Guide Yakuza 6 : How to Master Combos and Shoot Selfies

We're finally here: Yakuza 6 The Song of Life has landed on store shelves all over the world. It will finally be possible for many players to experience the final ride of the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima. As all fans of the saga will surely know, the game offers a series of combos with which to prevail over our opponents. Notostate our hero is a real war machine, it is good to remember that he will often find himself alone and, of course, always outnumbered. In this guide, we list the basic commands of the game, so you can master the combos and carry out fun activities such as taking pictures and selfie.

Yakuza 6 how to become a master of combat

If you're a fan of the first hour of Yakuza, you'll be familiar with the mechanics and environments that have always distinguished the saga. Returning to Kamurocho will be, for you, a bit like returning home, but in a completely renovated house, thanks to the power of the new Dragon Engine. Despite a graphic sector of the highest importance, it Yakuza 6 retains the element that has made millions of fans fall in love: the frantic and adrenaline-filled fights. Although the bulk of the action takes place in Kamurocho, there will be chapters of the plot that will take you to the port city of Hiroshima: Onomichi. As we have said elsewhere, combat is the natural habitat of the Dojima Dragon, and despite the improvements of this new Yakuza, the controls have remained simple and intuitive.

Below, we will list all the basic commands with which you can carry out the various fights you will be involved in:

  • SQUARE: light attack;
  • TRIANGLE: Heavy attack and kick;
  • RIM: Grab the enemy;
  • X: dodge the enemy attack;
  • X (holding it down): run;
  • R2: Heath mode;
  • RIM (near an object): Grab a weapon;
  • L1 (keep it pressed): guard position;
  • R1: The character turns towards the enemy;

Every shot, every single punch and kick you throw at your opponents will fill the three balls of your Heath Gauge. You will find the indicator now mentioned in the top left corner of the screen, just below the red bar that indicates the health of Kiryu. Once even a single sphere has been filled, pressing the R2 button will activate Heath Mode, which will make your hero's attacks even more effective and turn him into an unstoppable war machine. In this state, Mechagodzilla will not be stunned by any enemy attack.

Yakuza 6 : guide to combos

Some abilities will literally overturn the outcome of the toughest fights.

As has also occurred in previous chapters of the saga, we Yakuza 6 can count on some combos to unleash on our unfortunate enemies. It is almost needless to point out that most of them will be based on the right concatenation between the BROWN and TRIANGLE keys. Below, we'll list the first combos you'll need to start getting familiar with to become a true master of combat. This is a provisional list, which we will update periodically:

Base Combo:


Yakuza 6 : how to take pictures and selfie

Even Dojima's Dragon yields to selfish charm.

By pressing the "Options" button, you will activate the pause menu, and Kiryu will take his smartphone. Among the available options, you'll notice the one related to the camera: in this way, you'll be able to take pictures of everything around you, and the images will remain stored in the memory of your mobile phone. As with messages (which you can access quickly by pressing LEFT on the directional cross), a shortcut is also available for the camera. Simply press the UP button on the directional cross to access the camera directly. In case you're wondering, don't worry: our protagonist will be able to move freely, even with the camera activated.

Sony smartphone owners will find the Yakuza 6 . With the L2 and R2 buttons you can increase and decrease the zoom, while pressing the BROWN button you can apply filters to your shots. In addition, by pressing the TRIANGLE button, you can activate the front camera of the smartphone, so you can take a selfie in the game called SEGA. You can take photos and selfie at almost any time of the game, even when you are in Kamurocho nightclubs in the company of damsels.

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