Guide Watch Dogs : Guide to the Main Missions

The universe of Watch Dogs is full of secrets to unlock, missions and submissions to complete, people and items to find. Unraveling this dense network created by Ubisoft is not easy, that's why we at Games are pleased to offer you the most complete guide you Watch Dogs can find on the web!
Are you ready to totally hack the city? Well, you've come to the right place!

The entire world of Watchdogs is enclosed within the progress wheel that you can find on your PDA. The guide has been built and divided based on that wheel so that you won't miss even the smallest element to 100% climbing the game!





1A-Shoot Maurice and hack his phone.

1B-OPTIONAL-Before leaving the locker room, collect the envelope with the money on the back of the center shelf, hack a ctOS PDA on the side of the center shelf and collect the medicine and Chemical Elements near the exit door.

2A-Leave the locker room to meet your partner and, after the cutscene, go on until you meet the cops. Squat down and turn left to go up to the upper level of the parking lot.

2B-OPTIONAL-After meeting your partner, go back and continue in front of the locker room to reach the area to the right of the cops. From here you can access the control station from the blue door on the left, where you can collect Money, Medicine and Chemical Elements. In this area you will also be able to hack the ball machine much more easily than the cops in point 2A.

3-Go upstairs, climb over the gate and hack the camera to enter the video surveillance system. Switch from camera to camera until the door lock is deactivated.

4A- Enter the area and use the Chip, which you can pick up immediately from the desk to the right of the entrance, to create a Diversive to distract the guard. Go up the escalator and continue.

4B-OPTIONAL-In the area of point 4 you can also collect a suitcase of Money, behind the desk at the entrance and a bottle of Chemical Elements near the scaffolding.

5A- In the lobby you just circumnavigate the central counter going to the left and reach the indicated point.

5B-OPTIONAL-In the lobby you can also use the Profiler to hack a few people and earn some money.

6-In the hallway with the glass door, don't forget to hack the ATM on the left before continuing.

7-After the call, hack the cameras until you get a shot of the man dressed in gray to get the access code.

8-End the hacking and cause the blackout.

9- The glass doors will open, go in and keep low by moving to the left. Watch out for the guard by the escalator, go down and snap to the door at the end of the area.

10- Exit the bar and climb over the railing on the left, quickly cross the street and reach the garage in the alley. Wait for the police car to move away from the street to get out and start your escape. There are several side streets, sowing the police will be a piece of cake.

11A-Seminate the cops go to the shelter and enter.

11B-OPTIONAL-Before going to sleep you have to collect some Chemical Elements in the bathroom, some Electronic Components from the cabinet next to the bed, an Audio Diary from the sofa and finally you have to hack a ctOS PDA next to the pc.


1-Secome to the main character's sister's house and enter the backyard.

2-After the video, go into the house and talk to the woman.

2B-OPTIONAL-Gather the various DIY items in the bathroom and kitchen.

2C-EASTER EGG-Se approach little Jackson, who is playing with the tablet on the couch, and peek at his device's display. You'll see he's playing Child of Light, another recent Ubisoft title.

3-Hack the woman's cell phone to trace the call.

4-After the movie get in the car and start the chase, just be careful not to lose sight of your prey. Hitting his car is useless. In fact, it will stop by itself once you get to an underground street in the Loop district.

5- Start the chase on foot and use the Profiler to slow down your prey thanks to the devices to jump on the wall, watch the video to learn more.

6-Eliminate your opponent, hack his phone to complete the mission.


1-This mission of the main story is a kind of tutorial on how to free the various areas of the map from the control of opponents and thus hack the available ctOS antennas. In each section of the map there will be an area like this one where you can decide if:

1B-URLURLY PROJECTION-Use the camera system to find and sneak the guard with the System Access Code. If you can't find him, try a little "trickery" with forklifts, explosions etc, you will see that he will come out around the right stairs.

1C- DIRECT AK 47-Continue a massacre by entering the area limited to flattened rifles, eliminating all guards until you get that code. In fact, the code can also be obtained from a dead guard.

2-Holding the code, you will need to enter the system from the point indicated:

2B-APPROCESS-If you have followed point 1B you will have to reach the panel to infiltrate via cameras. To do so, enter the camera on the left side of the building and look towards the point indicated to infiltrate. You will notice that there is a sound distraction to activate right in front of the point to hack. Activate it to get the guard to approach with the patrol camera nearby. As he approaches, hack his camera, which will frame the hacker's panel exactly.

2C- DIRECT ATTACK-Well, if you've killed everything and everyone, I suppose it's not at all difficult for you to go to the hacker panel in person and hack him.

3-overcome the simple hack procedure by turning the connectors to power the modules
( see the mission video ).

4-Break into the server room, hack the designated point.

4B-OPTIONAL-Before hacking the main brain you can also have fun hacking the right or left servers, to spy on some citizens intent on strange practices.

5- Once the system is unlocked, return to Pearce and leave the area.


1-Reach the indicated point without being detected. Just keep out of the yellow radar before it fills up completely.

2-Reach the garage with the Fugitive, get behind the wheel and go right. At the first exit on the left, stop for a few seconds and hide in the car to let the helicopter pass. Now all you have to do is proceed very slowly through alleys, tunnels and side streets, so that neither the cars nor the police helicopter can reach you on your way to the indicated point. ( watch the mission video ).

3-Port the Fugitive to the location required to complete the mission.


1-Down the stairs immediately in front of you to meet Bad Boy.

2-Secceed to the designated Garage to find a restricted area with the guards:

2B-FURTIVE APROACH-Proceed slowly, take advantage of the shelters, vehicles and the possibilities offered by the Profiler on the zone elements. You will need to go to the door at the bottom right to access the building.

2C- DIRECT ATTACK-Strongly recommended in this situation, the guards are few and can be overwhelmed without particular complications.

3- Enter the designated building to find yourself in front of a vending machine.

3B-AUDIODIARY-Wall in front of the vending machine.

4-overcome the guards and go to the upper floor by entering the left side with the camera and the point to hack into the glass cases.

4B-AUDIODIARY- On the sofa near the glass case with the camera.

5-Break into the system, hack the computer in the office.

6-Scaped from the building and, in the street, from the police scan to finish the mission.


1-Reach the source of the call.

2-Unlock the devices so you can hack. Watch the mission video to know where to look.

3-Hack the device and enter the apartment with the camera.

4-Out of the apartment you will be attacked by a group of fixers:

4B-The best way to proceed smoothly is to lure your enemies to the high point where you are once you have finished hacking the apartment. Just before you see them coming at you, let's say just before they start climbing the ladders, use the Blackout to leave them in the dark. Start running to the right and get out of there so you can steal an enemy car, or you can reach the street and escape undisturbed.

4C-TRAIGHT ATTACK- Carnage is always a great way to silence any argument. Try to eliminate multiple enemies together as they pass by the points to explode, or lure them to their cars and blow them up with a grenade or IED.

5-Leash into the park to complete the mission.


1-Reach Jordi to learn more about the mission.

2-Reach the indicated point just across the river.

3-Unlock the passage to the informant:

3B-Follow the video to find out where to find the unlocking box and reach the informant.

3C-If you don't want to be up against an army of Fixer's armed to the teeth, I recommend the stealthy approach.

4-Finished the "interview" with the informant, take the AK 47 and get out.

4B-OPTIONAL-Finished the "interview" with the informant, you can turn around and shoot the informant in the head to make sure she stays with her mouth plugged.

5-Outdoors you'll be hunted by the helicopter. Direct collision is practically impossible as the helicopter will continuously shoot at you. Go right, staying under cover, kill the guard at the bottom and run to the top of the stairs to find yourself in the street. Steal a car and lose the Fixers that are chasing you, or reach an area where the helicopter can't hit you and eliminate the Fixers, if you crash them all against the same wall you can get out of the car and blow them with grenades together with their cars.
( See the video ). Once the Fixers are dead, all you have to do is lose the helicopter. Use some Profiler tricks to do it.


1-Reach Angelo Tucci's niece inside the building and pretend to call her on behalf of the hospital. Then, when her uncle calls back, hack her cellphone.

2-You have to eliminate Angelo Tucci, there are several ways to do it, I propose a simple method that will free you from Angelo without even needing to see his face:

Reach the intersection shown on the video and put a few cars to block a possible escape in the middle of the road. Wait for the arrival of Tucci's convoy and approach the car immediately in front of his. Throw a grenade in front of this car to trigger Angelo's reaction that will overtake the car to escape but will blow up together with the other car. ( See the mission video ).

3-Eliminate the remaining fixers or escape, to overcome the mission.


1-Hook yourself from your cell and use the cameras to hack the system and unlock your door.

1B-AUDIODIARY-There's an audiodiary hidden in the control room, just above the point to unlock your cell.

2- Exit the cell, go to the right and paying attention to the guards, especially those on the other floors, reach the indicated point and hack it.

3-Access to the area where the inmates do their time in the air, look for your man sitting between the grey walls at the back.

4-observe the scene, disconnect and continue, hack the system to access the elevator and take it to the next floor.

5-Prepare for the gunfight in the laundry room. Use the valve to take out some guards and give vent to your killer instinct for the others. When you kill the first wave, an armored guard will arrive. Shooting him about 3-5 times in the head with the rifle, he should collapse even if he's wearing a bulletproof helmet. Kill this guard, two more will come in, take them out and reach your target.

6-After the chat with the prisoner, proceed to the next point.

6B-OPTIONAL-After the chat with the prisoner, you can always blow his head off so you can be totally sure he won't break the deal.

7-Hack the small control station and exit to the roof of the building.

7B-Before going out remember to take the Audiodiary in the control station where to hack the output port.

8-Forget to start armed clashes with the police, they are more than you, more equipped and, above all, they never end, on the contrary they always come back better armed:

When you come out, run to the left and go down the stairs. Steal a car, if one of the police can make it, and start your escape. It's daytime so the Blackout won't help you this time, you'll have to look for a place to hide as a garage, boathouses, shops, underpassages, etc..
Once the escape is complete, you will have just completed Act I.



1-Reach the indicated point and watch the video on the screen.

2-Run to Nicky's house to find a nasty surprise.

3-Recome to the station to save Jackson by hacking into the train:

3B-SPARATORY ON PLACE-If you don't want to run into a long chase, just start the train and shoot the enemy's cars right away. Instead of starting and chasing Jackson, they will start a firefight on the place behind their cars. If you've already unlocked your IED or grenade launcher, taking them out is a piece of cake.

3C-FOLLOW-If you prefer the long Starsky and Hutch style trackers, just hack the train without being seen and wait for the enemies to leave in pursuit. Now all you have to do is get rid of them by trying to send them off the road to destroy their cars, remember that you can also use the road devices to hack with your mobile phone.


1-Find a safe place inside the Racine factory and start hacking the cameras until you find the access code on a guard.

1B-There's an audiodiary hidden in the building, watch the video to find out where.

2-Reach Racine's office and hack his computer to find out where the man is.

3-Go out the window and go to the left. Go down from the roof and enter the building on the left, go through it all the way and go outside again. Go through the fence and you will see a car on your right, after a few seconds you will see Racine's car passing in front of you:

3B-FOLLOW--Go into the car on your right and start chasing Racine, it is essential to use road devices such as manholes, bollards and traffic lights to slow down/stop the target and eliminate it.

3C-KABOOM!-Only in case you have already bought the Shotgun Grenade Launcher for $45,000 at any gun shop. Just before you see Racine pass in front of you, aim the grenade launcher and get ready to fire, Racine won't even have time to get away from the garage that Kaboooooom!


1-Eliminate enemies on the upper balcony and prepare to fight your opponents in the parking lot below.

2-Because the only ones that your opponents will have practically only cars to hide in, a good tactic is to unleash a shower of bombs to set off a series of chain explosions that will get you rid of your opponents in no time. Pay attention also to Clara and the stairs in the back, sometimes some enemy climbs up from there and balls the girl.

3-Killed the enemies will arrive some reinforcements that you can blow up with the same tactic, even before they get out of the car.

4-Accompany Clara in the alley to her car and eliminate the enemies or run away to complete the mission.


1-Guard to the left of the dock to find the point to hack.

2-Follow Clara under the bridge and profile the homeless to find information on the wanted man.

3- Run to the indicated point paying attention to the enemy Fixers, use the road devices to lose them.

4-Get inside the house and sit at the table to play Poker.

4B-OPTIONAL-If you want, before you bet, you can hack the camera behind your opponents to peek at their cards.

5-Pursue your opponent to land him and hack the valves to slow his escape.


1- Activate the bridge and reach the island of the mysterious bunker.

2-Activate the 3 devices to power up the island as shown on the video.

2B-AUDIODIARY-joints on the island there will be an audiodiary hidden inside an old street radio, watch the video to find out where.

3-Reach the indicated point and reactivate the bunker.


1-Be within the indicated area to reactivate the generators.

1B-AUDIODIARY-You can also find an audiodiary above a cadastre of tubes, near the center of the area. Watch the video to know the exact location.

3-You must enter the area controlled by the Vyceros and reactivate the power through 3 panels:

3B-FURTIVE APROACH-This approach is the one recommended for this mission. Create or buy several Blackouts to put the area in the dark. Get close to the generators and land the surrounding enemies, so as soon as the power comes back on, you can reactivate the panels completely undisturbed.

3C- DIRECT APROACH-Use the numerous shelters offered by the area to eliminate enemies one by one. Keep a Jam Com at hand at all times to prevent them from calling for reinforcements and unleash your arsenal of war.

4-Eliminate all enemies, run or hide to end the mission after powering up again.


1-This mission, unlike the others, is all carried out through the camera hacker.

2-Reach the Bunker computer to infiltrate and enter the Rossi Freemont video surveillance network.

2B-AUDIODIARY-During the mission there will be some audiodiary to collect that you can see in the video.

3-End the phase with the cameras and trace the address to end the mission.


1-Hack the indicated point and install the bug.

2-Follow the designated car for a few blocks and prepare to infiltrate the restricted access area.

3-Follow Tyrone while hiding from the guards, never letting him out of your sight in order to intercept his conversations.

3B-OPTIONAL-There are telephoto cameras in the area, so you can use them to follow your target.

4- At the end of the route, save Rabbit and prepare to let him escape:

4B-OPTIONAL RABBIT IS NOT DISCOVERED-You must try to guide Rabbit out of the area without getting caught by enemies. Use the cameras to order Rabbit where to move to.

4C-OPTIONAL RABBIT COMES DISCOVERED- Even if you can't save the "Rabbit", the mission will continue towards its natural end.

5-Hackeratwe Rabbit's phone then run away or hide from the enemies to finish the mission.


1-Blow up the van with the IED left by Jordi.

2-Reach the factory and hack the computer to discover the enemy positions.

3-You will have about one minute to prepare the factory for the arrival of your opponents. Place the IED on the car tracks to the left and right of the area. Go upstairs and wait for the targets to arrive.

4-Detonate the IED.

5-Eliminate the remaining enemies but watch out for the armoured ones, the IED can come in handy again.

6-Prepare for target car chase. Remember to use road devices to take the enemy car out of play.

7-Reach Bedbug and, while remaining hidden, hack the indicated devices.


1-Follow the case, unnoticed, as shown on the video.

2-When the briefcase "gets on the boat" take the motorcycle and chase it along the river to the boathouse at the end of the route. Be careful not to be seen.

3-Use the Blackout to reach the shed undisturbed at this point you can:

3B-APPROCESS FURTIVE-Continue with the Blackouts until you reach the case, eliminating only the necessary enemies.

3C- DIRECT ATTACK-Use the IED and the numerous explosive devices of the pier to blow up enemies, remember that you can make sound bait to lure enemies to the traps.

4-Hack the case, leave the marina and escape from the enemies (unless you have already killed them all!).


1-Hack the point indicated for spying on Crispin.

2- Your target is located in a small room at the back of the dealership, use the cameras to frame it and frame the guards to reveal them on the map.

2B- Alternatively you can use a ctOS scanner to detect all enemies in the area.

3-Approach Crispin staying outside the dealer, use the Blackout and enter through one of the doors at the bottom without being seen by the guards who will already be unresponsive because of the Blackout. Eliminate Crispin, hack his phone and exit the area. If you have done everything quickly you will be able to get out a few seconds before the return of light.

4-Secceed in the room and, at the end of the movie, exit to finish the mission.


1-Stop at the dock to participate in the Auction.

2-Entrate and ascend to the upper floor.

2B-AUDIODIARY-During the route you will find an audiodiary, watch the video to find out where.

3-Reach the points shown without being seen by the guards.

4- In the outside areas you can use the Blackout to escape, it's the best tactic to use if you don't want to engage in long fights with the many enemies in the area.

5-Leave the area and escape from the enemy to complete the mission.


1-In order to best accomplish this mission, I suggest you go up to the central building and immediately eliminate the little surveillance between you and the upper floors of the building.

2- Once you're up, it will be easier to eliminate the enemies below with grenades and IEDs. Also use the manhole cover to blow up the pipes in the street and eliminate a few more opponents.

3-Exceed all enemies to the top and open the room where Jackson is hiding.


1- Get out of the bar to start the mission.

1B-AUDIODIARY-Pick up the recording on the counter.

2- Use the Blackout to enter Rossi Fremont's designated room.

3-Use the cameras to guide Badbug, as shown on video, to the central brain room.

4-When you regain control of Pearce, escape or kill all enemies to complete the mission.



1- Enter the Bunker and talk to Clara.

2-Hack into the designated spot and prepare for combat with the enemy Fixer. Challenge zone traps and raised points to get the better of your enemies.

3-Hack the computer and prepare for pursuit.

4-The fixer will run away in a fire truck, a slow but very tough and difficult vehicle to shoot down. The chase will be much easier if you have unlocked all the skills related to road devices, especially the ability to blow up manholes and underground pipes. You can also try to somehow block the enemy truck pushing it towards elements of the gameplay, get down on the fly and blow it up with the grenade launcher. Once the enemy vehicle is eliminated, the mission will be finished and you'll be ready to...




1-Reach the Pawnee.

2-Get close to the house and infiltrate the system.

3-Produce the two guys at the docks to find out the password.

4-Set down at the location shown.

5-Use the cameras and swivel antennas to access the basement and unlock the antenna in Pawnee.

5B-AUDIODIARY-You can find an Audiodiary in the basement just before you reach the antenna.

6-Secceed to the bar shown.

6B- At this bar you will find the Easter Eggs of the Rabbids behind the counter.

7-Sit down and resist the drinking game until the cutscene.



1-Follow T-Bone and try his Robots.

2-Set down at the designated location to retrieve the van:

2B-APPROOK AND HOLD- Try to get as close to the van as possible without being seen by the enemies, then start running towards the weird Mexican van, steal it and gas it as if you had some burning Jalapenos stuck up your ass.

2C-APPROCESS CARNEFICINE-Use your entire arsenal to eliminate enemies, or try to be stealthy until you and the coveted van are left behind.

3-Take the Van to the designated spot and eliminate or lose the enemies.



1-Set down at the specified location.

2-Reach the helicopter area and hack it to access its camera.

3-Find the two targets: one is in the area immediately to the right between the house and the northern rock ridge, the other is towards the center of the camp.

4-You will have to use stealth tactics to eliminate them both. Don't worry because once you eliminate one, the game will save automatically and even if you are discovered, you only need to eliminate the second target. There are no precise strategies, use silenced weapons and always try to stay safe because the helicopter will constantly patrol the area.

5-Leave the area or eliminate all enemies to complete the mission.



0-Before you begin this mission I recommend you equip yourself with heavily explosive artillery such as IEDs and shotgun launchers.

1-You must block a convoy before it reaches the Blume: Choose your preferred location and start bombing it before the enemies arrive. When the van arrives on top of the bombs, trigger them and blow it up. If all goes well the enemies still alive will be pretty pissed off at you for the misunderstanding, but nothing a good dose of lancigranate burst can't silence.



1-You must go to the base of Blume and enter to install a virus.

2- Needless to say, in the base of the bad guys, you don't usually go in with guns blazing. Also, you absolutely must not be discovered, otherwise the mission will be instantly lost. Act in the shadows and eliminate enemies one by one. Use silenced weapons and rely on cover until you reach the point of hacking.

2B-AUDIODIARIO-Vi is an audidiary to collect, on a table, before the point to inflict yourself.

3-Use the cameras to spy on Damien.

4-Sneak in unnoticed, just as you entered and get ready for the next mission to start consecutively.



1-Pick up the bike and reach the area.

2-This is the mission that the most hardcore warmongers have been waiting for. It's finally time to ignite the dust and unleash your most powerful arsenal, ladies and gentlemen you're going to WARAAAA!!!!

3- You will need to protect T-Bone from the numerous opponents, armoured and badass, who will come in bunches. Use anything, if it explodes it's better, don't be afraid to overdo it, you won't find a better mission. Try to blow those motherfuckers up before they get their asses out of their cars. Rainfall them with grenades and IEDs until you exterminate them all!

3B-OPTIONAL-Use T-Bone's machines to take out the toughest opponents.

4-Delete all opponents, escort your new friend to the Bunker!



1-You'll have to shut down Iraq once and for all. Use the Blackout and approach the entrance to the building. Wait for the power to come back on and start climbing the building.

2-Hack the elevator to get it back upstairs and avoid the guards. Then hack it again to pick it up and climb up.

3-Use stealth and cunning to reach the central brain room, hack it to get all the necessary information.

3B-AUDIODIARY-During the ascent remember to take the audiodiary, watch the video to know where.

4-Follow Iraq and once on the roof prepare for confrontation. All you need to do is stay hidden at all times to eliminate all the enemies in a short time until Iraq arrives.

5-Leave the explosive arsenal for last, Iraq in fact (even if it is running around with a ridiculous orange bomber) will be able to withstand a dozen or so continuous explosions caused by IEDs, grenades and whatever else. Moreover, he will be accompanied by an armoured henchman who will die after some grenades! ( Crazy! )

6-Eliminate your opponent, reach the designated point and prepare for...




1-This mission will have to be played totally inside the system, hacking different pictures to get to Defalt. There are no particular tips, try to rotate the paths without timers first by putting them in the right way and finally those with the timer so as to gudagner time.



1-Meet Damien.

2-Pursue the Fixer, use the road devices to stop him and block him in a short time. No matter how fast you are, the police will still start the scan.

3-Eliminate the Fixer with grenades or explosive manhole covers, you'll have to lose the police. Use Jam Com to avoid being found in places with few hiding places. When you've reached an area that suits your needs, use the Blackout and disappear from their radar.



1-Find the point to infiltrate, follow the video to find out where.

2- Once inside follow the cut-scene until T-Bone escapes.

3- Climb into the area where your partner has escaped and eliminate the few fixers that are chasing him.

4-Make sure T-Bone escapes with the car and follow him until required.

5-Hack or eliminate the remaining enemies, in theory you should have many places nearby to hide such as covered parking lots and garages. If you play your cards right you should be able to escape without being seen.



1-Reach the Ambrose.

2- Use the device on the right side of the building to infiltrate and disengage the door on the left, behind the bouncer.

3-Now, discreetly enter the Ambrose.

4-Scanner the 3 people required:

-Sitting on the left, on the floor, under the DJ's console.
-In the area on the right on a sofa.
-Right, behind the DJ's console, before the stairs to the upper floor.

5-Use the cameras and infiltrate the required location.

6-Follow Defalt on the roof.

7-Eliminate the opposing Fixer and continue the car chase.

8-Try to stay close to Defalt's car as long as it takes to download the data, if you stray too far the download will freeze and then restart from the last percentage reached.

9-Upload the data, wait for T-Bone's message and reach Defalt's car.



1-I infiltrate the building and enter the video surveillance system.

2-Detonate the device on the wall to eliminate the man guarding your sister.

3-now you will have to drive the woman to the car on the other side of the canal. Before you move the girl, detonate the armoured guard immediately outside the container where Nicky was locked. Once that's done, try to lure the guards to the bank where you need to get the woman out of the container. If you can do that, you can get Nicky to the car in a few easy steps:

-Have him cross the first wooden bridge. -Make him cross the first wooden bridge.
-Make him cross the second one fast. -Make him cross the second one fast, too.
-Get her close to the car. -Mm-hmm.

4- When Nicky gets in the car and runs away, leave the area to finish the mission.



1-Take your family and start your escape.

2-Follow the path shown in the video, jumping on the marina and then passing the long dirt road to avoid the police and reach the designated location undisturbed.



1--Inter the system and follow Quinn.

2-You must now enter the building. Enter the alley that runs alongside it from the right and enter the door at the end. Use the blackout and reach the elevator, eliminate your opponents and wait for the power to come back to use the elevator (be careful, there will be an enemy hidden inside.

3-Go upstairs, eliminate your opponents in the room and consider these two alternatives before leaving:

3B-CARNEFICINE-Outside there will be the entire armed guard of Quinn waiting for you, prepare the gunner because there will be fighting, pay particular attention to the 3 snipers able to lie down with one shot.

3C- I AM INVISIBLE-Use the Blackout and go around all the enemies until you reach the designated point.

4-Discover where Quinn is hiding with the device behind the desk.

5-Hack the Pacemaker.

6- Escape from the police, put the helicopter out of play first, the escape will be much easier.

7-Reach the cemetery.

8-Eliminate the goddamn bastards!!!! This is a good point to get the goal trophy [MAGIC SMOKE].

9-Please listen to the recording until the end.




1-Reach the point shown.

2-Inject the virus at the 3 locations on the map. Be careful because Damien, at ctOS control it will cause several damages to you and the game hub.

3-Reach the beacon and prepare for the grand finale.

3B-After the Signal-Jordi will give you Maurice's location and you can decide his fate by returning to the game.

4-Compliments, you've finished Watchdogs!!!

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