Guide Fortnite : How to Use the Port a Fort

The latest update of Fortnite has introduced a brand new item for the battle royale mode of the Epic title. It's one of the most distinctive items we've ever seen on a battlefield and it will undoubtedly be very useful. The new object is the Port a Fort, Port-a Fort in the English version. What is it? Basically, the Port a Fort is a grenade that allows players to quickly launch a fortress as they go crazy in combat.

You got it: a portable fortress. Launching the grenade, there will be no explosions and no smoke will be released, but a fortress will be created instantly allowing us to have a safe place to shelter from enemy fire. After being announced earlier this week, Epic has released this new item for his Battle Royale game with Update v3.5. This guide will briefly explain everything you should know about the new Port a Fort device, including how it works and where to find it. Watch the video below to see the new Port a Fort in action.

Guide Fortnite : How the Port a Fort works

The Port a Fort are exclusive new consumer items featured in Fortnite Battle Royale, introduced with the v3.5 update. These items are described as gadgets that sprout a "quick defensive position on impact".

As the name suggests, Port a Fort are basically portable devices for making objects. The gadget will instantly build a prefabricated three-story fortress at the point of impact when launched, providing the player with instant cover during combat. The fort's design is also shown on the outside of the bomb itself, so players can learn about the overall structure and understand in which situation to use each type of structure.

The three-story fort created by a Port a Fort will be entirely made of metal, the most resistant material of Fortnite . The lower level of the structure is a 1×1 square with an entrance door and several tires on the ground that can be used to jump to the upper levels. The Port a Fort not only reduces the time needed to build such an elaborate structure, but also allows players to store the building materials collected during the match to make other structural elements.

Port-a-Fort devices behave like bombs, which means they are consumables and not trap objects. A Port a Fort will take up space in one of the normal inventory slots and will have a limited number of uses.

Where are the Port a Forts

Being very useful and bringing a huge advantage to those who use them, Port a Forts are cumbersome objects. Building forts and swapping materials on the fly requires practice, so being able to instantly launch a fort in the heat of battle is an advantage not to be underestimated.

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