Guide Far Cry 5 : How to Get and Recruit Boomer the Dog

After so many months of waiting, we can finally say it: Far Cry 5 he's finally among us. As all fans of the saga will surely know, this new chapter of the Ubisoft saga will take us to explore the sunny and lush state of Montana, where we will meet John Seed, an eccentric and crazy leader of a very dangerous religious sect. A small novelty, compared to the previous chapters of the series, is that we can make use of the "collaboration" of three different animals, which will be able to remove the chestnuts from the fire on countless occasions. Our first guide will take care of Boomer, our canine companion. We will tell you how to "convince" him to help you and what are his most useful skills in battle.

Far Cry 5 How to find and recruit Boomer

In a game world full of raving lunatics and dangerous animals, Boomer may be our "canine ally" in Far Cry 5 . However, to bring him to our side we'll have to somehow "recruit him". If you have already set out in search of our four-legged ally, know that, compared to the others we will list below, he is the easiest to bring to our side. First, we need to figure out where to find our trusted Boomer. The place where we will find what will probably be our first true "friend" is in the northeast corner of Fall's End, in the middle of John Seed's territory. More specifically, we're talking about Rae-Rae's Pumpkin's Farm. In case you don't know the area in question, we enclose a picture that will clear your head.

Here's where to find our four-legged friend.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will have to take out the various cultists you will find on the farm. Don't worry, it won't be a particularly difficult battle. As soon as you've emptied your enemy magazines, you'll be able to go in search of Boomer. Move just beyond the position indicated by the marker and you will find our canine friend, injured and lying on the floor. The good news is that our ally can be revived, which you can safely do with any fallen teammate. For this very reason, you will only need to interact with him to get him up. As soon as he is resuscitated, the dog will run away in search of his masters who, unfortunately, have been massacred by cultists. At this point, you will simply have to comfort Boomer by stroking him on the head; in this way, he will become your friend.

Boomer's abilities

For the final victory, you will need loyal allies.

Once recruited, our quadruped can become our faithful and useful companion. Depending on whether or not you have unlocked the "Leadership" perk, Boomer will be able to occupy our only ally slot or one of the two available ally slots. Boomer is not a bad fighter at all, but she does have skills that could definitely come in handy. First of all, our dog will be able to easily spot all enemies in the vicinity, making it easy for us to see if there are "threats lurking". Second, it's likely that Boomer will return to us after the fighting and bring us a weapon as a gift.

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