the three rooms of the pension (two in the first missions) and interact with the element of the scenario written within the game menu.

Once the cause has been discovered, it will have to be found the source. You will have to at this point shoot the relaxing bullets on female students so as to obtain more clues or get them to act in order to go and help the roommate in trouble.

At the end of these two phases, it will be necessary to face a third which will be a real one bossfight: you will have to hit the girl in his weaknesses, identifiable thanks to binoculars, up to fill what is his excitement bar.

The clashes will unfortunately result quickly rather trivial e simple, also due to the possibility of using regenerative platforms practically indefinitely and without no charging time.

Bonus and item modes

Once a mission is completed we will find ourselves inside the bathroom with the protagonist of the chapter that is making the tub.

This mode, which is very reminiscent Street Fighter 2 leveled bonus, it will be the best way to farm coin, useful for buying pieces of clothing, new weapons, bullets, undergarments and sights.

The title also has a modality free game where we will be able to improve the completion score of the levels faced during the story mode.

An obsolete technical department

Gun Gun pixies, has a good sound sector by offering a series of ost that are not boring even after several hours of play.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the graphics which turns out to be just acceptable, also due to a series of rather obsolete scenario models for the current generation of video games.

The only thing that is saved from this point of view are the models of characters, as well cared for in every detail.

Finally the title suffers from the control system which in certain situations ends up being uncomfortable and camera of game badly set.

In conclusion

Summing up, Gun Gun Pixies can't keep up with Compile heart's other struggles, showing several quite serious problems like the little attention paid to the scenarios and game camera badly set.

The title still manages to offer a rather funny story, even if the extremely repetitive gameplay it could lead some players to easily dismiss it to move on to something else.

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