Guide Fortnite - Taco Shops Locations and Map

The challenges on Fortnite continue, helped by a new update that has shuffled the cards on the table for the umpteenth time. One of the Week 9 challenges asks the player to find and visit different Taco shops during a single Fortnite match.

These Taco Shops are scattered around the map and are all reachable by walks; this guide includes a map that can help the most forgetful to reach the goal and redeem the reward while trying to stay with your feet in the world of the living.

Where are the Taco Shops on the Fortnite map?

To complete this challenge, players must visit three taco shops in the course of a single match without biting the bullet.

This challenge is very reminiscent of the gas pumps that appeared during Week 5; visiting the required number of Taco Shop will reward players with five Battle Stars, necessary to increase their rank within the Battle Pass.

After you find the three Taco Shops to get your reward you will need to somehow finish the game, winning or losing it. If these conditions have been met and you are in possession of your Battle Pass you will see your reward appear on screen.

List Taco Shop Fortnite

There are, in total, five taco shops within the Fortnite map.
To be precise, they are:

  • One of the Taco Shop is located in Tilted Towers, towards the central part of the city.
  • One of the Taco Shops is located west of Tilted Towers, in the town where the indoor soccer field is located.
  • One of the Taco Shops is located in the town south of Shifty Shafts.
  • One of the Taco Shops is located in the northern part of Tomato Town
  • One of the Taco shop is located in the eastern part of Retail Row.

The best way to complete this challenge is to start from the taco shop to the south of confused conduits and then head north through the little shop to the west, Tilted Towers, and then aim for the last one, at the Tilted themselves.

This route is designed to allow the player to survive as long as possible avoiding the typical chaos of Tilted Towers until the last available moment. If you want you can still do the opposite but it will be much more difficult due to two factors: Tilted Towers is the location with the greatest amount of conflicts in focus during the very first stages of the game and to get the reward you need to get to the third taco shop in a row while you are still alive.

Map of Taco Shops in Fortnite

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