Guide Fortnite - All Llama Loot Location and Map

With update 3.3 Fortnite Epic Games has decided to include in the most popular Battle Royale of the moment new types of containers for materials and supplies: Llama-shaped containers.

The South American animal, represented in the shape of a piñata, is an extremely rare element present within the game map. During each game, three of them spawn (at the beginning of the game) and do not breathe until the next game. They can be found almost anywhere and do not replace anything within the game environment. Sometimes you can see them over trees, at the edge of some ravines and things away.

Finding a Llama means taking home a substantial loot of resources and consumable items. Each llama carries 500 units of wood, 500 units of stone and 500 units of metal, 10 packs of each type of ammunition, three traps and an indefinite amount of consumables such as shield potions, bandages and so on.

At the moment fourteen different points on the map where you can find these blessed llamas have been traced. Some of them are very close to each other and therefore cannot be correctly represented on a map of this size.

Fortnite - Map of the llamas

Simply put, you can find these llamas in the following quadrants:

  • 8F: west of Lethal Landes
  • I6: east of Corso Commercio, north of the triangle of shrubs
  • C7: south of Boschetto Bisunto
  • D6: South of Pending Pinnacles, very close to the edge with E6
  • H5: South of the prison
  • F7: North of Lethal Landes, on the edge between F8 and F7.
  • F7: South of Borgo Bislacco, on the border between F7 and F8.
  • I6: East of Corso Commercio, more precisely southeast of the triangle of trees.
  • E4: North of the looting banks in the northwest corner.
  • C4: In the southern part of Pacific Park, outside the house on the edge between C3 and C4
  • G7: East of Borgo Bislacco, in the south-east corner between G7 and H7
  • G3: East of Acre Anarchists, above the bridge north of the grid itself.
  • I9: South of Putrido Pantano, practically under the first N of Pantano.
  • I6: East of Corso Commercio.

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