[GUIDE] Fallout: New Vegas - Complete Quest Solution!

Fallout is back and brings with him a load of missions and extras that would put even the most hardcore RPG player to shame. Introducing the guide to Fallout: New Vegas that will take you through all of the game's missions to find everything New Vegas has to hide!!

IMPORTANT: We faced the missions in this order but remember that once unlocked, you can face the missions in the order you want!


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Find the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters in the west perimeter of New Vegas, enter the giant bottle and talk to the old Festus to get the mission.
WHAT TO DO: After talking to Festus to continue the mission you will have to give them 50 Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Caps, there are 100 throughout the Mojave Contaminated Zone but you will be able to get one with a bit of luck every time you drink a Sunset Sarsaparilla (about 10% chance for each bottle). You'll also meet some characters who have some like Malcolm Holmes who will surely have stopped you around telling you about these rare caps (killing or robbing him you'll get 6 of them) or Jacklyn and Tomas in which you can bump into outside Nipton trying to kill each other because Jacklyn wants the necklace made of star caps of the unsuspecting Tomas (killing both of them or however the one of the two survives and looking in their bodies you'll get up to 9 star caps). Anyway here below we report the location of some Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Caps we found:

-Get out of the doctor's house, come down the hill and go to the first house on the left, the one with the small fenced garden next door. Once inside, check the table to find him.
-From Victor's shack point northeast and go straight to a long white house and pick up the stopper on a kitchen cabinet.

-Floor ground floor Hotel Bisonte Steve, turn your back to the lift and go straight until you find a cabinet with a cap.
-Look in the Ranch to the southeast on the Mojave Express road, you'll find the cap on top of the bookcase with the radio on top, in the shack lounge.

We recommend you take this cap during "The City I Like" mission, if you decide to pick up the sheriff at the RNC penitentiary complex.
-Move to the Fountain of Goodsprings and on your way to the penitentiary, you'll find a shack called Jean Sky Diving, the cap and inside it over the table.

-In the penitentiary tourist office, on the counter near the broken terminal.

-On the station counter.

-On a shelf inside the brown house across from the grocery store in Nipton.

-On a table in Novac's house where the settlers live.
-In Novac's motel go to the first floor in the first room (Daisy Whitman's room) to find the cap on the table.

-In the Big Horn Saloon above a table on the left is a Sunset Sarsaparilla star cap.

-There is a Sunset Sarsaparilla star cap located on a bench next to the bed. If you have the Burglary skill at 100 you will find a rare weapon in a box.

-Once you enter, take the first door on the left to get to the first room of the tour, here you still go to the door on the left to enter a store on the counter of which you will find the cap.
-Get into the building and open the door on your immediate right to find yourself in a room with empty pods, above one of the desks you will find the cap.
-In the second floor on a desk next to the one where you will find the security card for the floor in question there is a Sunset Sarsaparilla star cap.

-Go to dormitory number 2 south (upper) located in the recreation area. Now look on the table with the 3 bottles and the terminal to find the cork.

-On the chessboard where the bottle is, above the damaged wooden crate.

-In the House's house, enter the bedroom number 1 corridor (upper) on the right, you will find 3 Sunset Sarsaparilla caps on the dresser with bottles and caps.

-You will find 3 caps on the table closest to the vending machines, the one on the right of the green lantern.

-You'll find 2 caps above the mattress on the train track, along with other caps scattered.

-You will find 2 caps on the sideboard with the bottles near the amateur radio and the coffee pot, under the Poseidon Energy poster to the right of the dead tree.

-Leave the debris and go to the other side of Lake Mead to find 3 submerged caps at the bottom of the container.

-You will find 2 caps on the desk of the concrete cubicle together with other caps scattered in the filing room on the right side of the entrance.

-Between the wreckage and the locker, look in the open trunk of the crashed car.

-You'll find a cap in the submerged bungalow to the north, you'll find it floating above the sideboard near the mattress.
-You'll find a cap in the bungalow submerged between the bottles and the floats, next to the open fridge.

-You'll find a cork in the "9:00 a.m. room" upstairs, above the small table with the bottle.

However, in case you haven't got all those star caps with you right away, suspend your mission and wander around the Contaminated Zone enough to find them. Once you get them, hand them over to Festus who will start talking nonsense about the true story behind the Sunset Sarsaparilla until the most shocking truth is revealed... There is no secret prize!!!! At this point the mission will automatically fail (you haven't done anything wrong, that's normal) and the secondary mission "A precious lesson" will automatically start, which is simply to go and loot the prize cabinet that Festus opened for you after your complaints almost as a consolation prize. You'll have to make a nice tour to get inside because the entrance is blocked by debris but exploring the area you'll have no problem, once inside you collect all the valuables, If you also want the Sunset Sarsaparilla agent badges and examine the corpse of Allen Marks (is the man from which Malcolm Holmes warned you) to get his unique weapon the laser gun "Pew Pew" and finally take the holonaster, which explains the true story of the caps with the star in addition to the last moments of the life of Allen, to complete the mission.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: You'll get it by talking to Boone when you convince him to come back to Bitter Springs, it won't be easy to get familiar with him and to do that you'll have to kill several members of the Legion together, we've been to Nelson and Cottonwood Cove, it can also help to talk to Manny Vargas about Bitter Springs himself. After killing them talk to Boone and ask him more about his story, at the end he will tell you everything and will agree to return to that place to start the mission.
WHAT TO DO: Go to Bitter Springs with Boone, once there he will tell you about a place called Coyote Tail Ridge, so head there and talk to him and agree to sleep there. Once awake Boone will inform you that a Legion patrol is attacking Bitter Springs, go back there and kill all legionnaires so you can finally talk to the sniper and get ONE of his two armor choosing one of the following two options:
-Telling him that he can't erase past mistakes but trying to redeem himself will get you the Survival armor of the 1st Scouts.
-Telling him instead of setting a stone over the whole thing will get you the 1st Recon Battle Armor.
The two armors are almost identical except for the aesthetics, and you can get them from Boone's inventory once the mission is complete.

ED-E LOVE MY (Mission of ED-E)

HOW TO PLEASE NOTE: Talk to Johnson Nash, at Vikki and Vance Casino in Primm, after you have been to his shop and examined the damaged Bot on his counter.
WHAT TO DO: Go to Johnson Nash's shop in Primm and examine the Eye-Bot on the counter, there will be various ways to repair it:
-High repair skill ( about 50 points )
-High Science skill ( about 30 points ) that won't help you to repair the Bot, but to lower by several points the Repair level needed to repair it.
-If you do not have enough skills, the game will give you a list of pieces to find to repair the Bot.

Once repaired ED-E will become your permanent companion.

To continue the mission you will need to play some key words for ED-E to unlock his recordings, the words in question are for example "Enclave", "Helios" or "Archimedes" and now we will tell you how to get them out in your conversations in the Mojave Contaminated Zone (in some cases it may take a few days for ED-E to play the recording for you).

Go to Gibson's Scrap Bunch ( north of Novac ) and ask the old lady Gibson from Helios One to start the first recording, then go to Helios and talk about ARCHIMEDES to Ignacio Rivas to listen to the second one in about 9 days. At this point you will receive a live message from Knight Lorenzo of the Brotherhood of Steel who will tell you that he wants to examine ED-E, if you have discovered the Hidden Valley and completed the mission "Still in the Dark" both this faction and Lorenzo himself should be your old acquaintances, but if not, we suggest you go and look at our site's solution to the above mission to know how to enter the Brotherhood's bunker. At this point you will have two alternatives that lead to the same ending, good or bad, because this mission does not affect your karma in any way or your relationship with the factions:
-If you want to see ED-E with a new and shiny Steel Brotherhood armor (which increases its defense value) take it to Knight Lorenzo.
-If you want ED-E to be partially cleaned of stickers and license plates and get an enhanced laser (which increases its attack value) take it to April Martimer's Old Mormon Fort in Freeside.
In both cases you will have to wait 72 hours for the chosen edit and finally return to Primm to find your edited ED-E and complete the quest.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Talk to Mother Pearl at Nellis Air Force Base. Reaching Nellis Air Force Base is not as easy as it sounds, if you've never been there you'll soon discover that if you even try to get close to it you'll be bombarded with rocket launchers!!! The easiest thing to do is to pass by the road and see the destroyed houses that separate you from the entrance gate, run as fast as you can to the left and run down towards the fence. Arrived here in fact will cease fire and you can approach the gate by going to the right to get access to the base.
WHAT TO DO: The objective of the mission is to help the inhabitants of the base by carrying out various tasks. Start by talking to Raquel (you can find her either in the barracks or outside the hangars) who will tell you about her problem with the insects by starting the secondary mission "Undisciplined Ants" whose solution you can see right underneath this mission. Once completed, go back to talk to Loyal to offer him your help and start the secondary mission "Sunshine Boogie". Once this is completed, go talk to Jack, who should be in the same hangar as Loyal, and offer your help to get the "Young Hearts" sub-mission if you have an eloquent value of 35. After completing Jack's mission, go to the Boomer Museum in Nellis and talk to Pete to hear the Boomer story, DO NOT interrupt him until the end of the story so you can gain VERY much fame with the Boomers by talking to him about the following topics and having the necessary skills:
-Ask him why his ancestors left the Vault, requires a value in explosives of 40.
-Tell him to be surprised that his ancestors found the base empty, requires a value in science of 35.
-Ask them how they survived isolated from the world, requires a fair value in survival (there are two answers to be given with the right value in ability, you will have to choose the one that assumes that they had grown plants and not the one that talks about eating human flesh).
-Ask him how did the howitzers get into the base, it requires a value in eloquence of 40.
-Ask him how did Nellis teach Boomer to fly, it requires a value in eloquence of 55 (after he tells you about the virtual reality chairs and you ask him to use them you can select the option in question).
-Finally, ask him how he found a bomber and after knowing how to propose a solution to get it out of the lake, he requires a repair value of 40.
Finish the dialogue options search on one of the shelves to find the "SNOW BALL OF GLASS WITH SNOW BASE NELLIS" but don't let them see you taking it as it is considered theft. After leaving the museum, go to the base infirmary and talk to Argyll and offer your help by telling him, if you have a medical value of 40, that you have enough medical knowledge to treat the patients (if you have an eloquent value of 35, you can lie to him and tell him that you have the necessary knowledge, but you don't want to because later on you will need the medical skill to treat the patients). There are three patients to treat and they require a medical value of 40, 50 and 60 respectively. Once you help Argyll back from Pearl who will send you to Loyal to continue the quest, he will explain his plan to bring the B-29 Bomber back from the bottom of Lake Mead and he will give you two floats together with the detonator to activate them, finally he will tell you to talk to Jack to know how to get to the bottom of the lake without drowning. Talk to Jack who will tell you that to complete the respirator he is missing a pressure cooker that you will have to provide him or alternatively if you have a value in science equal to 45 you can avoid it all by proposing an alternative method to complete the device and get it now. If you can head to Callville Bay and dive from the pier head south, then dive to find the plane on the bottom of the lake and attach the floats to the wings. Once you have resurfaced, head to the concrete pier in Callville Bay and listen to the beep of the detonator as you approach the big harpoon winch, when the sound is clear, equip the detonator (it's among your weapons) and use it to make the bomber resurface! Return to Loyal who will tell you to go talk to Mother Pearl, before leaving if you have a value in Intelligence of 7 you can unlock a unique dialogue option that will be just a tip you can give him. Finally, go to Pearl and tell her about the work you have finished to get the Boomer alliance in the final battle of Hoover Dam and complete the mission.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Talk to Raquel at Nellis Air Force Base after you get the secondary mission "Flying!
WHAT TO DO: If you have a value in science and eloquence of 50, after talking to Raquel, go to the first of the hangars in Nellis and look for Loyal to ask him about the weapon to kill ants and, thanks to your skills mentioned above, get the Sound Emitter with the optimal frequency suitable to kill annoying insects. If you don't have the necessary skills, avoid this step and go and kill ants in the old way to complete the mission. Returning to the case in which you obtained the Sound Emitter to use it, go to the generators of the Nellis Plant and reach the lair (located at the lowest part along the southern wall) to position it and kill all the ants in an instant once activated. Once you've killed the insects, turn the generator switches on and before you leave, check again next to the pile of ants you have placed the Emitter on to find the Thumper Grenade Launcher a unique weapon. Finally, inform Raquel of your success to complete the mission.
PS: Speaking again with Raquel will tell you that among the other tasks that he has available for you there is also that of bringing missiles, he will give you 10 caps for each one that you will bring them in addition to obtaining fame with the Boomers (this, however, is an optional mission for the continuation of the mission).


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Talk to Loyal at Nellis Air Force Base after getting the secondary mission "Flying!"
WHAT TO DO: If you have a repair value of 65, go directly to the Nellis Plant and repair the panels to complete the Quest after reporting to Loyal that the panels are back in operation. If you do not have these values, go directly to the HELIOS ONE photovoltaic system where you will find, searching among the rows of solar panels, 5 solar panels on the ground perfect to replace those of the Nellis base, so after you have collected them all, go back there to replace them and complete the mission.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Talk to Jack at Nellis Air Force Base after getting the secondary mission "Flying!"
WHAT TO DO: Go west to the Crimson Caravan Company and talk to the redheaded girl named Janet and if you have one of the two skills to have more influence on the opposite sex you can have unique dialogue options by talking to her about Jack. Janet will wonder if there's a way to get permission to enter Nellis Air Force Base, and that permission will have to be requested from Mother Pearl (even if you have an eloquent value of 55, DO NOT lie to her about having permission because she'll start running towards the base and she'll be torn to pieces by the rocket launchers, causing the mission to fail). Go back to Nellis and talk to Mother Pearl to convince her in one of the following 3 ways:
-With a value in eloquence of 55.
-Who has the extra "Lady Killer" skill (men only).
-Guarantee that Janet is not a threat to Boomers (this option does not require any special skills).
Then return, after you have obtained permission, to talk to Jack who will tell you about his plan to get Janet into the base and get a Boomer Dress to get her into the base unharmed. Bring the dress to Janet who will inform you of another problem, in fact leaving the Crimson Caravan would lose her salary so she will ask you to talk to her boss Alice McLafferty. Go to the main office of the Crimson Caravan and talk to Alice to convince her to continue to pay Janet, but only if you have either a value in eloquence equal to 75 or a value in barter equal to 65 (convincing or not Alice involves only a gain of positive reputation with the Boomers but it's not mandatory to complete the mission because it will continue even if you don't succeed). Go to Janet and tell her the more or less positive outcome of your chat with Alice and then let her leave for Nellis (if you want to escort her to avoid the risk of her being killed by some wandering enemy). Back in Nellis, talk to Janet first and then to Jack to complete the mission. PS: Talking to Jack again will inform you that he has another assignment for you. He'll ask you to bring him as much scrap iron as you can, rewarding you in the same way Raquel did for the missiles (and just like Raquel's second request, this one is optional too).


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Talk to Captain Gilles in Bitter Springs.
WHAT TO DO: Talking to Captain Gilles you will learn that he needs help for the refugee camp and that a sniper is killing civilians from a mountaintop lately. Select the mission and go to the target's location on a mountain wall (you'll have to look for a black crack in the rock). Once inside you will be attacked by a Great Khan named Oscar Velasco, kill him and return to Captain Gilles to inform him of the sniper's death and complete the mission.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Talk to Lieutenant Markland in Bitter Springs.
WHAT TO DO: There are two tasks for the Lieutenant:
-Give him three medical bags.
-Get him two very rare books on psychology. -Mm-hmm.
If you have the medical bags with you immediately hand them over, but if you don't have them, just follow the indicator because the same merchant, Blake, who is inside the Crimson Caravan Company that will provide you with the books, also sells medical bags! Once you have purchased everything you need, hand over the books and bags to Lieutenant Markland to complete the mission.

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