Guide Gears of War - Complete Solution to the Game

Warning: in addition to the main objectives that are revealed through missions, there are two other types of objectives during the game. The first are the COG plates that allow us to unlock some achievements and the second are the same achievements. In this guide we will not explain the location of the platelets or the movements to do to perform the LIVE objectives, to get this information refer to the "secondary objectives" guide of Gears of War .

The first four acts of this guide are valid for both the PC version and the Xbox 360 version of Gears of War , despite the wide range of time in which the title has been converted. The fifth act instead has five sub-chapters that at the moment have been released exclusively in the PC version of Gears of War . We still do not know if these sub-chapters will be released in the future as additional content for Xbox 360, at the time this guide is written anyway, the first five sub-chapters of the fifth act, are valid exclusively for the PC version of Gears of War , in case you are playing the game on Xbox 360, the fifth act starts from the sub-chapter "special delivery".


We wait for Dominic to free us, follow him down the corridor and choose whether to go directly into battle - recommended only for those who have already played at Gears of War - or go through the dorms and then face a short tutorial that will explain movements, weapons and combat tactics. If the way on the right, recommended, does not need directions because it is already a guided route, in this guide we will face the adventures that will happen to us choosing the road on the left.

We wait for the arrival of the helicopter and that Dom tells us to break down the door, then we go left, break down the door and retrieve the ammunition. We'll get to the bridge and take cover on the right now. Let's get rid of the locusts on the bridge we're on and pay attention to the locusts on the bridge on the top right. Once over the bridge we collect the four grenades next to the door, then enter the room and take cover behind the stone in front of us. We use the rifle to eliminate the locusts in the open field and then throw a grenade towards the small bunker to eliminate the locust inside. After this we retrieve as much ammunition as possible and take cover so that we have the door in front of us. As soon as the blowtorch stops working, we throw a grenade to take out some locust and take out the remaining enemies with the rifle - during the battle Dom will be shot to death, let's revive him before a locust can take him out. Once we've cleared the room we collect the ammunition around, then we go out into the courtyard and take cover behind the wall on the right. Let's clean up the area by having helicopters help us too, then we run quickly to the helicopter that will land a little close by.


Let's wait for the end of the footage and not worry about the locusts coming down the stairs, the helicopter will shoot them down. Let's go ahead, climb the stairs and go through the building. So let's quickly take cover behind the wall, clear the area of the locusts and go on up the other stairs. Once at the top, we will find a wormhole, which is an exit used by the locusts to reach the earth. Once we've eliminated the first wave of enemies, we don't advance too far or we'll find ourselves in the middle of enemy fire. Cleared the passage, we collect weapons and clean the passage to the bridge at the bottom left - the gate will open after eliminating all the locusts, so if it is closed, be careful. Once past the bridge and open the door, we enter and take cover quickly, paying attention to the right side. Once the passage has been cleared, we will see a hole on the left, turn right, face the hole and remove the enemy. Once the area has been cleared, we follow the passage to the right, eliminate other locusts that will appear from a hole near the exit, then we go out and reach the Alpha team's position.


At the end of the film we run to the right, retrieve our weapons and move into the street on the right - the parallel to the street where the enemy is. We follow the passage to the small corridor to the left and enter, from here we remove the locusts from the machine gun and take control of it so as to shoot down the enemy that will come behind us. After that we go ahead, repel a couple of attacks and reach the square. Here we retrieve some ammunition if necessary, then put ourselves in the fountain in the middle and take cover against the parapet. Here we will have a phase where we will have to defend the position from the enemy that will open half a dozen holes. After repelling the enemy, let's recover ammunition and grenades and slip into the passage at the bottom left, go ahead and reach the fork.


Before starting the usual killing job, we will be asked which way to go, left or right. In this guidebook, we have chosen to go left.

Let's go ahead and take cover behind the little wall on the left. Above the stairs beyond the door there are locusts, let's eliminate them and reach the room where there are a couple of enemies. Throw a grenade and after the blast move slowly to make sure all the enemies have been eliminated. After that we open the door in the bathroom, enter the room and take cover. We wait for the arrival of the whole team, throw a couple of grenades and move towards the machine gun while remaining always sheltered behind something. Once the enemy is out of the way, we take control of the machine gun and eliminate the locusts that will come from the room where we were. Once that's done, let's get away from the machine gun, turn around and eliminate the locusts that will open the door behind us. Once the danger is eliminated, we go through the first door and through the second.


Let's get inside the building without a problem. Once outside we go up the stairs and at the height of the fountain we take cover, from the three doors of the building will sprout several locusts, including those in command of the machine gun on the left. Once the outside area has been cleared, we enter the room through the door on the right and clean the room by moving to the left until we reach the machine gun previously controlled by the enemy. We then take possession of the machine gun and defend the position from the locusts and snipers that will hit Carmine. We defend the position, we return to the stairs, recover the ammunition and go to the right. Once inside the premises, we take cover, remove the locusts and go left, through the doors and at the top of the stairs.


We go left, reach the balcony and defend the Alpha team's military in the courtyard below. As soon as Cole is wounded or all the enemies are down, we go down and follow the footage. At the end, we go left, reach the locked gate and defend the position from a new type of enemy that will appear first from the left and then from the right, the Abjectives. We wait for the little robot to open the gate and continuously check left and right. Once the door opens, we enter the library and collect the Hammer of Dawn. We wait for our companions to open the door outwards, then we aim high right above the Seeder - the octopus-shaped enemy - and wait for the satellite's beam to knock it down completely. Once this is done, we take back our weapon - but make sure we keep the Hammer of Dawn among the weapons at our disposal. We eliminate the locusts over the bridge, go right and follow the passage to the second Seeder. We shoot down the enemies in the area first and then use the satellite weapon against the huge enemy. We clear the balcony, make a full circle and enter the room opposite the one we came out of. We wait for the gate to open, we eliminate the locusts, then we descend into the nave of the church. We get the enemy out of the way, get out and go up the stairs.

We take immediate shelter against the stone block, and while our comrades take care of the locusts, we target Boomer at the top left. Once the major enemy has been eliminated, let's take care of the remaining locusts and go to the right, always remaining sheltered behind walls and columns. Once inside the factory, we follow the passage and don't worry about the enemies until we get out in the open air again. We eliminate the enemies in the area, then we go down the stairs and go to the right, quickly taking shelter behind a wall. Once the area is cleared, we turn right again and move from wall to wall, always remaining sheltered from the locust's machine-gun fire. At this point, we defend the position by eliminating any enemy present in the area, paying particular attention to the one at the bottom equipped with grenades. Once the passage has been cleared, we follow the road to the right and reach the human outpost, after which we go left and reach Dom's contact.


We go left, we go all the way through and we break down the last door on the left. Here we follow the passage inside the building and reach the door, break it down and exit.


Let's take cover behind the kitchenette. We quickly eliminate the enemies left and right, go over the wall and go next to the stairs and from here we eliminate the locusts at the bottom. Once the passage has been cleared, we reach the "shuttle" and turn the wheel so as to reach the opposite side of the bank. During the crossing, we leave it to Dom to eliminate the locusts. Once we reach the bank, we climb the stairs, reach the resting point one, wait for the enemies to eliminate the guards, then we collect ammunition and the sniper rifle (let's exchange it with the pistol or the shotgun). At this point we must always remain in the light, finding ourselves in the dark would become food for the Kryll - the flying locusts. Let's go to the left, pass through the passage inside the house and once outside take cover quickly behind the cars. At this point, after eliminating the enemy, we have to move by shooting propane tanks to light the passage and avoid being hit by the Kryll. Once we reach the square we go to the right and eliminate the locust to the machine gun using the sniper rifle and hit the enemy on the head. Cleared the passage we run beyond the shadow and slip into the apartment on the left. From here we go to the back, turn left and quickly eliminate the abject that will appear beyond the door. Then we walk along the whole corridor, break down the door and go outside again. We take cover behind the wall and from here we eliminate the enemy behind us and the abject that will come from the left. Then we follow the passage to the left and reach the wormhole to be cleaned completely remaining, as usual, well sheltered from the enemy and always under the light. Having reached the position at the end, the command will inform us to go to the alley on the left, an alley that must be illuminated. We enter the house, follow the passage of the corridor and reach the hole in the wall, shoot the gas barrel behind the garbage bin. Once this is done we go out, follow the passage just illuminated and take the enemy out of the way until we reach a long street without light. On the right is a house with a big reflector on top. We enter the house - let's not worry about the enemy - reach the reflector and move it along the street allowing Dom to reach the building on the right and turn on the lights on the street. We turn on the lights, detach ourselves from the reflector and go down the street eliminating the two targets that we will meet after the first flight of stairs. Once in the street, we go to the right and always remaining sheltered behind the stone blocks, we eliminate the enemies that have remained in the area after Dom's passage. Once we reach Dom, we go left, eliminate the locusts that will come out of the wormhole, then we slip into the house on the left, turn right immediately after and blow the cylinder over the window. At this point we go out the window, follow the passage on the right and reach the second resting place.


We collect the ammunition, pass the door on the right and reach the corridor, enter the room on the left by knocking down the door. We follow the passage inside the building and destroy the display case that blocks the door. Once outside, we shoot the gas cylinder inside the car on the left, then we reach the vehicle in a hurry and follow it to the refuelling area where we can talk to Arenato.


Once the discussion with the old man is over, we go to the right and turn the wheel so that we can fill up the vehicle. Once that's done, we go inside the shack behind us and collect the ammunition. Loaded with weapons and shots, let's go to the window and from here we shoot the enemies dedicating our shots in particular to the Boomer that will appear after a while. We clear the area completely, get out of the barracks and into the APC.


This phase of the game takes place all on board the APC. We have two single actions available: drive or shoot, not both at once. So let's make sure we move on the weapon - a very powerful beam of light - every time Krylls appear in the area. We shoot down the enemies and return to driving and returning to control the weapon when necessary. It is not possible to make the crossing in a single shot, once we reach the part with the curves (exit and entrance of the highway) the Kryll will be too many to pass unharmed.


Once the car race is over, we descend along the passage on the left, reach the machine gun and use it to shoot down the drones that will appear from various holes that will open. When the snipers appear on the buildings on the left, we pay attention to the door of the building on the right from which a Boomer will come out. Eliminated this enemy, let's detach from the machine gun and be careful behind us, here will open a large hole where there are half a dozen of Boomer, then we exploit the grenades and immediately after we eliminate the remaining enemies.


Let's go ahead without worrying until the entrance to the factory, until then we will notice enemies - luminescent targets - but we will not be attacked. At the end of the film, let's go on, pass the corridor and reach the hall, take shelter against a wall and prepare ourselves to face the luminescent lenses that, unlike normal lenses, once killed, explode. Once the first two sets of lenses have been knocked down and passed the bridge, we go left and follow the passage to the end. In the last hut on the right, press the button, go back to the second one and take the elevator to the roof. From here, cross the gangway, go left and enter the factory through the broken window.


At the end of the communication, we go to the right, press the button and pass the door that will open shortly after. We collect the ammunition on the left and continue on without worrying about the enemies until the door that we will have to knock down. Once the film is finished, we go to the right, try to open the door and go back to enter the door on the left where we will meet a stranded beach that will flank us. Once the film is finished, we follow the beach without worrying about the enemies until we see Baird and Cole through a grate at our feet. We pass the door, go to the left, pick up the ammunition and watch out for the abject man who will pop up smashing through the window. Eliminated the enemy we go to the right, follow the passage at the bottom and reached the area with the wooden floor we pay attention: we do not have to end up like the beach. So let's go ahead, turn right at the second one, move close to the wall and turn left immediately after, follow the whole passage to the opposite wall and from here, going ahead and then right, we enter the room with the ammunition. We then collect bullets and grenades and reach the room with the carts. Once the room has been cleaned up, we go to the end, pass the passage and reach the wheel inside the room on the right. We turn the wheel so as to open the passage, reunite with Cole and Baird and turn another wheel to reach the tracks. After seeing the abject, we take out the drones and abject moving to the left. Once we reach the door on the right, we try to knock it down, then take cover behind the stone blocks so that we can be sheltered from the blows of Boomer coming out of the gate on the left. Once the enemy has been knocked down and the door opened, we pass the passage, reach the button on the right and press it so as to start the carts.


Once on board the cart, we follow the race by firing drones and luminescent targets that will appear alongside the rails and on the roof. Once the race is over, we open the first door, eliminate the left lenses and also open the second door to see more lenses at the end of the bridge. Once the bridge has been cleared, we go to the end and immediately go back so that we don't get hit by other lenses that will arrive. We secure the area, open the two doors, wait for the platforms to ascend and eliminate the two Boomers so that we can then use the platform to descend into the locust world.

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