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    Guide Monster Hunter Generations Weapons, Styles, Arts

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    In this first guide we will show Monster Hunter Generations you the best styles and arts for each category of weapon thus going to analyze the best combinations of this title.

    Great sword

    Guild with absolute readiness and absolute dodge.

    The offensive broadsword, unlike other weapons, does not earn any attack bonuses. It only loses the Lv4 charge malus, which will count as an LV3 charge (100 mv). This is nothing, however, considering that the offensive loses the attack with the highest mv of the broadsword: the powerful charge, which at LV3 reaches even 120 mv. The other limbs are not particularly good either. Ombra is nice, it allows you to vary the usual way to play the Broadsword going to draw, but after the dodge has an upswing (with 50 of mv) that makes the companions fly away. After the upswing it has a powerful charge that doesn't require a quick charge among the skills in the armor. Here too, as an art you always use absolute readiness. You can also use Lion's Jaws, which boosts the next shot by 33%.

    Long sword

    Shadow with Critical Moment, Offensive with Absolute Readiness and Two Arts of Choice, or Guild with Absolute Readiness and One Art of Choice.

    The long sword is the only weapon with all three useful limbs. Critical moment allows you to parry from a frontal attack while still doing damage to the monster (180 mv), Sakura Rotation increases the spirit bar by one level (190 mv), and Free Spirit blocks the spirit bar for up to 90 seconds (42 mv).

    Sword and Shield

    Offensive with Absolute Readiness, Circular Force 2 and a choice between Absolute dodge and Shoryugeki.

    On Generations the SnS has achieved a major upgrade, making it one of the strongest weapons in the game: oil. The oil lasts 120 seconds and there are four types:
    - Oil affinity, +30% affinity
    - Resistance oil, 10 stamina and 8 knockouts per shot.
    - Oil braggart, the damage done to the monster parts is multiplied x1.2. However, the damage done to the monster does not increase, but it is easier to break parts or stagnate.
    - Prescience oil, activate the fencing skill.
    Circular force 2 is used because the 3 throws the allies into the air, exposing them to the monster's attacks. Circular force is also useful for dodging attacks, because there are invincible frames throughout the animation. Shoryugeki is a good offensive art, but it's not very precise. 135 mv and 200 ko damage

    Dual Blades

    Shadow with Wolf's Jaws, or offensive with absolute readiness, Wolf's Jaws and Bloody Wind.

    Bloody wind reaches 320 mv adding up all the blows, while Fauci di Lupo doubles the blows (the second blow inflicts 30% of the first, and 30% of the weapon element, if present). Obviously the weapon will lose sharpness faster


    Guild with Absolute Readiness and Absolute Dodge, or Shadow with Absolute Readiness.

    Hunting Horn

    Shadow with Absolute Readiness.


    Offensive with Absolute Readiness, Absolute Dodge and Furious Guard.

    The offensive spear boosts the mv of the attack with final X of the charge. From 50 to 70 mv, which is a lot for such a quick attack. Guard furious blocks an attack and increases the attack of the weapon, depending on the power of the attack just blocked. It lasts 180 seconds.
    Red Aura: 10%.
    Orange aura: 20%.
    Yellow aura: 30%

    Gun Lance

    Shadow with Absolute Readiness

    The Gun Lance also received a considerable boost, the heat bar, which increases the power of the attacks.
    Yellow bar: x1
    Orange bar: x1.15
    Red bar: x1.20

    Switch Axe

    Offensive with Absolute Readiness, Mad Demon and Energy Charge.

    The sword has different types of flasks:
    - Power bottle: attack x1.20
    - Elemental bottle: element x1.25
    - Bottle Fatigue: Sword mode can inflict fatigue damage
    - Poison Bottle: The sword can inflict poison by
    - Bottle paralysis: the sword can inflict paralysis
    - Dragon Bottle: The sword inflicts elemental dragon damage
    Demon Crazy increases the power of the sword mode x1.20 and decreases the bottle lentmately, recharges energy fully recharges the bottle and increases the affinity by 30% for 120 seconds.

    Charge Blade

    Offensive with Absolute Readiness, Absolute Dodge and Energy Blade, or Shadow with Absolute Readiness.

    The shield loaded red strengthens x1.15 bottle attacks, offensive strengthens x1.20. In offensive you have the guard point (moments in which you parry even if you do not stay on guard, and you can see with a graphic effect with a white shield) on the extraction shot and with the XA attack, in shadow you lose these two gp and you gain one with the attack in A in sword mode.

    Insect Glaive

    Guild with Absolute Readiness and Extract Hunter.

    It is important to make the Kinsetto speed, which gives +30% to the affinity with the white extract. Extract Hunter (70 mv) allows you to extend the effect of the three extracts for 90 seconds.

    Light bowgun

    Shadow with Absolute Readiness.

    Heavy bowgun

    Shadow with Absolute Readiness or Combine in Mass.


    Shadow with Everything for Everything.

    Obviously the various mv of attacks and limbs refer to the art of lv3 and the weapon with white sharpness.

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