Guide Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Get S Rank

A lot of people have been trying their hand at one of the best beat'em ups for quite some time now. We're talking, of course, about Dragon Ball FighterZ . The Bandai Namco game has managed to test the most demanding players, with challenges that are often quite difficult. As we know, two of the three hidden characters can be obtained through arcade mode: Goku and Vegeta in SSGSS version. There are various ways to get the necessary 500,000 Zeni: in story mode, in the challenges available for the various characters, or even in versus matches and online matches. However, the fastest way to unlock Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan God version is to beat the two toughest challenges in Arcade Mode. To help you in this not-so-immediate task, we've made a little guide to make it easier for you.

Dragon Ball FighterZ How to get Goku and Vegeta in SSGSS version

Story mode, daily quests and local games are other sources of Zeni.

First, you'll need to unlock the more difficult versions of the Extreme Gravity Spaceship (for SSGSS Vegeta) and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (for SSGSS Goku), which can be unlocked by overcoming the two challenges in normal difficulty. This feat shouldn't be too difficult, as your opponents' artificial intelligence won't bother us too much until some of the following fights (in case you're stuck on those very fights, the other tips in this guide might help too).

Once you've done this, you'll have to beat the difficult version of the challenges getting at least an A rank. You'll learn about the rank obtained at the end of the match (from D to S) and, depending on the rank obtained, you'll be able to move up, down or forward in the arcade mode tree, to face a new opponent. The faster you finish a game, and the healthier you are at the end of it, the better the result you get. The opponent you face at the end is roughly indicative of the rank you'll get. If your final opponent is, for example, at the bottom of the tree, you probably won't get an A-rank. If your opponent is at the top of the tree, you will probably get an A or S grade. So if you are dragging yourself to the bottom of the tree for most of your run, the best thing you can do is restart the game.

A few tips on how to beat the most difficult opponents

The Combo Challenge is a good way to learn the controls and grind Zeni.

Since your opponents in Arcade mode will inflict much greater damage than yours (up to 80% of your health bar with a single well-placed attack at the highest levels), you'll need to minimize the amount of openings you give them. The best way is to stay in the air as much as possible. Strangely enough, the artificial intelligence of our opponents will launch combos that are far more lethal and difficult to counter by fighting on the ground than in the air.

It's much easier, for example, to jump backwards and launch snap attacks, even from a distance. For unspecified reasons, the A.I. seems extremely susceptible to this kind of moves. Very rarely will they block these attacks at a distance, although super close range attacks have been less successful. To maximize the damage, you will need to get a successful super dash attack, getting a fast (light> medium> heavy) series unless you want to end with a down attack + heavy attack, which will launch your opponent high into the air. By pressing forward and the assist button at the same time, one of your teammates will enter the scene to perform their own super dash, which will allow you to continue the combo with another series. Finally, if your opponent has only little health left, feel free to use energy attacks as well, obviously always in the air.

Here is the best strategy to overcome the challenges

As always, choosing team members will be very important.

This is the main strategy: use the super dash as much as possible, then use the attacks to throw your opponent into the air and then swap roles with your allies, so you can make the most of the openings given by your opponents while avoiding getting hit. Keep in mind, though, that your ability to swap characters in the middle of the combo is based on a timer. All this means that you'll have to alternate between the allies you'll let in and out of the scene (you can keep track of these timers by looking at the respective character icons on the display) and every now and then you'll have to wait a while to make your next combo.

The composition of the team is also important. The most useful characters for this strategy are those who have level one and three super, so you can launch energy attacks even when they are in the air. For that reason, it's best to choose characters like Vegeta Super Saiyan, C-18 and Kid Buu, who meet these requirements. Not all of these characters, however, have the down attack + heavy attack, capable of throwing your opponent into the air. So keep in mind who has it and who doesn't.

The importance of changing characters

All the tips needed to bring home victory in the two challenges.

Finally, if your opponent stays in low health without being defeated, you'll be able to swap your characters again, as this will remove their blue health (health that characters recover while out of play). You'll be able to do this while you're casting, then hold down the corresponding assist button (L1 for the second slot, L2 for the third default slot) while you're casting your opponents in the air. Conversely, you'll be better off letting your blue-healthy characters leave the scene, at least momentarily. Although opponents in arcade mode will inflict more damage than you, they will leave your characters with much more blue health than normal.

All this, of course, will make exchanging characters out of combat to heal them a crucial action in order to get a higher rank. Don't focus too much on that though. Castings and swaps can be risky if cast at random, and can get your characters killed in an instant during subsequent games.

Other useful information about Dragon Ball FighterZ

We hope we've been useful to you.

It goes without saying that these tips are not intended to improve your skills as a Dragon Ball FighterZ . The main purpose of this guide is to take advantage of artificial intelligence gaps, and the only purpose of these tips is to help you unlock Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan God version as soon as possible. These modes can be difficult, however, and overcoming them may take several attempts (and a bit of luck, which never fails) depending on your skills. However, reading this little guide should make the task at least a little easier for you.

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