Guide Dragon Ball FighterZ : How to Earn Zeni Easily

With the output of Dragon Ball FighterZ one of the main objectives of the player will be to unlock everything. A few days ago we told you about the loot boxes in the Bandai title and the fact that they will only contain cosmetic items. Also, there will be no need for real currency. The currency in game to unlock all the unlockable in Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Zeni .

There are a lot of content not available immediately (the beauty of this type of video games is also having to play a lot to unlock characters, arenas and whatever else) and these can be purchased with the Zeni , accumulated during the game. How to quickly earn a lot of money in Dragon Ball FighterZ ? With this article we're going to see how to earn money more or less easily in the Bandai fighting game. The game has many things to offer and it may be frustrating for beginners to have few resources to spend at first. Do not worry, Dragon Ball FighterZ there are dozens and dozens of fun things to do. Earning fast Zeni is therefore also a component of gameplay.

Guide Dragon Ball FighterZ : how to earn Zeni.

Complete the Snake Way

The fastest way to earn money Zeni is to complete the Snake Way in Arcade Mode. It's not very difficult and if you're a mid-level player you can do it without any problems. At the end of the course you'll be shown the rank you've managed to unlock. Each grade corresponds to a certain amount of Zeni .

The Snake Way route is the easiest and completing it with grade S or A makes many Zeni gains.

By completing Snake Way with an S grade you are entitled to 7,000 Zeni . Getting an A grade will earn you 5,000. Snake Way is probably the easiest, so most players should be able to complete it with an S or A grade. Each time you complete the course with these ratings, the game will give you between 5,000 and 7,000 Zeni . Now, considering that the course can be completed in about 10 minutes, making quick calculations, we can say with certainty that this is one of the most profitable methods to earn Zeni money quickly in Dragon Ball FighterZ .

Playing the Combo Challenge

Another way to earn money Zeni is to play the Combo Challenge in the Practice Area. Each completed challenge makes you earn 500 Zeni , for a total of 5,000 Zeni per match. If you are not very experienced yet Dragon Ball FighterZ , you will learn how to juggle the various characters thanks to this mode as the first challenges have basic options, such as the combo car, which will make the task easier for you. With the Combo Challenge you'll learn the controls well and earn Zeni money. This gain option is faster than the one described before because the Snake Way has to be repeated over and over again.

The Combo Challenge is a good way to learn the controls and grind Zeni .

Playing Story Mode

Of course a sure source of income Dragon Ball FighterZ is the History mode. The amount of Zeni money you earn in this mode differs depending on how many fights you face, but on average you should reach figures around 200,000 Zeni for a full Story mode. If you're a completists and manage to get all the upgrade skills and not skip any fights, you can easily earn 300,000 Zeni in a single run in Story mode.

Earn Zeni with the daily missions and the online

Another easy way to earn Zeni money is to complete the daily missions. Most of them will give you at least 2000 Zeni and usually they are not so hard to complete.

Training Mode can also be a good source of Zeni . A few hours in the Training Zone can earn you up to 1000 Zeni . It's a less profitable and more boring option, but it all makes soup.

Story mode, daily missions and local games are other sources of Zeni .

Finally, local and online games offer players some money to Zeni spend in the game, but it's not a lot of money. For each completed game, 300 Zeni will be waiting for you. One trick might be to set up a second controller and grind Zeni , but following the first two directions, Snake Way and Combo Challenge route, is more immediate.

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