Guide State of Decay 2: How to kill All kinds of Zombies

In State of Decay 2 will have to face different kinds of zombies. Some of them will not be a challenge, but others may cause some serious problems. Below you'll find all the information you need to help you fight all kinds of Zombies that will appear before you in the title developed by Undead Labs.

  • Screamer
  • Bloater
  • Zombie Plague
  • Zombie Feral
  • Armoured Zombie
  • Juggernauts

How to kill various types of Zombies in State of Decay 2


The screamer cannot attack, but acts as an alarm for other zombies.

This enemy may not seem to be a great threat because he has no hands and cannot attack at all. However, this monster acts as an alarm. This zombie honors his name and starts screaming when he detects a threat by summoning other zombies in the area. Eliminate a Screamer first when you are exploring or when you come across a group of zombies. The best way to kill them is to shoot them from a distance or run them over with a car (of course, if a Screamer is not inside a building). Getting too close to a Screamer can end up with your stunned character, which you should avoid in order not to put yourself in serious danger.


A zombie with green skin and a huge belly. Paradoxically, a dead Bloater is more dangerous than a "living" one: at death, in fact, it emits a toxic cloud extremely dangerous for man. For this reason a Bloater should be eliminated with a remote weapon. You should also remember not to drive over them with a car because your vehicle could be flooded with Bloater gas. This, of course, will force you out of the vehicle and put you in danger. Also, a blow to the head to decapitate him is the best way to take him out right away. A Bloater can also explode when you get close to it. In summary, a Bloater can only be classified as dead, and therefore harmless, when it explodes and emits all the gas.

Plague Zombies

These eyes don't announce anything good. Remember that Plague Zombies can infect you. If they do, you'll need medication.

A red-skinned zombie with flaming red eyes. This enemy can be encountered near a Blood Wounded Heart, their nest. Be careful because this type of enemy is able to infect your character, always making faith to his name. If this happens, the only way to save an infected character is to create a medicine. Otherwise, that person will die and turn into a zombie. This medicine can be created using 5 samples that can be extracted from defeated Zombie Plagues or after destroying a Heart of Blood Plague.

Zombie Feral

Enemies with yellow skin. They are very agile, strong and can keep your character on the ground. This exposes you to the attacks of other zombies. Avoid the Feral's attack while he is jumping - the zombie still leaves you a few seconds to react and counterattack. Let this enemy jump towards you. Dodge and make a final move when this enemy is down. Remember that this has to be done in an instant, which means you may need a lot of practice. Another good way to defeat a Feral Zombie is to simply approach him with a car because this enemy cannot attack someone inside a vehicle.

Armored Zombie

Armored Zombie: An armored enemy hard to kill because of his armor. The best way to eliminate this enemy is to use a melee weapon - keep the ammunition, you will need it for less tough but more numerous enemies.


A Juggernauts: Run, fools!

Juggernauts - The biggest and most dangerous zombie. This enemy may seem impossible to kill: you will need a lot of weapons to defeat him. Also, you should know that hitting him with a machine won't do him much damage. Avoid this enemy at all costs. However, if you have to face him, you should try to take some survivors with you. Avoid the slow moves of the Juggernauts and always try to stay at a safe distance. However, the best, least expensive and most effective way to defeat this enemy is to use a large caliber weapon or explosives.

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