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In Red Dead Online players can take on certain types of work that allow them to have a good income. These can be extremely profitable, both in cash and XP points. Some jobs can earn you much more money than others, as there are some tricks that allow you to maximize your earnings. In this guide we see the four most profitable jobs of Red Dead Online with attached strategies to accumulate a large amount of money.

For all three jobs, you have to be a little patient to earn more and more money. Collector work, for example, can earn you disproportionate amounts of XP and money, but only after you have advanced quite a bit. Every role the player can take on has a kind of exploit that makes a day's work more productive and rewarding.


  • Bounty hunter
  • Collector
  • Dealer
  • Distiller / smuggler
You always need money to buy better weapons and make those who have wronged us pay for it Red Dead Online . In this guide we see how to maximize earnings with the three main jobs.

Red Dead Online | Guide to making money at every job

Bounty Hunter - Catch people alive and run the timer

To earn more money during the bounty hunt, you'll have to wait until the timer is almost at zero before delivering a (living) person. After capturing your bounty, we reiterate that you must be alive to maximize your gain, stay out of the sheriff's office until you have about 30 seconds left on the timer. This is how you can earn as much money as possible from each bounty.

The reason is not clear, but waiting for the timer to run out almost completely makes more money. This doesn't work for legendary sizes and, of course, sizes without timers. Those give a predetermined reward that doesn't seem to increase with time - it only matters whether you deliver the target alive or not.

The bounty hunter is always a profitable job, but there are some tricks and guidelines to follow that allow you to increase your income in a very sensitive way.

Collector - Explore with the metal detector to find precious objects

You need to work to unlock the Metal Detector update (available at level 5 ) that can be obtained in this role. To get more money, upgrade your Diamond Bag and start filling it with items: when you completely fill your bag, the game will be forced to generate rarer collectibles.

What you need to do at this point is buy maps from the collector's supplier and pull out your Metal Detector during the search. You will find tons of jewellery in this way and fill yourself with XP points.

It takes a long time, but by increasing your chances of finding rare collector's items, you'll also increase your chances of making good deals once you sell. Basically, this is the RDO version of the GTO trick.

Hunting and the use of metal detectors are two ways to make a lot of money in Red Dead Online . Even in these cases, you have to follow some rules to maximize your earnings so you don't work too much for nothing or too little.

Dealer - Earn money with smart hunting

Always collect the entire carcass of an animal during the hunt and update your camp often. Create a hunting ground in Big Valley or Tall Trees to get many animals that are easy to kill - besides, unlike bounty hunter jobs, running out of timer won't earn any more money / XP.

In addition, you only need to complete refueling missions. You'll steal from bad guys and you'll be able to loot bodies for collectibles or scan the area with a Metal Detector if you're also upgraded in the role of Collector in the meantime.

To make more money, simply follow this path: level up, get bigger wagons, sell more stuff. If you take the role of a dealer and a collector at the same time, the final profits will be really high.

Distiller / Smuggler - When trade gets serious

With a new update, players Red Dead Online can become distillers and, consequently, smugglers of the liquor they produce. The profession of distiller is closely linked to that of merchant, in fact, to be able to start your own business you must reach the rank 5 of merchant or complete at least one sales mission.

Once you meet the necessary requirements, you will be put in touch with Maggie Fike who will help you set up the business. In order to start making good money from your distillery work, you will first need to purchase a property, one of the Huts available. At this point, you can start working in the basement and follow the two key points to earn more money easily:

  1. Finding the right ingredients to produce the moonshine
  2. Send liquor shipments according to demand

Random shipments, in fact, will not guarantee a lot of earnings, instead, if you produce and market the liquors that the market demands the most, you will soon be the undisputed kings of the distillery.

Another thing you'll have to make sure to do is to create new recipes so that the market is not saturated. The more you move forward and the more money you make, the more possibilities you will have in front of you, like opening your own saloon.

The work of a distiller also ensures the release of clothing, new weapons and new breeds of horses.

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