[Guide] | Pokemon Let’s Go Unlock All Secret Techniques

Hidden machines (HM) have been replaced by new skills called secret techniques. This guide to Pokémon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu will explain how to unlock the different secret techniques that replaced MNs such as Flight, Surf, Flash and more.

In previous Pokemon games you've had to learn MNs like Cut and Flight to progress through the game. The mechanics remain very similar in both versions of Pokemon Let’s Go , Eevee and Pikachu, however there are some subtle differences. The most important thing is that the new skills, called secret techniques, do not occupy movement positions and can only be taught to your initial Pokemon, Eevee or Pikachu, depending on which version of the game you own.

Pokemon Let’s Go | How to unlock the secret techniques

Below is how to unlock all the secret techniques of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

If you want to learn the Cut In Pokemon Let’s Go skill you'll have to progress through the main story until you reach S.S Anne. Once aboard the ship, head to the Captain's quarters and talk to the Captain. He will teach you how to cut down small trees with the secret technique, Slashing.

Solcanubi (Flight)
After reaching Azzurropoli you'll need to enter the Gaming Corner and find the secret entrance to Team Rocket's headquarters. Once inside, you'll have to cross the dungeon until you reach the boss, Giovanni. Once defeated, leave Gaming Corner. Once outside, you'll see a guy with a flying machine. Talk to him to learn how to fly, which is the new secret technique, Solcanubi.

Strong Push
When you reach Fucsiapoli, head towards the southern part of the city. South of Pokemon Center. You'll see Team Rocket. They will pick up some Gold Teeth on the beach and deliver them to you. Go back to Pokemon Center and jump off to the right. This is the guardian's house. Give the Gold Tooth to the Caretaker and he'll teach you this move.

Water Sliding (Surfing)
Water slide can be purchased in Fucsiapoli, near Pokemon Go Park. You will see a man with a white bandana and white tank top next to a surfboard and a Lapras. Talk to him and he will teach your main Pokemon the move so you can travel on water.

Light Up (Flash)
After leaving Diglett's Cave and heading to Orangeville, you'll reach a small house. Outside is Professor Oak's assistant. He will ask you to enter and guide you through the basics of using the Flash skill, the secret Light Up technique that allows you to travel through darker caves without difficulty.

That's all you need to know to learn all the secret techniques.

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