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If you are already struggling with the Wild West of Red Dead Redemption 2 you will immediately realize an element that will be of great importance in your adventure: the need for money. Being in possession of a good amount of money will often make a difference, especially when it comes to getting your hands on a better gun or horse.

One of the first methods you will have available to earn money is Poker. The most famous gambling game in the world is one of the most profitable mini games that the Rockstar Games title will make available to you.

It goes without saying that winning at the green table is not exactly an easy task.

Precisely for this reason we have collected, in this guide, all the tips and tricks to win at poker.

Red Dead Redemption 2 How to play poker

Before we go into this guidebook of ours, it is good to make a premise.

As in Red Dead Redemption 2 reality, poker is also a game of chance.

What has been said now means that, in simple terms, if you do not know how to play, or if you are particularly unlucky, you could lose a small amount of capital in a short time.

In that case, there are only two options available to you: accept the unrelenting verdict of the table, or settle the matter with guns and bullets, taking back what you lost.

This second option, despite its undoubted charm, could however prove to be unwise, and lead you to an untimely death.

For this very reason, we're going to show you how poker works in this guidebook.

Let's start by saying that the poker version we're going to play in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Texas Hold 'Em.

For anyone who does not know this variant of the most famous gambling in the world, just know that each player, to access the hand, must make a certain bet, the same for everyone.

Immediately afterwards, the dealer will assign two cards to each participant; at this point, each player, based on the cards obtained, will make his own bet.

At that point, the dealer will put three cards up on the table and, immediately afterwards, there will be another round of betting.

Next, the croupier places a fourth card on the table, followed by the stakes of the remaining participants.

Finally, the dealer will place one last open card, followed by one last round of betting.

After this stage, all remaining participants will reveal their cards, revealing who has the winning hand.

Your aim will be, in fact, to be in possession of the best combination of cards, calculating both the two in your possession and the others that will be placed on the table by the dealer.

You will have to build your hand from the cards on the table. For example, if there are two "Kings" on the table, and you own a third, you have a "Three Kings", one of the most effective combinations.

In addition, you could also avoid resorting to your two cards and rely solely on those that have been revealed. However, this is not a winning strategy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 How to win at poker

As we said before, to win at poker you will need to get the highest hand compared to your opponents. Below, we will list all possible combinations in order of relevance for the final victory.

  • High Card - if you have this hand it means that, basically, you have had a lot of bad luck, as you have no combination in your possession. In this case, if your opponents don't have a better hand than yours either, the one who wins will simply be the one who has the highest value card (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, etc.);
  • One Pair - if, between your two cards and the cards on the table, you have two equal cards, you are in possession of a pair. Two Aces, two Kings, two Queens, two sevens, it doesn't matter: you're not empty-handed;
  • Two Pair - if you have two different pairs, then things get interesting: you have a double pair;
  • Three of a kind - this hand requires you to have three equal cards between the cards on the table and the cards on the table. Three of a kind is one of the best combinations, and it can often ensure your final victory;
  • Straight (Simple Scale) - to get a simple straight, you must have consecutive cards, even if not of the same suit. Six, seven, eight, nine and ten, for example, make up such a hand;
  • Flush - in this case, however, you will not need to have consecutive cards, but they must all belong to the same suit: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades;
  • Full House (Full) - the Full is nothing more than a combination of a Tris combined with a pair. It is not always an easy hand to get, but it will often guarantee you the final victory;
  • Four of a kind (Poker) - we have reached the top 3 of the strongest combinations. In this case, to get a poker, you will need four equal cards. In the case that your opponent has also obtained the same hand as you, you will have to compare the cards in your possession and thus determine the winner (an aces poker, for example, will be a winner compared to a king poker);
  • Straight Flush - a Straight Flush is obtained from the same combination of cards previously seen to obtain a Straight Flush, only in this case we will need to hold both consecutive and all cards of the same suit. Very difficult to achieve, but almost certainly a winner;
  • Royal Flush - here we have the strongest hand in this game, and the most difficult to obtain. To get it, you will need to get a Flush, but composed of the following cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. In case you have a straight flush, be sure of one thing: you have the victory in your pocket;

RDR 2: All the rules of poker

Poker may seem like an easy game to learn, but it's not really an easy game at all. Let's be clear: the rules are simple to memorize, but they may vary depending on the version of poker we play. In the case of Texas Hold 'Em, fortunately, the basic rules of the game can be summarized in the following steps and actions.

  • Raising - with this move, in practice, you or your opponent can decide to increase your bet. In such a case, anyone who wants to stay in the game will have to increase their bet in turn. You can decide to resort to this trick if you have a good hand, or if you are bluffing, trying to discourage other players from following you until the end of the bet;
  • Call - this move is often subsequent to a Raising. In this case, the player who wishes to follow who has decided to "raise the stakes", will simply add the necessary amount to the pot, without raising. If, for example, someone has made a $5 Raising, with a Call you'll simply add your $5 and stay in the game;
  • Check - through this move, you can decide to stay in the game, and then see the hand of your opponents, but without increasing the stakes. It may happen, for example, that an entire table calls the Check, accessing the next step, without increasing the amount of money in the pot;
  • Fold - in case your luck is not on your side, remember that you can always use Fold. In this way, in fact, you will renounce to participate in the next stages of the game, with the only downside that the money bet so far will be lost anyway. However, always keep in mind that it is always preferable to lose a small amount rather than a much higher one;

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