Guide ARMS: Useful Tips to Start Playing

With the release of ARMS Nintendo Switch scheduled for June 16th and the announced opportunity to try it for free during the Global TestPunch, we thought we'd draw up a guide of useful tips to become the best boxer on the planet!

Don't forget about Motion Control!

The Nintendo Wii era has certainly discouraged many people from using motion controls in any game, but while you can disable them in ARMS any game, I strongly recommend that you try them out for a more satisfying gaming experience.

You won't have to throw punches like in a deadly clash with Tyson: try to use precise movements to perform swirling or corner attacks, dodge and even fight in the air. Having a good control of your movements will let you concentrate more on the game than on your actions.

Always on the move!

You always have to be on the move and ready for action: move, dodge, change attack trajectory, defend, pretend and keep your opponent in doubt. If you're in an arena that has movement variations, or you're using a character whose special ability affects his agility, remember to use the conditions of the battlefield to your advantage so you can unexpectedly hit unsuspecting opponents.

The Weight of Weapons is important!

When choosing a character and their equipment, always consider the weight of the weapons. As a rule, heavy weapons are capable of overpowering the lighter ones in a direct confrontation, allowing you to destroy your opponent's defence and strike a hard blow.

If you prefer to use light weapons, never engage the enemy in a direct confrontation unless you are ready for a series of feints to avoid enemy blows. Moving to the sides is a good strategy, as heavy weapons take longer to reach the target, leaving room for movement and action.

Have a plan!

You're not playing Wii Sports: You can't jump into the fray by throwing punches at random. Doing so will only lead to defeat.

ARMS is completely based on the concept of action and reaction. Fists are valuable resources in this game: attacking relentlessly will leave you defenseless in the face of enemy blows.

Attack with a precise strategy and make the best use of your characters' equipment and skills. For example: Punch quickly with light weapons to push the enemy to counterattack, then shoot around the enemy and hit him with a powerful attack. You can also use elemental attacks in combination - for example, freeze an opponent with one blow, followed by a powerful direct attack.

The Triangle of ARMS

Pulling punches won't get you out victorious from all the fights. Certain types of attack and defense are effective against others:

  • The punches beat the projections
  • The projections overlook the guard
  • The guard blocks your fists

If one of your opponents prefers a type of attack, use this repetitiveness as a weakness to turn to your advantage.

Learn how to use your character's special ability

Although all characters can equip all kinds of weapons, every fighter has their own special move. This ability can sometimes be the key to victory, especially when activated in combination with the combat arena or your own equipment.

If your character has great dodging skills, choose fast weapons to overpower enemy defenses. If your enemy likes to use brute force with slow and powerful attacks, characters like Spring Man and Min Min are good for you thanks to their deflection skills.

Don't fight blindly!

As important as wrestlers and weapons, combat arenas are a key asset in this game.

Many arenas have unique mechanics that can often be used to their advantage to unbalance an enemy or surprise him, especially if he is not used to fighting in that environment.

Get to know your Fists!

Although it has already been repeated over and over again, it is always good to remember it to fix the concept: attacking at random will only make you taste the bitter taste of defeat. Even the strongest weapons can inflict little damage if used incorrectly. In order to make the most of the latent power inherent in them, you must always have clear in mind how and when to load your fists. Actions such as landing after a jump or dodging will enhance your next attack - use these situations to your advantage to defeat your opponent when he least expects it.

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