Guide State of Decay 2: General Tips and Tricks

After a wait of almost five years, we can finally say it: State of Decay 2 is finally back on our gaming platforms. The title, developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft, will give us the opportunity to return to live our adventure in a post-pocalyptic world, where what remains of humanity lives under the constant threat of the hordes of undead. Precisely for this reason, all loving care" of the boundless hordes of zombies present in the game. In this guide, we will introduce what may be the "general tips for survival" in State of Decay 2.

Password for State of Decay 2: Survival

Those who played the first State of Decay will know very well what are the main features of the title in question. Every decision that your character will make will have an impact on the game world and, above all, the death of your avatar, and those you encounter along the way, may be permanent. For this very reason, our main goal will be to survive. But what are the necessary steps for survival in State of Decay 2? First, the very first advice we have to give you is... don't die! It is always good to remember what was said earlier: death, yours and your allies', can be permanent, which means that you cannot be resurrected in any way.

Precisely for this reason, avoid being the "Rambo" of the situation: face the fighting carefully and do not venture alone into buildings full of zombies, because dying will also mean losing all the objects you carry with you (unless you go to retrieve them from your corpse with another character, of course).

In the early stages of the game you should, therefore, try to familiarize yourself as much as possible with your surroundings. All this means, of course, that it will be better not to stray too far from your base; you'll come across a whole series of buildings and gas pumps nearby, where you'll find supplies, weapons and ammunition. Despite everything, however, at some point you'll have to "go on an adventure" and explore the vast game world; that's why you'll choose the items you decide to take with you, so you'll never run out of either ammunition or healing items.

How to kill zombies in State of Decay 2

Face the clashes with the zombies very carefully.

Getting the better of the zombies will obviously be the first thought every time you come across the hordes of undead in the game. Although the instinct to sieve them with bullets can take over, you should know that ammunition in State of Decay 2 is quite rare to find. Precisely for this reason, it's good to try to save every bullet possible, because they could come in pretty damn handy at a later date. Summing up, the advice to kill a zombie, as in any self-respecting survival, is always the same: aim at the head. It may take a little longer to aim with a gun or rifle, but in this you'll make sure you kill your opponent with a single shot.

Another way to defend yourself against zombies is to find shelter in the surrounding buildings. However, always be very careful: there may already be undead people inside, and those outside can enter not only through the door, but also through the windows, so always keep everything under control. Buildings can be vital if you run into large undead creatures, however, because they won't be able to get in through doors and/or windows.

How to survive in State of Decay 2

Carefully explore your surroundings.

You need to add a few more tips to the above. In State of Decay 2 there will be vehicles, which will allow you to move more easily in the game world, but you will always have to pay attention to the level of gasoline in them, to avoid finding yourself dry and having to return to your base on foot. Also about the base, you'll find that as you proceed with your exploration, you'll end up moving further and further away from it. For this very reason, it can be useful to create outposts, even if only to leave stock of the various objects, so you can be sure that you don't always have to return to base in case of need.

Another parameter you'll definitely need to worry about is your Stamina. Having a good stamina will help you a lot in a world that hunts you; based on what I've just said, know that "travelling light" is one of the main keys to survival in State of Decay 2. Choose carefully the items to carry with you, being aware that the heavier your backpack, the more your Stamina will wear out quickly. Every action you decide to perform will have a cost in Stamina, and when it drops to zero you'll have to wait a while to "catch your breath", so try to "get tired" a little, to avoid being short of resistance in the middle of a zombie ambush.

How to take care of your character and allies in State of Decay 2

Petrol pumps are one of the ideal places to look for supplies.

Beyond that, the weapons in the game will have a certain durability, which means that after using them a certain number of times, they will break. In this regard, it will always be useful to have workbenches in your base of operations, in order to make your arsenal as efficient as possible, preventing your rifle from jamming just when you need it most.

Secondly, it's good that your community specializes in more areas of expertise. In this regard, the "Skill Book" will help you. These books will be scattered around the game world and will allow you or your allies to acquire skills in different areas, unlocking options in your base camp. As you continue to talk about your allies, know that you will have to take care of them too, because they may be facing undead even in your absence. For this very reason, provide them with good equipment to avoid seeing them die before their time. Your allies will also be able to go around the game world and explore it in search of ammunition and/or supplies, in which case, you will be alerted by radio.

Back to you, you may cyclically receive information about other survivors in the vicinity. In this case, you will be able to access limited time offers, with which you can get your hands on otherwise untraceable objects. For this very reason, always try to find these people as quickly as possible and listen to their offers.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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