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The Visceral Odyssey continues, Isaac is once again lost in space at the mercy of the terrifying Necromorphs and we are here with the 10 tips to survive this new wave of horror!


1-Stay Puft! As always our first tip is to finish the adventure enjoying it, without thinking about collectables to collect, objectives to satisfy or secrets to find, just take it easy.

2-Long life to Isaac! The RIG takes your life energy into account and, especially at higher difficulties, having a good energy bar is essential. So remember to upgrade Isaac's life bar and, above all, his armor among the first things: adding layers of armor to your suit will weaken your enemies' attacks more and more and with the increase in life energy you will make less and less effort, even in the most difficult levels.

3-The man of a thousand resources! In this new chapter of DS we'll get to know the resources, essential for everything from weapons crafting to suit upgrades, from medikit creation to inventory optimization, having a good number of resources is essential.

4-Space Odyssey! Just like in the famous Kubrik's movie, our Isaac will be forced to orbit through space debris to complete his exploits. The orbiting spaceships, besides the numerous collectables, hide several secrets: in fact you can collect a lot of resources simply by breaking the panels with the yellow outline located above the ships. Try to collect these resources at every step because every time you visit these areas all the panels will be restored.

5-DEAD-E! Given the importance and rarity of certain types of resources, the Visceral's have decided to include a small robotic companion in the game who will help you collect them. Available from Chapter 5, our faithful little robot will be launched in the areas with a high rate of material and then return after some time to the first available work table and after having filled up on resources.

6-Tiny welders grow up! If in the first chapter Isaac could barely hold a plasma blade in his hand, in this third episode he's become a true Crafting expert: thanks to the work tables scattered throughout the game, the resources, and a few tricks, you'll be able to create very powerful weapons in a very short time. Try to create a weapon that has a good grip, then throw yourself on the pieces with the name HEAVY, then use as an upper and/or lower heart a TESLA or PLASMA CORE or a MILITARY ENGINE, add to the upper / lower part a CONIC DISPERSAL, PRCISION TIP or TELEMETY SPIKE and you will have an excellent basic weapon to face the adventure. Adding the Enhancement Chip will finally achieve the ultimate in features.

7-Static Combat!
Another very important element to tackle the adventure is the Stasi, which is the ability to block time by slowing down opponents. Use it often, especially against faster enemies as Isaac is quite awkward in his movements. From the RIG box you can upgrade this formidable ally that will become more and more durable and less expensive, energetically, over time.

8-The man who folded the spoons...or gutted the Necromorphs! It is already, because Isaac is able to move objects thanks to the telekinetic module enclosed in his suit. A powerful and useful ability that can be upgraded in the RIG's box and that will guarantee duration and increased damage: this ability can in fact be used to throw against enemies their own limbs, enhancing it over time you will get to impale them and kill them in a single blow.

9-Creations! Ammo problem or medikit? In Dead Space 3 you can create them thanks to the work table with the easiest resources to find: the SOMATIC GEL and the SCRAP METAL. Never go on a mission without good equipment!

10-Support Co-op! Some missions in the game can be played in co-op: there are weapon supports that, grafted into them, bring benefits to both team members such as bullets, stasis and shared midikits, or power-ups, remember to plan well for building your arsenal!

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