Guide Vampyr - Where to Find All the Weapons

Vampyr Guide to arms - Even for a vampire life can be difficult, especially if the whole of London is hunting you. It is good to go out well equipped and thanks to this guide you will discover how Vampyr to unlock and where to find all the weapons to get the trophies Favorite Weapons targets, Keep your distance and the tools of the profession.

Vampyr weapons guide - Where to find all 44 weapons in the game

There Vampyr are two different types of weapons in the world:

  • Melee weapons (long or short range, two-handed or single)
  • Weapons at a distance

In the following guide you will find them separated by type and therefore the numbering will also follow the type of weapon. In total you will need to collect an arsenal of 44 weapons.


[Melee Weapon 1] Machete
Mandatory to pick it up at the beginning of the game.

[Remote Weapon 1] Revolver
It automatically unlocks in the first Shelter.

Chapter 1

[Melee Weapon 2] Stake
After unlocking the first skills, overtake the enemies and reach the next building. There is a corpse downstairs with this weapon.

[Remote Weapon 2] Lupara
After passing on the other side of the harbor. In a crate on the second floor of the second warehouse you will pass through.

[Melee Weapon 3] Sickle
After passing the first hiding place on the highest floor, you will cross a bridge and enter a tunnel. Jonathan will be talking fresh blood. A little further down the tunnel you'll find the scythe.

[Melee Weapon 4] Iron Club
Reward for defeating William Bishop.

[Melee Weapon 5] Saw.
Hospital, second floor.

Chapter 2

[Melee Weapon 6] Liston Knife
in the basement of the morgue. You will be forced to go there during the story.

[Melee Weapon 7] Clava Common
At the beginning of the sewer section.

[Melee Weapon 8] Accepts
Whitechapel district, northwest, second floor of the warehouse with a sewer monster.

[Melee Weapon 9] Truncheon.
Defeat Vincent Sheen and his brother Toby.

Chapter Three.

[Melee Weapon 10] Common Parabolic Gun
Defeat Jimmy "The Spark".

[Melee Weapon 11] Common Club
In the sewer hideout, in the area where you meet Bridget.

Chapter 4

[Melee Weapon 12] Good Dagger
In the Ascalon Club on the second floor.

[Remote Weapon 4] Extraordinary Pump Rifle
As you investigate the source of the outbreak in the West End, you'll find it in the Oriental-style house you'll need to visit.

[Slum Weapon 13] Remarkable saber.
Defeat Doris Fletcher.

Chapter Five

[Remote Weapon 5] Double-barreled rifle good
At the 2nd of the mall north of the West End district. You must defeat the enemies and then teleport over the candy store.

[Melee Weapon 14] Common axe
At the end of the sewer section against boss Leon Augustin. After the area where to use the 3 valves to raise or lower the water.

Chapter 6

[Scrum Weapon 15] Accept Clay
Kill Clay in the hospital.

[Melee Weapon 16] Rakesh's Surgical Saw
Hug Embrace Rakesh in the hospital and plunder his corpse.

[Melee Weapon 17] Newton's saber.
Hug Newton in the hospital.

[Melee Weapon 18] Seymour's bat.
Give Seymour a hug on the docks.

[Melee Weapon 19] Louise Machete
Give Louise a hug in the West End.

[Melee Weapon 20] The true Ruin of the Dragon
Behind a wall in the West End, just before we get off Usher. There's some pressure plates on the ground. If the district is hostile, you can hit the wall with a weapon and go through it.

[Melee Weapon 21] Accept Archer's
Get it from Archer on the docks.

[Melee Weapon 22] Joe's studded claw
Hug Joe Peterson in Whitechapel and then open a crate in Harry Peterson's house on the 2nd floor.

[Melee Weapon 23] Booth's axe.
Hug Booth in the docks.

[Melee Weapon 24] Rodney's Sickle.
Give Rodney a hug in the sewer.

[Melee Weapon 25] Samuel Connor's bat
Kill Tippet in the hospital and search her room until you find a small key. Head to the basement and enter the morgue to open a trunk containing the weapon.

[Remote Weapon No. 6] Milton's pump gun
Give Milton a hug at Pembroke Hospital (alternatively, you can also buy the weapon from him).

[Remote Weapon #7] Clarence's Parabolic Gun
Hug Clarence in the West End.

[Remote Weapon No. 8] Joe's semiautomatic pistol
Give Joe's son Harry Peterson a hug in Whitechapel.

[Distant Weapon No. 9] Albert's Revolver
Give Albert Palmer a hug in Whitechapel.

[Remote Weapon #10] Edwina's double-barreled sho
gun Give Edwina a hug on the docks.

[Remote Weapon No. 11] Tom's Revolver
Hug Tom in the docks.

[Melee Weapon 26] Cristina's Dagger
Give Cristina a hug in Whitechapel.

[Melee Weapon 27] Charles' truncheon.
Give Charles a hug in the West End.

[Melee Weapon 28] Thoreau Surgical Knife
Hug Thoreau in the hospital and steal the gun in his office.

[Melee Weapon 29] Gwyneth's surgical knife.
Hug Gwyneth in the hospital.

[Melee Weapon 30] Sabrina's Dagger
Give Sabrina a hug in the docks.

[Melee Weapon 31] Ichabod Stake
Embrace Ichabod in the docks.

[Melee Weapon 32] Giselle's Dagger
Kill Giselle in the docks.

[Melee Weapon 33] Charlotte's Stake
Finish Charlotte's mission.

[Melee Weapon 34] Priwen Stake
Found in the same room as Collectible 30.

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