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If you have already plunged headlong into the world of Detroit: Become Human and if you're looking for his trophies, you may not have missed some magazines. These magazines are, in fact, the only type of collectible present in the Quantic Dream game. To get the trophy "TOPO DA BIBLIOTECA", we will have to find them and browse them all; as someone will have already understood, it will not be a short feat, as the magazines in question are present in all chapters of the game. If you are looking for a way to get all these items, this guide will tell you how to find all the magazines as quickly as possible.

Where to find all the magazines in Detroit: Become Human

Let's start this guide right now by saying that there are 46 magazines scattered around the world of Detroit: Become Human . Also, you'd do well to put your mind at rest, because it is simply impossible to take them all in a single run. The finding of many of these magazines will depend on the choices you make during the game; for example, a decision X will make you find magazine X, a decision Y will make you find magazine Y, in the same place and in place of magazine X. Precisely for this reason, try to take as many as possible in your first playthrough, and then devote yourself to take those that you miss by selecting the various chapters. Please note that obtaining all the magazines may also require replaying entire sections of Detroit: Become Human .

If you have missed a magazine linked to a certain choice, you will have to replay all the chapters following that choice. You will not be able to skip chapters, as the game will not save your progress in this way. The best way to get all the journals is as follows: when you get one, get to the end of the chapter, replay it, choose a different narrative crossroad and get the other journal. Please note that, in order for your progress to be saved, you must always arrive at the flowchart at the end of the chapter, and make sure that the choices you have made appear in it. In this guide, we will tell you the chronological order in which to obtain the various journals, as well as their number. If you want to take a look at the journals you are missing, all you have to do is open the Extras item in the main menu.

PLEASE NOTE: in order for a magazine to be counted, you will need to read every page of it and look at its two covers. Use the touchpad to scroll through the pages and see the covers.

Chapter "Shades of Color"

No. 10 - Tech Addict: Secrets of Androids
No. 19 - Green Earth: Climate Change-Up

When you take control of Markus, head in the direction of the bench on the right side of the park: that's where you'll find the first magazine. Press the R2 button if you have difficulty locating it: the magazine will be highlighted with a yellow icon. Don't forget to scroll through the pages and see the other cover, as each magazine counts as two different collectables.

Chapter "A New Home

No. 22 - All Sports: Android Power!
No. 1 - Century: Connecting the Dots

You will find it on the table in the living room, right after Kara has entered the house.

No. 23 - All Sports: Android QB
No. 11 - Tech Addict: The Price of Life

You will find this magazine upstairs, more precisely on a closet in the main bedroom.

Chapter "The Painter"

No. 2 - Century: The North Pole
No. 27 - Detroit Today: Life Found on Titan!

The magazine in question will be downstairs, precisely in the living room, on the table in front of the television.

Chapter "Partners"

No. 25 - Gossips Weekly: Android Sex Officially Better!
No. 12 - Tech Addict: Is Your Android Spying on You?

You know the kitchen of the house where the murder took place and where you will have to investigate to find the 10 clues? Well, the magazine will be right there.

Chapter "Fugitives"

No. 3 - Century: The Bee-Line to Disaster
No. 26 - Gossips Weekly: It's Time to Face the Music

You will find it inside the laundromat, on a shelf next to the door you came in.

Chapter "Waiting for Hank..."

No. 28 - Detroit Today: Famous Detroit Painter Dies
No. 30 - Detroit Today: Ivanoff Says "Niet"!

You will find it on a desk in the police station, use the R2 button to highlight it.

NOTE: the first magazine will only appear if Markus does not attack Leo in the "Broken" chapter.

No. 29 - Detroit Today: The Three Laws of Robotic Parenting

This magazine will take the place of number 28 the moment Markus doesn't attack Leo. You will find it in the same place as the previously mentioned magazine, only it will present this cover.

Chapter "On the Run"

No. 31 - Detroit Today: Cyber Wildlife
(Unnumbered magazine) - Canada: Canada still Android-Free Zone

If Kara and Alice slept in the abandoned house, you'll find it next to where Alice is sleeping. If you have decided to sleep in the Motel, you will find the magazine in question next to the TV. Finally, if you decide to sleep in the car, it will be right in front of it.

Chapter "Jericho"

No. 32 - Detroit Today: Android on the Run!
No. 13 - Tech Addict: Android Astronauts

After Markus gets off the train, you'll find a bench and, on it, the magazine.

PLEASE NOTE: To find the first magazine, Kara must have run away from the house in the chapter "A stormy night" and, in the chapter "On the run", she must have been seen by the police and must have crossed the highway.

No. 15 - Tech Addict: Cyberlife's Fortune Teller Computer

This magazine will appear in the same place as the previous two. Magazine 15 will appear in place of magazine 32 when, in the chapter "Fugitives", Kara will have decided to spend the night in the abandoned house and when she has managed to cross the highway without being seen by the police and without being chased. However, you can find magazine number 15 at the end of the chapter "Icontra Kamski".

Chapter "The Nest"

No. 34 - Detroit Today: Arctic Tensions Escalate
No. 35 - Detroit Today: Now Androids Alter Your Brain

You will find these magazines on the upper floor of Zlatko's villa, precisely in the bedroom. You can reach this area only after Kara has been reset.

PLEASE NOTE: magazine 35 will only appear if Kara, in the chapter "Fugitives", was seen by the police while crossing the highway.

No. 41 - Detroit Today: AX400 Getaway

You will find this magazine in the same place where you found the previous two, but number 41 will only appear if you meet certain conditions. First, in the chapter "Runaways", Kara and Alice must have slept either in their car or in the Motel and, in the chapter "On the Run", they must have crossed the street without being seen by the police. Precisely for this reason, you will have to make more playthroughs to get all the magazines in this chapter.

Chapter "Russian Roulette"

No. 14 - Tech Addict: The First Immortals Are Among Us
No. 36 - Detroit Today: The New Super-Powers

You'll find these magazines on a crate in the back of the warehouse. Make sure you take them before you follow the drops of blood that will lead you to the two Thracians to the end.

Chapter "The Pirate's Lair"

No. 8 - Century: The Mysterious Mister Kamski
No. 40 - Detroit Today: Markets Predict War

Right after Connor gets out of the car, you'll find these magazines on the bench right in front of you. Make sure you read them before you talk to Hank, because then you won't be able to find them.

Chapter "The Stratford Tower"

No. 16 - Tech Addict: Bleeding Blue
No. 21 - Green Earth: Clean Food Craze

You'll find these magazines in the kitchen of the broadcast room.

Chapter "The Midnight Train"

No. 9 - Century: World War Three
(Unnumbered magazine) Treat Yourself!

You will find it on the kitchen table, but it can only be read after Rose has left the house. Read the magazine before you open the door for the policeman.

Chapter "Capitol Park"

No. 39 - Detroit Today: Who is It?
No. 7 Century: An Android for President?

At the beginning of the chapter, as soon as you take control of Markus, don't move a single step and turn left: you'll find the magazines on a crate next to you.

Chapter "Meet Kamski"

No. 17 - Tech Addict: Space Tourism on the Rise
No. 15 - Tech Addict: Cyberlife's Fortune Teller Computer

In the entrance of Kamski's house (after Chloe has let you in), look at the picture on the right wall. After seeing the picture, you will be able to read the magazine that is just below the picture on a shelf. Be careful: you can only read the magazine after looking at the picture!

Chapter "March of Freedom"

No. 42 - Detroit Today: Android Riot
No. 18 - Tech Addict: The Eastern Space Race

At the beginning of the chapter, just after taking control of Markus, take two steps forward and look to the left: the magazine will be on the floor.

NOTE: the magazine in question will only appear if Markus has converted the androids in the store and opted for a violent revolt in the chapter "Capitol Park".

Chapter "Crossroads" [Connor]

No. 43 - Detroit Today: Detroit in Chaos
No. 44 - Detroit Today: Android Terror in Detroit

The moment Connor enters Jericho, the magazine can be found on a crate at the back of the area in question. Be careful not to climb the stairs not far from there, as there will be no way back.

NOTE: This magazine will only appear if Markus, in the chapter "March of Freedom", has chosen to attack the police.

Chapter "Battle for Detroit" [Kara leaves Detroit]

No. 46 - Detroit Today: Civil War in Detroit

You will find this magazine on the right side of the bus stop.

NOTE: this magazine will only be available if, in the chapter "Night of the Soul", Markus, by pressing the RIM button, has chosen the option to assault the fields where androids are present.

Chapter "Battle for Detroit" [Markus' demonstration].

No. 45 - Detroit Today: They Defy Us

On the right side of Markus' camp, if you chose the option of a peaceful demonstration instead of a violent one. You can read the magazine after sitting / kneeling in front of the soldiers, and after you have barricaded yourself in the camp. You will find the magazine on a bench inside the camp.

PLEASE NOTE: this magazine will only be available if, in the chapter "Night of the Soul", by pressing the X button, Markus will choose to make a peaceful protest.

After collecting this latest magazine, all you have to do is complete the chapter in question and unlock the "TOP OF THE SOUL" trophy.

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