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The world of Days Gone is ruthless and as in all survival, survival is about details. Deacon, the protagonist of the game, can get away with it but he's not Terminator, he needs melee and firearms to defend himself from the freakers and the Repulsive, he needs fuel and to create objects useful for his survival. To do all this, Dic can give vent to his skills which, at first, are limited.

The game allows you to increase your character's skills by unlocking new ones in the SKILL menu. To unlock these new combat and survival skills, you'll need to spend Skill Points. These in turn are unlocked by increasing the experience bar to 100%. Experience Points are earned by killing enemies, completing missions, clearing encampments and doing any other in-game activity.

Skill points, however, must be spent well so as not to risk ending up with useless skills in parts of the game andh would require more. Let's see together which are the best skills to unlock in Days Gone .

Days Gone | Best skills to unlock

The skills of Days Gone are divided into three categories: Melee, Distance, Survival.

Each category is in turn divided into five unlockable levels. Each of them is unlockable by acquiring a number of skills from the previous level. Let's see which are the best abilities for each level.

Better skills | Melee

Level 1

Escape artist

Eliminate weaker enemies after escaping a hold. Very useful at first to avoid damage and prepare to escape in the most intricate situations without wasting too much time. To execute it, you need to complete a QTE.

Level 2

Impact force

Increases the damage of homemade melee weapons and recovered in the field.


Regenerates vigor (allowing you to execute attacks and run) for each kill in a melee.

Level 3

Accounts Payback

It gives melee weapons a chance to inflict a critical elimination against humans, wanderers and larvae.

Level 4


It significantly reduces the vigour consumption in case of somersaults.


It significantly increases the damage of homemade melee weapons recovered in the field.

Level 5

Change of style

Double the damage from the ankle-knife combos. Very useful since the knife will be the melee weapon you will use the most, being indestructible. It does little damage, but with this skill it will improve dramatically.


It allows you to sneak up on big-time furious people. It also allows you to kill the furious and large animals by escaping a hold.

Better skills | At a distance

Level 1

Concentrated hit

Allows you to activate concentration (while aiming with L2, press R3 to activate it) while aiming with a ranged weapon. The accuracy of your shots will be higher.

Touch and Escape

Increase accuracy with all ranged weapons. Important to unlock because ammunition is scarce and every shot must go off.

Level 2

Madness management

Unlock this once unlocked Concentrated hit. With Madness Management, the waiting time for concentration recovery is reduced.

Level 3

Street Soldier

With this skill you can reload your weapon as you shoot. Essential for not being attacked by hordes while reloading your weapon.

Level 4

Fast reload

Reloading remote weapons takes less time.

Lethal blow

Further increase in the accuracy of ranged weapons.

Level 5

Beyond the limit

The magazine capacity of all weapons increases allowing the transport of more ammunition.


You're low on energy and you don't want to waste a blindfold? With Stubborn you can restore your health with a well-executed blow to the head.

Better skills | Survival

Level 1

Attention to detail

The Survivor View allows you to leave object icons on the screen for a longer period of time.

Plug in the side

Are you stealthy and use a crossbow often? With this skill, you can retrieve the darts you shot.

Level 2

Eagle eye

Increases survivor's vision radius

Velvet feet

It reduces the noise when walking or landing after a jump. For stealth lovers.

Level 3

Oxygen puff

Reduces the recovery time. The vigor allows you to run, attack with melee weapons and do somersaults. Having little or no vigour is very dangerous.

Eye on the ground

The survivor's view also highlights enemies.

Level 4


Double the effectiveness of the wreckage when repairing the bike or the weapons. If you use 6 wreckage to repair a completely destroyed bike, with this skill you will only need 3.

Wide Shoulders

It increases inventory space.

Level 5

Perfect shape

It significantly increases the regeneration of vigour. With this ability, you will hardly ever run out of vigor.

Soon to die

Part of the vigor is restored when damaged.

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