Guide to the heroes of Overwatch: Roadhog

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Real name: Mako Rutledge

Age: 48 years

Profession: hitman (previous), bodyguard

Base of operations: Junkertown, Australia (previous)

Affiliation: Junkers (previous)

Health points: 600

Skills and key points

Roadhog is a very fun character to use, a tank with great offensive skills with some very interesting skills. This hero is perfect for close-range combat, is able to inflict great damage and is great to pave the way for your allies. His speed of movement is unfortunately not very high and it will take you a while to return to battle after being killed, but the large number of life points at your disposal should make your life easier. But let's start, as always, with skill:

- Mouthful of air: a very useful skill that allows you to regenerate many life points in a short time. Thanks to this ability Roadhog can take a lot of damage, heal and then return to battle immediately. The recharge time is quite long so use this ability sparingly, breath of air allows you to give up a supporting character and this is definitely a great advantage for a tank.

- Hook: Roadhog's most interesting skill, thanks to it you can easily compensate for the short range of your firearm. By activating this ability you can throw a hook at the enemy and immediately drag him towards you. Your poor opponent will suffer light damage and will be stunned, but above all he will find himself face to face with Roadhog and we assure you that it is not a good feeling. This skill is not easy to use, the most mobile heroes like Tracer will give you problems but with a little practice you will be able to hit everyone. Tanks are definitely the easiest targets but be careful: Reinhardt may be difficult to fight at close range.

- Hole Hog (super): a name a guarantee. Thanks to this wonderful super you will transform your rifle into a big machine gun for a few seconds (six) and you will fire constantly without ever having to reload. This skill is especially useful against groups of enemies and allows you to inflict big damage to multiple heroes simultaneously. However, please be careful: your shots are not particularly effective at medium range and while using this skill you are uncovered and vulnerable. So make sure you have at least one ally close to you who can support you properly and, if possible, do not use the skill one on one. Shots fired with the Porcata skill also repel and divide enemies allowing your allies to do the rest of the work calmly.

Armament and conclusions

Roadhog has at its disposal a very nasty rifle called the Rotator, a weapon with a very small magazine (4 rounds) that inflicts enormous damage at close range. You can take advantage of two fire modes: the first fires a devastating shot at short range, while the second allows you to gain something in range while losing power. Of course our advice and to take advantage of both modes depending on the moments of the game, remember that with the second mode of fire you can also inflict area damage.

Roadhog is definitely a very interesting tank from the offensive point of view, a character that can perfectly counter other tanks or heroes like Bastion. Its hook, if used in the right way, can make disasters and give you easy kills, but you'll suffer against heroes like Reaper or Tracer. When you've hooked an opponent our advice is to take good aim, you'll hardly kill the enemy on the blow but you'll surely reduce him very badly.

Always keep your Rotator's magazine under observation and reload as soon as you get the chance, you only need two or three shots to kill any hero but you could always shoot empty sometimes. Try to make the most of your breath of air to stay in the disputed areas for as long as possible, with a healer opponents will struggle to kill you.

Unfortunately Roadhog is a very easy target for snipers because of its low speed of movement and generous size, so try not to spend too much time in open spaces.

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