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The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is immense and full of places to explore. On the map there are eighteen shacks to find and each of them has its own story to tell. You won't find all the shacks during the story, for some you'll have to get to the final part of the game. Others will be accessible only in some places, but don't worry, to complete the game 100% you only need five shacks.

Read Dead Redemption 2, where to find all the shacks

On the map are represented all 18 shacks that we can find in the game world.

  • #1 Hani Bethel's Shack
    The shack is located to the north of the Emerald Ranch, once past the railway and the small lake. There is also a mystery here.
  • #2 The Dormin Shack
    This hut is located to the northwest, in the icy part of the map. West of Dadboot Creek and Spider Gorge. Inside it we'll find some cigarette cards and some supplies.
  • #3 Snowfield's shack
    Just south of Dormin Crest we can find Snowfield's cabin. Inside there are useful items to collect.
  • #4 Fairwale Shanty's shack
    It's the shack that's further north on the map. You can easily find it by climbing just above the "O" of "AMBARINO". Here we can find two lifeless bodies. Inside the shack we find a platinum nugget, a gold watch and some jewels.
  • #5 Dodd Bluff Hut.
    This is west of Fort Wallace. Over the river. Just below Window Rock. Inside we find two dead bodies, a gold nugget, salmon and hair ointment.
  • #6 Clawson's shack
    From the previous shack we can follow the road along the Dakota River, going south. That's how we get to Clawson's shack. To get in, we'll have to break the lock or kick the door. Inside we find a gruesome scene. We can study the crime scene with the clues inside.
  • #7 Martha's hut
    This is east of Moonston Pond and west of Annesburg. Inside we will find a story of love and loss, but also some useful items to collect.
  • #8 Ridge View Hut
    This can only be found during the epilogue and contains nothing of interest except some useful objects in the cellar.
  • #9 The Osman Grove Hut
    This hut is located southeast of Ridge View. This hut has its own interesting story: inside there is a book: Otis Miller and the Black Heart Woman. There are also some supplies.
  • #10 Trail Rise Shack
    This shack can be found in The Heartlands, near Dewberry Creek. It has an interesting basement to explore. Inside we find some Valerian Roots that will restore our Dead Eye.
  • #11 Robard's farm
    The farm can be found north of Rhodes. Before we go in, we can see a blood trail at the front door. Let's follow it to discover a sad love story.
  • #12 Bayall Edge shack #
    This one's on the west side of Bayou. There's nothing interesting as far as collectibles go, but we'll find out what happened in Amradillo.
  • #13 The hut of Argil Rise
    This hut is south of Rhodes. It's another building that's only after the epilogue.
  • #14 The old Harry Fen shack
    This shack is located southeast of Braithwaite Manor and is the home of a former slave trader. We scan the floor in the room with the logs and find the family photograph. There's also a newspaper for more information on their history.
  • #15 Shepherd's Rise Hut
    Also this hut will appear only in the endgame.
  • #16 Vetter Echo's hut
    This hut is located north of the "W" of "EAST ELIZABETH". Inside we can find some interesting objects like cigarette stickers. Let's be careful as we enter (we do not specify for spoilers).
  • #17 Lenora View's Hut
    This hut is located under the "E" of "ELISABETH". Inside it there is a letter of a character that we will definitely remember.
  • #18 The Bear Claw Shack
    This one is located southeast of Blackwater, near Tall Trees. It is a series of decaying shacks. If we go down to the basement we can find a box for 90 dollars!

Remember that to complete the game 100% you only need to find five shacks.

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