Guide State of Decay 2 : How to Get a Bigger Backpack

It's useless to go around it too much: there are few, very few survivors out there such as State of Decay 2 . The latest Microsoft exclusive is one of those rare titles that fully manages to make the player feel constantly in danger, forcing him to continuously challenge the zombie threat for a single purpose: that of survival, his and her community. Precisely for this reason, we will often find ourselves having to go on an adventure in the vast and dangerous game world, in search of the most varied objects and materials, such as supplies, healing items, weapons, ammunition or raw materials to build structures in our base of operations. Once we find these items, we will have to take them back to our base camp, carrying them in our backpack; as you will have already understood, the bigger it will be, the more items we can carry. In this guide, we will tell you how to get a larger backpack.

State of Decay 2 How do you get a larger backpack?

If you have already plunged headlong into the game world in State of Decay 2 search of all kinds of items, you will immediately realize a particular inconvenience: the space available in our backpack will run out damn fast, giving us the opportunity to bring not many items. This particular, as is obvious, is not of little importance, as it will force us to travel in a far from light way, making us consume much more Stamina and forcing us, in fact, to return frequently to our base to "empty our pockets". Needless to say, how much all this lengthens some game time, forcing us to make numerous trips and expose us to the danger of a zombie ambush. Precisely for this reason, it won't be long before we start to feel the need for a bigger and more capacious backpack.

All the survivors will begin their "adventure" in State of Decay 2 a backpack that will provide them with only six slots for items; all this, of course, excluding any bags we might find. Having such a small backpack will mean, as mentioned above, having to make many trips back to the base. The only way to overcome this problem is to find a large backpack.

It's worth noting that, despite the fact that the various characters can choose abilities that allow them to carry more weight, that doesn't mean they can, on the contrary, carry more items. The advantage of these abilities is only that they can carry heavier items without breaking down our Stamina values. Remember that, should one of our characters run out of Stamina's bar, they will be forced to return to base and/or an outpost to sleep so they can "regain their strength".

Where to transport more objects in State of Decay 2

Always be careful in your explorations: there are as many treasures as there are threats.

Having arrived at this point, it is useful to make a necessary premise: finding a large backpack will State of Decay 2 require quite a lot of research. It is not an easy object to find; for this reason, our advice is to search thoroughly and carefully in every area and in every building you will find yourself exploring. Check inside cabinets, crates, vehicles, containers and, why not, even on corpses to have a better chance of finding a larger backpack for your survivors. Once you've found and equipped a larger backpack (with more than six slots for items, so to speak), you'll find that your survivor will have a much larger bag on his shoulders than he had before, much more like a hiking backpack, so to speak.

If, however, you have not yet been able to find a larger backpack and still have plenty of extra space for your items, try to store what you cannot carry in the trunk of the surrounding vehicles. To do this, simply interact with the vehicle in question and store the extra items in its trunk so that you can retrieve them later. As with backpacks, larger vehicles tend to have larger trunks. Storing items in vehicles is a decent solution to help you manage your inventory until you find a larger backpack.

Keep in mind, also, that when you get an Outpost, you won't have to return to base to deposit your items. The moment you get an outpost, in fact, you will be able to deposit all the items in the structure's locker. All items stored in this locker will also become available in your base camp, so don't bother to make multiple return trips, especially if you have claimed an Outpost nearby.

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