Guide God of War - How to Open Hidden Chambers

While exploring the game world of God of War , you'll come across lots of secrets and collectible items. These secrets include Hidden Chambers that hide many surprises inside. You won't know how to open them at first, because you need a special object to do so. So if you come across a Hidden Chamber and you can't open it, don't worry, you just need to advance the story.

If you are eager to unlock the Hidden Chambers in God of War , follow this guide to figure out what to do to not stay out.

How to open the Hidden Chambers in God of War

The Hidden Chambers God of War are doors with large mirror-like emblems. To access them you need to go on in the main story. The ability that allows you to unlock these mysterious chambers cannot be missed, which means that you'll get this ability simply by going on the missions of the story. If you don't want to know which mission gives you the ability to unlock the Hidden Chambers in God of War , we suggest you avoid reading further, it might be considered SPOILER.

It's worth noting that during the first mission of the story, The Marked Trees, players will discover a hidden chamber that cannot be opened at the start of the game. You'll simply have to continue playing through the main campaign and then go back and unlock this first secret chamber as well.

The Hidden Chambers are quite flashy despite their name. You have to interact with the mirror emblem using the magic chisel.

It will be essential to play beyond the seventh mission of the story, The Magic Chisel, and reach the eighth chapter, Behind the Lock. You'll then have access to the Hidden Chambers of these two missions, as they are linked to the progression of the story of God of War .

The Magic Chisel is not only the mission title, but an object with which to physically open the doors that block your way. Interact with emblems that look like mirrors using the Circle button and move your Kratos hand until the light bar turns red and the controller starts vibrating. At this point, press the R2 button to break the glass and repeat until the hidden chamber door opens.

There's not much more to know. The developers didn't want to force players to do optional missions to give them the chance to open these secret chambers. So, remember: between the seventh and eighth mission of the main story, you will be given the power to open these chambers.

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