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In this new guide we will discover all the secrets and how to quickly level the Felyne, our feline companions in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

In this chapter they will not just support us from behind the scenes or on a mission. Thanks to Cacciamiao mode we will be able to impersonate one of them, opening the doors to a series of new mechanics.

Before moving on to the techniques to make your own build preferred and maximizing your partner, however, it is necessary to understand thoroughly the basics.

The eight classes available

Each felyne we decide to recruit belongs to one of the 8 available classes, called "trends". If used as a companion this will slightly affect his actions on a mission.

In Cacciamiao mode, however, it will be our play style that will be deeply influenced by unique features of each trend.

Let's now quickly see the characteristics of each trend:

  • Command: Can learn one more support move than other classes. After using the "Rally Buddy" move, he gains the ability to jump on monsters equal to aerial style of hunters, but only for a short time.
  • Combat: In Felyne Fury mode, gain the same air jump as the Command class.
  • Protection: Can use shadow parry. Pressing R when we are about to receive an attack, we will parry it without suffering any backlash, and we will be able to counterattack immediately. It owns the highest defense of all classes.
  • Collection: As a companion, he will focus more on collecting items than fighting the monster. Can cast up to 3 boomerangs in a row, instead of 2. Has the highest boomerang damage multiplier of all classes.
  • Support: He too, like the one from Harvest, can throw 3 boomerangs at once.
  • Healing: As a companion he will avoid attacking the monster directly, often using healing moves for the hunter instead. He too can throw 3 boomerangs.
  • Bomber: Increases the damage of the bombs it uses against monsters. It is able to perform a dodge identical to the shadow style of the hunters, throwing a small bomb that explodes on contact if done correctly.
  • Beast: It is the only class capable of entering Beast mode. In this state, the moveset completely changed for a certain period of time. It has the ai multiplier close range attacks tallest of all classes.

The companion skills

Unlike hunters, Felyne abilities are not geared up, but they are related to the single cat, similar to a character in a normal RPG.

At the time of recruitment we can already check which skills he has, and later it will be possible teach him up to 2 more new ones.

Each class also always owns two skills specific to that trend, which appear at the top of the list of those known to the individual cat, while the rest of the skills are chosen randomly.

But be careful: it is not possible to activate all of them at the same time. In fact, each skill occupies a certain number of skill slots, so we will have to carefully choose which ones are more convenient to use with the available space.

By leveling up the Felyne the maximum number of available skill slots will increase, up to a maximum of 7.

To choose which skills to activate for each companion, just go to the companion bulletin board in our home. From here, by selecting the item "Companion skills”We will be able to choose which Felyne to modify, and activate and deactivate the abilities we want.

Not all skills will be available, although they are known to our partner. Some in fact require the completion of some goals in order to be usable.

The support moves

Like the hunters, the Felynes also have their own version of the hunting arts, called "support moves".

Our feline friends in fact are not able to use any of the tools of the hunters, but they have their own customized version.

Attacking the monster or by collecting various items from the collection points, we will fill the support bar of Cacciamiao. By making a support move then, we will consume a portion of it, depending on the specific value for each move.

This cost also affects how often the Felyne will use that move when used as a CPU-controlled companion.

By leveling up the Felyne, the size of this bar will increase, from a minimum of 4 up to 9. Attacking with a weapon of a deviant monster or in the enhanced body parts of a hyper monster, also, the gauge will charge faster.

Like passive skills, support moves are also generated when we observe a new Felyne to be recruited. Similarly, we will be able to teach 2 more at a later time, and some will require some objectives to be completed in order to be equipable.

Each class has a unique support move, not transmissible to other cats, which always appears first in the list of known moves. Furthermore, each class always has one of two as its second move features for that trend, which can be taught to anyone.

  • Cats Combat they are the only ones to learn Prrrrressante Fury. As a second fixed move they can have the Demonic Horn or the Super Boomerang.
  • Cats Protection they are the only ones to learn Provocation. As a second fixed move they can have Emergency Retreat or Armor Horn.
  • Cats Collection they are the only ones to learn Ruberang. As a second fixed move they can have Camouflage or Super Boomerang.
  • Cats Healing they are the only ones to learn V Health Horn. As a second fixed move they can have the Encouraging Horn or the Armor Horn.
  • Cats Support they are the only ones to learn Poisonous Prison. As a second fixed move they can have the Encouraging Horn or the Emergency Retreat.
  • Cats Bomber they are the only ones to learn Bombay Mega-barrel. As a second fixed move they can have the Demonic Horn or the Camouflage.
  • Cats Command they are the only ones to learn Companion Rally. Instead of a fixed second move, they have an extra empty slot to teach them a move of our choice.
  • Cats Beast they are the only ones to learn Unleash the Beast and Energizing Roar.

Besides, all the Felynes always know Bombay mini boot e Grass horn.

How to recruit a new mate

In each of the five villages we will be able to meet an NPC who will allow us to seek and recruit new companions, as well as changing their nickname.

Through the voice "Find a mate"We will be able to indicate some preferences in the search. In fact, we will be able to filter the search in order to search for Felyne belonging to a specific trend or with a certain aspect.

Returning from a mission (except exploration tours) the companions available in "Hire mate"Will have changed. In every villageIn addition, there will be different recruitable Felyne, but the search filters will be the same in all of them.

Continuing with the game also the maximum number of Felyne we can adopt and their level at the time of recruitment will increase.

Among the various monthly updatesFinally, some Felyne with unique moves or abilities are often added. After downloading them in the DLC section, we will be able to recruit them by selecting the option "Special companions".

Training the perfect Felyne: means to create the ideal build

In Companions Ranch of the Bherna village there is a particular structure, the Gym Companions, also accessible by speaking to the Attendant in our house.

Through the voice "Lessons“, We can allow a Felyne to teach one of his skills or support moves up to three other companions. In the same menu, we can also force a cat to forget a lesson given to him previously.

As already mentioned, every Felyne can learn this way up to two support moves and as many skills, with the exception of the Command class which has an extra slot. Also, exclusive support moves of a certain class cannot be broadcast.

One of the most useful tools for creating your ideal build, however, is the "Move / skill change“, Present among the special trainings. Through this function we will be able to choose one of those known by our Felyne, and replace it with another, chosen randomly from a list.

At the top left you can see what are the possible results of each reroll.

Using a Codex Felyne, however, we will not have to rely on chance but we will be able to decide the outcome in advance. These rare items can be obtained as a reward at the end of missions G2, G3 and G4 exclusive to the Cacciamiao, or with more difficulty in village 8, 9 and 10 in the same category of missions.

Finally, always remember that this last function is not accessible to Felyne downloaded via DLC or received as a gift from other online players.

Train the perfect Felyne: level up

The fastest way to get your favorite Felyne to level 99 is very quick and easy, but requires proper preparation.

First of all it will be necessary to have completed the mission G4 "The missing fortress": in this way the companions will already be al level 60-62 at the time of recruitment.

In addition, you must have already reached GC 35, or have completed the G2 mission "Conga in the primeval forest". This way we will eliminate the level limit, and we can take them up to 99.

Thanks to the "Intensive training”Of the Buddy Gym, it is possible to leave up to 3 Felyne to train while we are on a mission. However, the amount of experience gained in this way is usually extremely low.

Using an object called "Codex training", however, the growth of our furry companion increases exponentially, reaching earn 7-8 levels in 10 missions.

How to get a large amount in a short time then? They are given to us at the companion ranch, after completing 10 missions with 3 newly recruited cats of level 60 or higher.

The scheme to follow at this point it is clear. We recruit any 3 cats, and impersonating one of them accompanied by the other two, we complete 10 missions. At the same time, in the gym 3 Felyne that we intend to train they undergo training.

Once the 10 missions have been completed, we redeem our prize, free the 3 cats used on the mission and let the other trio take a nap. At this point the cycle begins again: 3 new Felyne complete 10 missions in a row, while the three we want to upgrade train using the Codex.

To further tighten the times, we recommend that you start the grade 1 village mission "A Horn a Day" each time. The purpose of this mission is to deliver 3 horns of Kelbi, items that can be purchased from the merchant using Academy Points.

Complete this assignment, therefore, it will take a few seconds. In about ten minutes you will have already completed an entire cycle, and in less than two hours you will have raised three of your Felynes to level 99.

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