Guide We Happy Few - How to Cure Food Poisoning

Good quality food is hard to find in We Happy Few , which means that sometimes you will have to make do with eating rotten food just to survive. Poor food can cause food poisoning, which can cause negative effects that affect your character's ability. If you need a quick solution for food poisoning in We Happy Few , here's what you have to do.

Food-borne diseases are the norm in life at Wellington Wells. Food poisoning is caused by eating rotten food and is indicated by the icon of a person vomiting. Food poisoning can be mild or severe depending on how much bad food you eat. Bad food does not necessarily cause food poisoning if eaten in small amounts, but you may want to be prepared for every eventuality.

Guide We Happy Few

How to cure food poisoning

There are several stages of food poisoning in We Happy Few . Food poisoning causes dizziness and blurred vision, which becomes more intense and leads to gagging in severe cases. If serious food poisoning is not cured, vomiting reduces your hunger bar, causing you to lose stamina.

The best way to treat food poisoning in We Happy Few is to use Sick Up Tea. This consumption item will cure and remove the state effects caused by food poisoning by inducing vomiting. This will also increase your hunger and thirst, so keep a drink handy and get ready to eat some (not rotten) food after your food poisoning is cured.

Sick Up Tea can be created in the Create Your Inventory menu in the Survival subcategory. Here is what you will need to create a dose of Sick Up Tea:

Charcoal (x1)
Empty pill bottle (x1)
Night Blooming Nonsuch (x1)

At the digging points you can collect charcoal and empty pill bottles. As the name suggests, Night Blooming Nonsuch is a flower that only blooms at night, so be sure to stock up on some of these bright pink flowers during an evening walk to make sure you have these ingredients when you need them.

Even if Sick Up Tea induces vomiting, it's best that the entire meter of hunger runs out while waiting for a severe case of food poisoning. Create at least one serving of this consumable item and keep it in your inventory for when you need it.

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