[Guide] Devil May Cry 5 How to Get the SSS Ranks Easily

The fighting of Devil May Cry 5 They're all style-based and you'll really need to master each character's weapons and combos if you want to reach the S rank. The combat will always be tight and hectic, but getting the S rank is really hard because you just need to have a drop in performance to see it fade. Learn all the styles and how to use each individual weapon (fire or close range) to create longer and more spectacular combos.

Getting the SSS rank, the highest level of combos, is not the easiest challenge, but with this guide you will be able to face the demons Devil May Cry 5 with bravado and master all the weapons to create irresistible combos.

[Guide] DMC V | How to get the SSS rank

How does the ranking system of Devil May Cry 5

The core of the combat of Devil May Cry 5 is its ranking that classifies the style with which we are facing enemies. A letter appears after each fight and at the end of each level. They represent the following results:

  • D - Dismal
  • C - Crazy
  • B - Badass
  • A - Apocalyptic
  • S - Savage
  • SS - Sick skills
  • SSS - smokin' sexy style

For the rank to increase, each letter must fill a performance bar while you create combos with a continuous stream of attacks. It will increase faster if you use a wider variety of moves, as well as those that are harder to perform - for example, midair mocking enemies while riding the Punch Line will increase the rank a lot. Spamming the same combos, on the other hand, will decrease the bar.

Your rank will slowly drop between attacks, and if you are hit your style will drop to level D. So make sure you move and attack at all times. You must also avoid using the same attacks over and over again. Try to switch between melee attacks, ranged weapons and Devil Breaker moves.

How to get the S grade in Devil May Cry 5

Outside of what has already been said, i.e. using a variety of moves at constant speed and changing the type of weapon often, there are a couple of things you can do to more easily achieve the smokin' sexy style:

  • Try to attract enemies and group them together so you can hit more, faster
  • Get into the fray and bring in as many enemies as possible if they stray too far. It'll get more chaotic and difficult, but you'll have a better chance of getting your best combos out.
  • Use provocations from time to time.
  • Change your approach constantly: fight in the air, on the ground, dodge and counterattack, shoot and then hit with a slash. Basically, you switch from one style to another.
  • Be aware of how strong and powerful your weapons are and act accordingly.

Tip: Use Void mode to practice. This mode is essentially a training mode, a workout that serves to improve in-game performance. It's important to visit this mode and learn how to do it, so you'll already have most combos in mind when you start the game.

Extend combos with guns

Blue Rose, Black's gun, is useful for connecting two melee attacks when enemies are scattered. It's the same with Dante's guns, or rather a rocket launcher, and V's Griffon - all attacks are relatively weak at a distance, but they're great for continuing a combo.

Devil May Cry 5 | SSS Rank Guide | Dante

Dante has a bigger arsenal of moves and weapons than Nero and V. Dante can use various combat styles, you can change them by interacting with the d-pad and selecting the following options:

  • Trickster - Focused on speed and evasion from enemy attacks
  • Swordmaster - Increase the range of moves in melee.
  • Royal Guard - allows you to block and parry attacks, so you can continue your combos without going back in rank.
  • Gunslinger - more options based on firearms attacks.

Switching from one to the other can help increase the number of combos and their spectacularity, making it easier to reach SSS rank.

Devil May Cry 5 | V combo guide

V fights with three beasts: Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare, which take the shape of a bird, a panther and a giant demon respectively. It may seem more difficult to make combos like this, but in fact these three beasts work more or less like the swords and guns of the other characters in Devil May Cry 5 .

  • Shadow is V's melee attack.
  • Griffon's thunder is his ranged attack.
  • Nightmare is similar to Devil Bringer.

One of the best ways to increase combos and grade is to make sure you upgrade each of the V demons' abilities and buy new ones.

This is what you need to know to reach the SSS grade in Devil May Cry 5 .

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