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Homescapes is nice game available on devices that mount iOS and Android. The game mechanics are similar to those of Candy Crush Saga, but there's also a story to follow. Homescapes It's a puzzle that offers many levels of the match-3 type, which requires players to stack tiles of the same type to clear the area.

With this tricks guide and our advice, you will be able to solve all levels more easily. Homescapes Click on the links to download: App Store | Google Play.

Homescapes | All the tricks to finish the levels

One of the most important tricks to know to easily finish the levels Homescapes is to make the most of the power-ups, combining them to have different effects.

There are 4 types of upgrades. You must know them before you combine them. Check down here how to do it:

  • Airplane (4 tiles in a square): When the player touches or slides this power-up, delete 4 tiles up, down, left or right and then fly to remove 1 of the most important tiles on the game grid.
  • Bomb (5 L-shaped tiles: when the player touches or slides them, he removes the tiles around the bomb (2 or more tiles).
  • Rocket (4 tiles in a row): when the player gets it, he deletes a row of tiles in the direction the rocket is headed. The direction can be in a row or column.
  • Rainbow Ball (5 tiles in a row): when the player gets it, delete each tile hit.

Combine power ups

After learning the four types of power ups, you can now see the result of the combinations of these. To finish the levels effortlessly, it is essential to know the effects of combos:

  • Airplane + Airplane: Clears the area around the tiles. Then, it will make 3 airplanes appear that will pass over the 3 most precious tiles to be eliminated.
  • Airplane + Bomb: delete 4 tiles: left, right, down and up. Then, it will pass to the most precious tiles to remove. After that, it will explode the surrounding area, around 2 or more tiles.
  • Airplane + Rocket: Delete 4 tiles: left, right, down and up. Next, it will move to the most valuable tiles to remove the tiles according to the direction. It will delete one row / one column of the tiles.
  • Airplane + Rainbow BallThe rainbow ball will generate an airplane around the tiles at random. After that, the plane will remove 4 tiles: left, right, bottom and top. Then, switch to the most precious tiles to be removed.
  • Rocket + RocketIt will remove a row and a column of tiles.
  • Rocket + Rainbow Ballwill generate a set of rockets randomly. Then, it will remove a line and a column depending on the direction of the rocket.
  • Rainbow Ball + Rainbow BallErase everything on the map.

Tricks | Homescapes Finishing tasks

There are tasks you have to complete on Homescapes . Just do them and the game will reward you with coins and many other bonuses. There are some specific tasks you can do:

  • CarpetIt's a card with a rough green background. In this activity, try to match 3 cards. Remember that one or more cards must be in the vicinity of the carpet. You will not get the power up if you match the tiles without the carpet.
  • DonutsTo complete this task, you can simply match the tiles around them.
  • JellyJust like for donuts, you should match the tiles around the jelly to remove this obstacle. Once the task is completed, you will receive a cherry. However, the Jelly is impossible to swap or move.
  • Box: To overcome this obstacle, combine all the tiles around it.

Tricks | Homescapes How to earn more coins

There are several ways to earn more coins during the game. The two most immediate methods are as follows:

  • You can easily earn 1000 coins by connecting the game to Facebook.
  • We also recommend that you log into the game regularly to take advantage of additional coin bonuses.

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