Guide Monster Hunter World : Iceborne - Trophy Animals

Hunters, you may have noticed that after the success of the attention to the endemic fauna in World, in Iceborne was traced this small but wonderful mechanics.
In fact, new animals have been added that populate the areas, making them a real living and active ecosystem.
A Big and Small Crown hunt has also been added for the animals: an irrelevant mechanics but appreciated for the attention to detail and the hardcore collectors.

Also in this case you can release the animals caught in your accommodation to make them more populated and familiar.
And, just like in the previous chapter, there are extremely rare animals that will unlock one trophy each.

Let's discover together the locations and ways to get these elusive monsters.

Before you start (optional)

We assume that you will be easier in this task if you unlock all the ingredients in your canteen.
This is because by unlocking all the ingredient drinks of the last branch, (the pistachio green one) you will have the possibility to activate the "Felyne Zoomaster" skill, which increases the probability of the rarer animals to appear.

3 of these ingredients will be provided to you by Miaoestra Chef upon completion of his optional missions.
The other three can be found by searching through the frozen foliage in the Brinose Expanses.
The rarest will be found only when the presence of the Fanfaraccio is marked in the expedition info.
At that point you'll have to climb all the way to the top to find the legendary shrub with the last ingredient.

The Golden Macaque

This little macaque is perhaps the easiest to find.
Leave your felyne at home, or you'll risk frightening him.
Go to the Brinose Expanses during the day, put on your camouflage cloak and move to the spa area in zone 2.

Obviously, its presence is purely a factor of luck: if you don't find it, get out and come back from the expedition to success.
Capturing it will unlock the "Golden Shimmer" bronze trophy.

The Cuspid Gecko

Even this little gecko is simple enough to catch: Set off on the event mission that asks you to collect 20 Underground Fruits in the Putrefatta Valley.
Go to camp 11, put on your camouflage cloak to prevent him from escaping, go down to the left into the Odogaron's den, go to the left of the area, and before the bottleneck climb into the small clearing on the top left.
You will find here in your little blue gecko whose arrowhead indicates the Crimson Fruit bushes.
Capturing it will unlock the bronze trophy "Friendly Tip".

If you look for it through this event you have a 100% chance it will appear, otherwise you will have to arm yourself with patience as usual and try shipping after shipping.

The bird with the celestial voice

Let's increase the difficulty.
This little bird with plumage called Blue Diva is extremely elusive.
The easiest place to find it is in the Old Forest, camp 11, slide down the slope to the right and you will find it there, on the right, perched on a singing branch.
You can also find it in the wild spires at the top of the rock in area 5 after a long climb.

Finding it will require a lot of patience and luck.
Capturing it will unlock the silver trophy "Heavenly Music."

The Mysterious Fish

Brinose Expanses, sunset.
Only in these conditions you can (perhaps) find the colossal Sealord Crestfish.
From camp X go straight down to zone 8, a poisonous looking cave with an unhealthy pool of water on the right.

Fish it out, it doesn't require any special bait, just the luck to find it.
Capturing it will unlock the silver trophy "Underwater Mystery"...

Celestial illusion

The most beautiful and -of course- the most difficult.
To capture this beautiful creature you'll have to go to the Brinose Expanses at night and in clear weather.
Before leaving, equip the glider and camouflage cloak.
You will have to climb up to the top of the highest mountain, follow the hunter's path below to find this beautiful flying jellyfish holo.

Capturing it will unlock the silver "Celestial Illusion" trophy.

SPOILER - Moly, the quick digger


Capturing these creatures will only unlock once the game is complete, after unlocking the Guide Lands.
They're little moles called Moly who come out of the ground and run as soon as they see you.
The first trophy, "Scavatore Lesto" will unlock after catching any of these moles.
For the second trophy, "Creatures of the Earth" you will basically have to catch one of these moles, in each of the 4 regions present in the guide lands. In addition, in at least one of these you'll have to find a very rare mole "bab", which looks like the others but with a helmet on his head.

For the exact places to look for moles I refer you to this guide below.

Enjoy your pets!

Once the hunt for these small but no less difficult to catch monsters is over, you can show them off in your quarters.
By talking to the Felyne attendant you can position them at various points in the house and sometimes they will interact with you.

I remind you that you can always find me on the Elder Strikers page, the official Capcom community for Monster Hunter.
Our group dedicated to Monster Hunter offers a hand and companions to hunters looking for friends.

So long hunters, and may the Sapphire Star light your way!
Happy hunting!

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