Guide No Man's Sky Next: How to Change the Camera Mode

No Man’s Sky Next has finally arrived, making a number of changes and additions to the game. One of the most exciting changes is the ability to change the game view from the third person to the first person. You can easily switch from one view to the other at any time simply by changing the camera mode in the game. Here's what you need to know to change the game view in No Man’s Sky Next .

How to switch between the first and third person

By default, it No Man’s Sky Next presents the third person view. For many, this will be a positive change, but there are those who are able to identify more with the subjective view. If you miss the old first-person look, you can easily change the game camera, both inside and outside your ship. This can be done easily via the new quick menu that Hello Games added with the NEXT update.

To open the quick menu, all you have to do is press X at any time on the PC. On PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you have to press the "down" button on the directional cross instead. Some options will open, you need to find the camera options.

Scroll down to the Utilities section, then press the "up" button on the d-pad of your controller. Once there, scroll to the side and you should see the Camera Mode option. Click on this and you can easily switch between the third person view and the first person view.

You can also do it in your ship, allowing you to actually use the different camera modes depending on whether you are inside the ship or on the surface of a planet. We recommend using the first person when exploring a planet on foot and the third person on the ship, as on the ship you can have everything under control with a greater field of view. When exploring on foot, however, the first person increases the immersion in the game world. You choose which one you prefer for each occasion.

That's all there is to know about changing the view of the game.

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