[Guide] Pokémon Go How to Have Pikachu on Your Shoulder

Pokemon Go: how to have Pikachu on your shoulder - In the next few hours the new Pokemon Go update for iOS and Android will officially debut (we'll keep you updated when this happens). This update will allow you to select a Pokémon as your companion allowing you to earn the specific candy for that Pokémon.

Pokemon Go | The complete guide to having Pikachu on your shoulder

The update hides a curious Easter Egg dedicated to Pikachu, undoubtedly the most famous among the creatures born from the mind of Satoshi Tajiri. If you choose this Pokémon as your companion, he'll follow you like any other Pokémon, but after a while, there's a surprise. After traveling 10 kilometers, Pikachu will jump on the shoulder of your virtual alter ego, as revealed by The Silph Road's Twitter profile.

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