Guide Street Fighter V : 11 Game Tips you should Know

Sony has published a list of 11 tips to get the best out of it Street Fighter V the title officially available since yesterday for PC and PlayStation 4.

Here is what Sony has communicated to you:

1. Parrying is the safest solution when you are under attack. Press and hold down-back on the controller to parry low attacks and back to parry high or jumping attacks. Parrying will keep you alive longer than attacking recklessly.

2. The ability to perform the move you want at the desired time is important to capitalize on opportunities. You can practice executing in Training mode and then set your opponent to COM to gain experience.

3. Little is better: Pressing the buttons randomly and panicking will get you nowhere. At first the game may seem frantic and overwhelming, but with a little experience, you'll find that you'll have enough time to react and reflect against most opponents. If you can't keep a cool head when you're under pressure, take a deep breath and remember that shots don't really hurt!

4. The holds can't be parried, they do good damage and play an important role in Street Fighter. You can make a hold by pressing weak punch + weak kick simultaneously. You can get out of a hold by pressing the same buttons if you are fast enough.

5. Your character's special moves may seem like the most important moves to learn, but they are just a few tools in a larger repertoire. Learning how to use weak, medium, and strong standing, lowered, or jumping attacks is just as important as special moves, if not more so. You can discover your character's moves in Training mode and take note of the damage and scope of each move.

6. There are plenty of resources to learn from, from sites like Shoryuken and Eventhubs to tutorials on YouTube and the most experienced players on Twitch. All you need to do is do a little research.

7. Try all 16 characters. With a good chance, you'll find that you'll like more than one character. Also, the more you discover about each character, the stronger you will become. Each character is weak against some characters and strong against others.

8. Each character has a unique V-Skill, available by pressing medium fist + medium kick simultaneously. Some characters have defensive V-Skills, some have offensive V-Skills, some have power-ups. Use the V-Skill effectively to increase your V-Gauge, a very useful resource.

9. The V-Gauge fills up during the round. When full, you can activate your V-Trigger by pressing hard fist + hard kick simultaneously, consuming the entire V-Gauge. Each character has a unique V-Trigger which, in the right hands, is really powerful. The V-Gauge resets to zero at the beginning of each round, so get used to using it every time or you'll waste an opportunity.

10. V-Reversal is performed by pressing forward + three punches or forward + three kicks while you are parrying. It consumes 1 notch of V-Gauge and is very useful to push your opponent away when you are defending.

11. The Critical Art bar fills up faster when your attacks are successful. It is a useful resource, which can be used to launch Critical Art attacks, which cause serious damage at the cost of 3 notches, or EX special moves, i.e. enhanced versions of special moves that consume one notch. Use your resources wisely

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