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    Guide Far Cry 5 : Where to Find All Allies

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    If you're already exploring the sunny and lush landscapes of the State of Montana, and if you're already fighting against the John Seed sect, you've certainly realized how indispensable it is to have allies in Far Cry 5 . As we have already anticipated in our previous guides, it is possible to have the help of several teammates, both human and non-human. In addition to all this, there is also the possibility to play the single player campaign in co-op with a player you invite, increasing even more your approach to the game. In this guide, we will tell you where to find and how to recruit all Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire (these are the English names of our allies), as well as what are their main peculiarities.

    Far Cry 5 How to Recruit Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire

    In Far Cry 5 total, you can count on the help of 9 different allies, six of whom are human (Guns for Hire) and the remaining three are animals (Fangs for Hire). Each of them will be able to guarantee you the support you need in the most different ways, depending on your approach to gameplay. If you opt for a stealth approach, certain allies will be of great help, if instead you prefer a more destructive method, perhaps more to "rifles flattened", there will be other characters to give you the right support. We've already dealt with Fangs for Hire in our previous guides, so now it's our turn to focus on "human" allies.

    We anticipate that each of them will be unlocked as a result of a special dedicated quest to be completed. You can choose only one ally, unless you have the "Leadership" perk, which will guarantee you an additional slot.

    Fangs for Hire 1: Boomer the dog

    The dog is man's most faithful friend.

    This cute quadruped will probably be the first of the Fangs for Hire we'll recruit. You can find it at Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm in Holland Valley. Simply follow the steps indicated in our dedicated guide to get him on your side. Our Boomer will help you locate enemies in the circumstances, and can also bring back weapons as a sign of his loyalty.

    Fangs for Hire 2: Cheeseburger the Bear

    Having a bear for a friend.

    If you are a lover of the most fierce and adrenaline-filled fights, Cheeseburger is the ally for you. Our friendly diabetic bear (yes, Cheeseburger is diabetic) will join the Resistance after completing his quest, which you can find a description of in his guide. The bear's skills are all about combat: Cheeseburger can both deliberately attack the enemies present and attract their attention, allowing us to take them by surprise.

    Fangs for Hire 3: Peaches the Cougar

    Who hasn't wanted a cougar for a friend?

    If "stealth" is your middle name, you can't help but love our Peaches. Our cougar will join the Resistance after completing his quest, a more detailed description of which can be found in our specially created guide. As said before, Peaches gives the best of himself in stealth mode: the cougar will be able to move stealthily in the tall grass without being seen and will be able to make stealth kills.

    Gun for Hire 1: Nick Rye

    When an air strike is the only possible solution.

    Here we come to the first human ally of Far Cry 5 . In order to hire Nick Rye, we'll simply have to go to Rye's and Son Aviation, a facility in Holland Valley. Once we've helped Nick, we'll get his friendship, as well as a chance to rely on the air strikes from his aircraft.

    Gun for Hire 2: Grace Armstrong

    There's not a problem a sniper can't solve.

    We continue our allied leadership with the first sniper we can count on. If you want to eliminate enemies from long range, Grace is the ally for you. We will obtain her friendship (and her rifle) after offering her our help at the Lamb of God Church, located in Holland Valley.

    Gun for Hire 3: Hurk Drubman Jr.

    For the "look who's back" series.

    If this character has a familiar face, perhaps it is because you have already come across him in the previous chapters of the saga. Hurk's "centrepiece" is, of course, the rocket launcher: with his trusty RPG, there won't be half armoured, air or ground, which can't be shot down easily. To recruit Hurk, all we have to do is help him at Fort Drubman, a location in the Whitetail Mountains.

    Gun for Hire 4: Jess Black

    Ideal for your stealth phases.

    The things we've told you about Peaches can easily be extended to Jess Black. She's a character devoted almost exclusively to stealth, capable of taking out your opponents while remaining almost always "invisible to radar". In order to hire her, you'll have to go to Baron Lumber Mill and come to her rescue. Do it and you can unlock one of the most useful Gun for Hire of Far Cry 5 .

    Gun For Hire 5: Sharky Boshaw

    A bomber for a friend.

    Tell the truth: you really can't say no to an explosion, can you? If the answer is yes, don't hesitate to recruit Sharky. The Gun for Hire in question is an explosives expert, and there will be nothing our hero can't blow up. To recruit him, you will have to go to Moonflower Trailer Park in the Henbane River area: help him and he will join the cause of the Resistance.

    Gun for Hire 6: Adelaide Drubman

    If the planes weren't enough, here's a helicopter!

    If air support is never too much for you, Adelaide Drubman is your ally. If Nick Rye offers you her plane, our Adelaide will help you with her helicopter. In addition, she has a very well-stocked arsenal, and will not need to reload her guns quite often. In case you want to recruit her, all you have to do is go to Drubman Marina, near Henbane River; help her and she will join you.

    Bonus Ally: Linda Stout

    For the final victory, you will need loyal allies.

    Apart from the possibility of recruiting Gun for Hire and Fang for Hire, Far Cry 5 you'll also be able to help different NPCs during your adventure. Besides, some of them will also be able to be used as fighters. These NPCs will go to occupy the same slot as the allies mentioned above, but they will bring you unlockable bonuses. As soon as your ally has reached a certain number of kills, these bonuses will be unlocked, and they can even go on to upgrade your skills.

    Linda Stout, for example, is a soldier who will be unlocked right at the start of the game. With her bonuses, you'll be shown the position of all enemies at the start of a fight, and you won't be seen when you find yourself in the tall grass. As always, you'll have to assess the situation in which you will find yourself in order to figure out which ally to use.

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