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Have you installed Brawl Stars a few days ago but have any problem trying to advance in your series of consecutive victories? Do you often find yourself wondering Brawl Stars how to win and decimate your opponents? Don't you understand why enemies always hit you in strange positions or why you can't coordinate correctly within your team?

Don't worry, we at , with this guide " Brawl Stars how to win" are going to enlighten you on some of the mechanics and features to learn and learn in order to take home as many victories as possible, in spite of all the efforts of our opponents.

In the course of this guide we will see how to aim and what is the best method to aim, what are the roles of the various characters and what are the strategies to follow to try to win as many games as possible; good reading.

Brawl Stars how to win - types of aim

Brawl Stars bases much of its gameplay on a fairly basic shooting system; your character moves through the use of a virtual analog stick and has two other buttons; one for normal fire and one for his ability.

The fire button, if pressed once through a simple tap, will shoot the nearest opponent.
What many players don't take into account is that you can also aim manually, just hold the fire button while swiping slightly to activate a kind of line of fire that will represent the trajectory of the bullets of our character.

The more you increase the average skill of Brawl Stars the more this type of aim becomes useful if not indispensable; in this way it is possible to hit sensitive targets before the closest ones or to concentrate on the same targets of your teammates. We are sure that learning correctly how to aim in a manual way to win your games will be much easier.

Brawl Stars how to win - each character's role

As you can easily imagine Brawl Stars , with all its multitude of Brawlers, it has a certain variety in terms of the presence of characters.
Each character has unique stats and characteristics related to his shooting and special move that make him suitable for a particular role.

Let's analyze, mode by mode, what are the best choices to make to win games:

- Gem Carrier mode: 1 Gem Carrier, 1 Support DPS and 1 Map Controller. - Robbery Mode: 1 Safe Damager, 1/2 Support DPS; the missing character is the team's choice. - Wanted Mode: 1 Burst Damager, 1/2 Support DPS; the missing character is chosen by the team. - Footbrawl: 1 Ball Carrier, 1 Support DPS, 1 Map Controller

Understanding what these roles are is fundamental to understand Brawl Stars how to win:

  • Gem Carrier: This role has the task of collecting the gems that appear in the center of the map and staying alive for as long as possible. Normally these characters have medium and long range fire modes because they are tasked with staying as far away from enemy threats as possible. This type of character generally also has a respectable HP pool that allows a certain survival or a special ability that can reposition him within the game map.
  • Map Controller (Footbrawl): This role has the task of simultaneously attacking multiple enemies through its fire mode. The abilities in this role normally allow the player to stun, block, or inflict very high damage to a specific area of the map, which makes them virtually indispensable if you want to attempt a comeback. Everything in this role tells the player to be aggressive and continually seek out the kill by securing the area around the Gem Carrier.
  • Support DPS (Grabber, Footbrawl, Wanted, Robbery): This role has the task of quickly lowering the life of opponents through fire modes capable of doing high damage and continuously forcing all possible victims to retreat. DPS support is one of the most important roles within the ecosystem of Brawl Stars why they are the cornerstone of a good defensive strategy.
  • Burst Damager (Wanted): This role has the task of making the most kills in a game thanks to skills or fire modes that can make a huge amount of DPS. The goal of a Burst Damager is to bring home the scalp of sensitive opponent targets, such as a gem carrier or important DPS support in order to allow your team to gain ground and points.
  • Safe Damager (Robbery) : This role is designed to damage the Heist mode safe, even if it means dying repeatedly. For this reason, this role is usually undertaken by characters who have good mobility, necessary to reach the safe, and a large amount of damage scattered at short range, in order to maximize the DPS. The ability to destroy walls is also greatly appreciated by the function of this role
  • Ball Carrier (Footbrawl): This role has the task of scoring in Footbrawl mode, so it can be taken on by characters who have skills or fire rates that allow you to score goals with relative ease. Another feature that can be appreciated in characters who take on this role is the HP Pool or the speed of movement, two factors that help the player to score in the opponent's goal.

For Survival mode, given the absence of team composition, there is no need to talk about roles.

Brawl Stars how to win - learning to read maps

To win at Brawl Stars It is also important to understand carefully what your map looks like and what is smart to do in case there are natural outlets or particular types of bushes. Let's see together what all the features a map has in common and how best to use them.

  • The bushes: on maps it Brawl Stars is important to be careful and use the bushes scattered around the map; short range heroes can use the bushes to ambush enemies. Some maps have bushes positioned close to the central zone; these are certainly the most important ones on the whole map in question because they can give the player access to a long series of offensive options against the opponent.

  • The center of the map - The center of the map is the nerve center of virtually all the grabbing matches within Brawl Stars . Thanks to the large space available in the center of the map, characters with large fire modes will be able to comfortably use all the available space to do damage to a large number of enemies; in case this is not possible you can always use this space to zonate opponents and send everyone back to the rear.

  • Bottlenecks - As in any self-respecting video game, the maps also Brawl Stars have important bottlenecks that are perfect for ambushing or using characters with piercing shots. Characters with AOE (area of effect) skills or with penetrating shots/skills are undoubtedly the favorites in these parts of the map. Of course, be careful not to get caught inside them if you see that the opponent's composition shows a large number of characters with high DPS.

  • Horizontal Walls - Horizontal walls are a type of obstacle that does not allow bullets and many types of shots to pass over to the other side; however, some heroes possess special abilities that have typical parabola trajectories and can dodge such types of obstacle; and see such types of walls remember the tactical advantage at your disposal.

  • Vertical Walls - Vertical walls are a type of obstacle that do not allow strafing, i.e. the lateral movement typical of shooters. By not allowing strafing the player can basically go back and forth with no other choices, making heroes with long attack radius more useful than others because of their ability to hit the fugitive for longer.

  • Watercourses - Watercourses are obstacles within maps Brawl Stars that often represent walls that are impassable for the movement of their characters but can be crossed by bullets. Some brawlers, in any case, through the use of their skills have the opportunity to climb over obstacles and use to their advantage the spaces they used to hide.

  • Destructible Walls - Destructible walls are obstacles that can be knocked down by certain brawler abilities and are normally placed to protect targets within the game map. By knocking down these walls you will get a number of advantages between protection and mobility for both teams.

Brawl Stars how to win - Who are the strongest Brawlers for the various categories?

Within this guide we will discuss how to classify the various heroes in the game and which are the best in certain fields.
First of all, let's define what are the six categories with which we are going to classify the heroes of the game:

    1. DPS: DPS, or Damage Per Second, is a numerical value that indicates the amount of damage a character can do during a single second to one or more characters. DPS depends on parameters such as damage per blow and reload speed.
    2. Health: The Health parameter indicates how many hits your character can absorb before dying to breathe where they belong on the game map. Characters with a lot of health are called tanks and generally don't have much chance of movement or dodging; different thing you can do for characters who have less health points and are more inclined to repositioning skills.
    3. Range: The range parameter indicates how long the bullets fired by our character will travel before they completely lose their effectiveness. Characters with a wide range can also damage characters outside the field of view given by our phone's screen, while those with a limited range only become effective when used at distances similar to those you would use for close combat.
    4. Diffusion: The Diffusion parameter is used to indicate how wide our character's shot propagates and how many heroes can be injured simultaneously using a single bullet. Characters that have a high degree of diffusion shoot bullets that can hit opponents simultaneously over larger areas; large diffusion could mean less damage but it also means having better control of the spaces around you.
    5. Movement Speed: Movement speed indicates a character's ability to reach a point A to a point B in the shortest possible time in proportion to how high it is. Movement speed, however, completely ignores a character's ability to reposition the character within the game map.
    6. Damage Types: Bullets fired by our characters can inflict different types of damage. There are three and they are divided into single damage, armor-piercing damage and AOE bullets.

Here's a schematic of who the strongest brawlers are in each category:

Burst Category
(High DPS, low charging speed): Brock, Dynamike, Piper
Chip Category (Low damage but ability to hit constantly): Jessie, Crow, Pocho, Pam
Sustained Category (Few bullets doing damage, high reload speed): Colt, Nita, Etc
Category Riflemen (High close range damage that decreases with distance): Shelly, Bull, Barryl, Leon

Tank category (Health particularly high): Bull, El Primo, Barryl, Frank, Pam
Middle category (Can withstand a few shots without dying): Shelly, Nita, Bo, Etc
Fragile category (Needs a lot of dodging to stay alive): Colt, Brock, Dynamike, Bombardino, Stecca, Piper, Spike, Crow

Category Long Range (Can also shoot outside what is visible on screen): Piper, Brock, Cue
Category Medium Distance: Nita, Colt, Jessie, Bo, etc.
Close Range Category (needs to stay really close to his target to do high damage): Shelly, Bull, El Primo, Etc.

Category Broadcast (Easy to aim): Shelly, Nita, Pocho, Frank, Etc
Precision Category: Colt, Jessie, Brock, Etc

High Speed Category (can dodge bullets simply by moving): Mortis, Crow, Leon
Category Average Speed (can chase slow enemies with confidence): First, Bull, Bombardino
Lenses category (the standard speed): Shelly, Nita, Jessie, Etc

Category A Single Target (Bullets hit one target only): Shelly, Colt, Bull, Etc
Category AOE (projectiles hit area, grenade): Brock, Dynamike, Bombardino, Bo, Etc
Category Penetrating Strikes (bullets pass through opponents): Nita, Jessie, Poco, Penny, Frank, Tara

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