GUIDE NBA 2K18 TO THE BADGE OF DEFENSE - This guide was born with the idea of helping all fans to NBA 2K18 strengthen their defensive cards as soon as possible. As we know, this year, more than the stats can the various badges. Defense Badges then, are among the most complex and longest to obtain. Here is our guide for every single badge. Remember, whoever dominates defense often wins games. Roll up your sleeves and pull out your inner hound.

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The prince of all badge defense. This card, when activated, reduces the opponent we are marking and lowers their offensive stats. At the maximum level, Amethyst takes away 9 stats points from our opponent and reduces an Amethyst card to... Bronze! Imagine you are marking a pure sniper, well, his shot, from 99 goes down to 90, and his shooting card is cancelled or becomes bronze. This card is activated by role, covers yours and the two "adjacent". A small wing can activate stoppers against guards, small wings and big wings. A Center only against centers and big wings. To get this badge you have to put together a lot of "good shooting contrast" in the game, but there is a much faster and more practical method to do it in a couple of days.


In the team training gym, select the "defense in speed" training you will have one minute to go around three cones and then mark one of the two attackers in the wing or corner. At this point, the key thing is NOT to jump. Use the D-Intense and the right stick to raise your arms and counter the shot without looking for the stopper. For each defense you make the exercise will give you 690 points. In 60 seconds, if you are good you may be able to make up to 5 good defenses, which will be worth 3450 points in a single exercise. Taking the Stopper defensive gold or amethyst badge will be a real joke that way.


The "breakthrough magnet" defence badge allows us to increase the speed with which our player enters the breakthrough position and at the same time increases the number of fouls whistled in our favour. To get this card with relative speed, the advice is to play in the individual pro-am, where the less able playmakers tend to run in the same direction without much intelligence. Try to read the portion of the pitch where the opponent is about to go and put yourself in the block, trying to break through. The best places are just past the halfway line and towards the side lines. Don't get under the basket, as it's very difficult to break through there. In the gym there's a very simple exercise where you just need to do 5 out of 10 to get 1200 points every time. It's a quick and easy way up.


The "rim protector" defense badge is one of the most coveted. It greatly increases our ability to stop the opponent and our player's timing in blocking opposing iron bets. The advice, to climb quickly, is to use the Wing Defense training. We will find ourselves having to defend an opponent who starts off at 45° from the centre of the pitch. Let him make two dribbles, trying to make him touch you more or less at the beginning of the bell. In fact, if you manage to get him to touch you, you'll start a fairly slow third half animation every time. At this point you just have to count the two steps and jump with the right timing to make even 4/5 stops per exercise, bringing home over 2000 points. In this way you can climb quickly. In pro-am games I advise you not to look too hard for the stopping because you risk going out for fouls.


Here is one of the most difficult cards ever to get. Quick hand. This badge defense really is every defender's nightmare. Let's start by saying there are no shortcuts. There's no exercise in the gym that can help us. They took away the ability to take the ball away with analogs, which led to a lot more stealing in 2K17. The only advice I can give you is to play a lot in the park. In the park you do not go out for fouls, and you can try to steal much more often than in the pro-am, where pressing square more than twice in a row, definitely leads to a foul. A good way to steal the ball is to double the opponents, but this risky tactic allows them to pass the ball to the man freed by you. A perpetually short blanket that will cost you a lot of defeats in an attempt to make a really impossible card.


Another very useful badge. In fact, it allows us to roll quickly even on the most effective blocks. To catch it you have to pass with the stroke pressed on our opponents' blocks. Even here, there are not many tricks. The ideal is to mark the play of the opposing team, continuously avoiding the blocks on the pick&roll played by our opponents. In case you are play, there are not many problems, but if you are in a different role, hurry up to get the "general on the field" skill so you can change the marking. If you are far from being able to influence team tactics, you just have to hope to mark the opponent's star, which will tend to get blocked all the time. The advice is to maximize the minutes of the matches that are most useful to you. If you're a guard, play longer against Houston (Harden), if you're a centre forward, against the Pelicans (Cousins), and lower the minutes against teams that often have players out of action in your role.


This card has the advantage of having one cap more than halved compared to the others. The most effective way to catch it is to use the "2 versus 1 in pursuit" training. You will find yourself having to chase two attackers thrown to the basket, try to recover them by running towards the center of the field and then defend the one who goes to shoot. This exercise, if done correctly, brings you 1200 points, 700 per chasing artist and 500 per basket protector. A simple and effective exercise to obtain a defensive badge that is quite useful but not to be abused. In fact, in the game you will happen to see you whistle equally foul when you try the famous chase chase stoppages at LeBron.

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