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XCOM 2 Tips for beginners

XCOM 2 is a very complex game and it's easy to make trivial mistakes. In this guide we turn to less experienced players, beginners who have decided to approach this strategy and who, we are sure, will not regret their choice. We hope, however, that the suggestions in these pages can be useful even for the most experienced players, a bit of review can only do good. So here are 10 tips that any player XCOM 2 should always take into account during their games.

1. But where do you go?

When we move our men we simply have to click on a point on the map, simple no? Wrong: checking a box without checking the route followed to get there can have disastrous effects and force us to completely change our plans. With the introduction of the concealment mechanics, moreover, this aspect has become even more important since you only need to break a window to immediately lose the surprise effect. The boxes your man will pass through are clearly marked so watch, evaluate and decide accordingly. Also be careful not to "activate" enemy groups and, above all, try not to end up in the opponent's shooting trajectories: passing in front of an enemy on guard could cost you dearly and in such a difficult game is really a shame to be at a disadvantage for a simple carelessness.

2. The aliens aren't going anywhere

You are on the battlefield and have just eliminated a group of aliens. At this point we strongly advise you not to continue immediately in the exploration of the map, take a turn (or even more, why not) to reload, heal the wounded, locate the enemies based on noise and position yourself in formation (waiting not to be discovered on the flanks). Finding a few turns later with full rifles and loaded health will give you a huge advantage, reloading generally costs you a turn and this, in some cases, can mean the death of a team member. Of course this does not apply in time missions, in these cases you have to be good at figuring out when to reload/cure and when to throw yourself forward.

3. Sweet Base

Your base is your home, your men sleep here, do research and build all the weapons. We advise you to start working on the structures as soon as possible, concentrating only on the battle phases is equivalent to a certain defeat in the long term. Take some time to recover personnel, remove debris and build the most important buildings - it will cost you money but we guarantee you won't regret it. Base management can be very complex and it takes a great deal of dedication to figure out how to exploit each structure one hundred percent, but if you take care of your base the way you take care of your people it will pay off with interest.

4. Watch your flanks

What's the easiest and quickest way to do a lot of damage to an enemy? Get around him. By moving your team properly in the field you can send one of your own (suitably armed, if possible) to face the enemy at close range, taking them from behind or on their side. The success rates in these cases are very high and, theoretically, you should emerge victorious. Of course, you may always have bad luck, but war is war, so...

5. Always check the interface

XCOM 2 As we said at the beginning of the guide, it is a very complex game but the development team has included explanations, indicators and captions everywhere. Read as much as you can, there are a lot of things that are not clearly said during the tutorial (however great) that, if known, can put you in a great position of advantage. Take skills for example: hovering the mouse over the name will tell you the basic effects, but clicking on it will give you a whole series of additional details. Let's take another example: if you're on the field and don't understand the reason for your series of missed hits look at the panel at the bottom of the screen. Here you will find all the percentages that affect your shot and, by making some small adjustments (position maybe, or weapon), you can get the better of the enemy.

6. Soft start

Don't exaggerate, start at the normal level or even recruit. Start immediately at the highest difficulty means automatically ruin the game experience, you will find yourself in frustrating situations and difficult to manage. XCOM 2 is a title strongly replayable, have a first game "quiet" enjoying the experience and then try to gradually increase the difficulty.

7. Don't get attached. Never.

XCOM 2 it's worse than the Iron Throne, as you get attached to someone punctually a damn alien comes along and takes the shot of a lifetime and kills him (maybe even with a critic). Rename and customize your men by creating your own team of friends and certainly fun, but do not get too attached to someone: in this game soldiers die very easily and, in some cases, it may even be necessary to sacrifice one for the good of the operation. If you have not followed our advice you can always mourn your fallen in the memorial section of the base, we hope you do not have to visit it too often.

8. Perennial guard

Use your guard a lot. Do not be fooled, this skill can be devastating if used properly and allows you, after some practice, to shoot down a large number of enemies taking very little risk. Do you have to go into a room where you believe the enemy is there? Position yourself with your team ready to fire at anything that moves and open the door. Use the guard to nail the enemy to their positions, forcing them to choose whether to risk the shot by moving or evading while standing still. If you have a very low hit rate (less than 25% for example) don't try an almost impossible shot: find a suitable point and stand guard to cover your comrades and gain advantage positions on the map.

9. Weapons are not everything

A classic mistake beginners make with XCOM is to aim for the most powerful weaponry right away, using days and days to immediately search for the best rifles. Our advice is to take a more balanced approach: having a very strong weapon is of no use to you if you are shot down from the first discharge due to poor armour.

10. Psionic power

There XCOM 2 is a special class in addition to the four basic present: the Psionic soldier. Investing in these units in terms of research and facilities is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. The Psionics are a lot of fun to use in the field, they have unique abilities that can change a battle in a few moments and, in addition, using the Psionic Amplifier we can do great damage. Using the "Dominion" ability we can even control an enemy throughout the battle by obtaining an additional soldier to exploit, perhaps, as bait for our operations and ambushes.

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