Guide Far Cry 5: How to Invite a Friend to Co-op Mode

Far Cry 5 also has a cooperative mode. Who wants to have fun in company to explore the map and undertake missions against cultists can invite a friend and take up arms to get double the damage. You can join a Co-op game in both Story and Arcade modes.

In Far Cry 5 you can invite just one friend to play the story in cooperative mode. In arcade mode, however, you can be invited to a party with as many as six players. But how do you invite a friend to play Far Cry 5? Let's look at it together, it's still very simple.

How to invite a friend in Co-op

To invite someone to the co-op mode of the latest installment of the Far Cry series, simply go to the main menu and press the Touchpad (PS4) / View-Button (Xbox One). This command, in fact, is connected to the "In-Game Party" function that you find written in the lower right corner of the main menu.

Then click "Invite Player" and select someone from your list of friends. There's no matchmaking for the co-op story. It only works with two players and only people on your friend list can be invited.

If you're already in game history mode, you can still press Touchpad (PS4) / View-Button (XB1) and visit the online section, then press "Invite Friends".

Alternatively, you can select "Exit". This takes you back to the main menu from which you can invite someone. You can also start the arcade mode directly from the main menu after inviting your friends. In Arcade there is multiplayer matchmaking. So if your team is not already full, you can search for other players via matchmaking.

Remember that when someone joins you to play the story mode, trophies and achievements can only be unlocked by the host, i.e. who sent the invitation, not by the player who participates in the game after accepting the request (anything with the formula "Campaign Only" in the description can be unlocked in cooperative mode but only by the host).

The game will only upload progress and mission progress from the host's rescue. The progress of the player who joins doesn't matter. Even if your friend is far ahead in the game, you can add him/her and play together.

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