Guide Agony : How to Get All the Endings of the Game

Without a shadow of a doubt, Agony it was a game that was able to draw a lot of attention to itself. Since the launch of his Kickstarter campaign, its dark, grotesque and very, very bloody setting had fascinated so many players. In the game made by Madmind Studio, we would play as a damned soul, who will be asked to find Red Goddess, one of the most important demons of Hell. It will be up to us, then, to make our way through the various circles of hell, trying to solve puzzles of various kinds and, above all, not to run into other demons, against which we would have no hope. As it is easy to imagine, the game provides more endings, which will unlock as a result of certain choices that we will have to make. In this guide, we'll tell you how you can unlock all the ending footage in the title.

Agony How to unlock all game endings

As is often the case in survival horror movies, there are more endings in Agony . There are seven ending movies, to be precise, and to be obtained will require the fulfilment of various requirements. If some of them, under different aspects, represent the natural conclusion of the story, and the prerequisites to obtain them are, therefore, easily intuitable, for others the mechanism is rather cumbersome. As explained also in our Guide to the game's Trophies, each ending corresponds to a different trophy and, therefore, to obtain the much coveted platinum trophy, we will have to unlock every available ending film. For this very reason, in the following paragraphs, we will list all the endings and indicate all the choices you will have to make, and the requirements you will have to meet, to unlock them.

Ending #1: Normal ending

To achieve this ending, all you have to do is complete the game and defeat the ending boss. According to what is now written, this ending movie will surely be the first one that many of you will have obtained, as it doesn't have any requirements to be unlocked. The only thing you'll have to take care of is to finish the game plot without getting too "out" of the way and unintentionally get some requirements for ending atria. Once you unlock this epilogue, you'll also get the bronze trophy "The Scarlet Woman".

Ending #2: Evil ending

The developers have definitely put their hand on the splatter element.

Unlike the previous epilogue, this ending will require the fulfilment of two requirements. The first is that you'll have to kill at least 70 characters during your adventure, the second is that you'll have to reach the Cathedral in level 4. As for the first requirement, it doesn't matter what nature the 70 characters have, whether they are demons or distressed souls, the important thing is that your kills are at least equal to that number. This ending is exactly one of the two requirements to get the Golden Trophy "Good and Evil".

Ending #3: Crazy ending

To obtain this ending, the requirement to meet is quite unusual. In the course of your adventures in the frightening world of Agony , you will come across the Mushroom Mind. Well, once you get to this place, what you have to do is... absolutely nothing! That's right, you understand: you have to remain completely still for at least five minutes. The only advice we have to give you, in this regard, is to remove your hands from the joypad, keyboard, mouse or any other gaming device, so as to be sure not to make even the slightest movement, and wait for the passage of time. In just five minutes, you will have fulfilled the only requirement of this ending, so you will unlock the bronze trophy "I found a job! “.

Ending #4: Ending as Baphomet

To achieve this end of the game, all you have to do is finish the first boss fight as Baphomet; in this way, you'll unlock a miniature statue of him that you can collect later in the game, precisely inside the Fractal Forest. Once that's done, all you'll have to do is reach Mushroom Mind to get this fourth epilogue of the video game. Once you unlock the movie in question, you'll also get the golden trophy "Your soul belongs to me! “.

Ending #5: Ending as Angel

To unlock this ending game, all you have to do is find the four Angels. There will be one in each level of Agony , and it's up to you to understand where they are, venturing into explorations always very risky. Once you have discovered them all, complete the second chapter. This endinge represents, along with the Evil Ending, the second requirement for the "Good and Evil" golden trophy.

Ending #6: Ending as Succubus

Who wouldn't want to play a demon once in their life?

Along with the Normal Endinge, probably also this sixth epilogue is one of the easiest conclusions to reach in Agony . To unlock it, all you have to do is complete the main quest and, restarting the adventure again, you'll find that there is a new Succubus Mode: select it, complete the game again, and you'll get this endinge, along with the gold trophy "Get it Out! “.

Ending #7: Ending as Nimrod

What we are about to describe to you is definitely the Agony hardest ending. In order to unlock it, in fact, we'll have to meet various requirements of other endings and, in addition, get items that aren't easy to find in the game. First, you'll have to get the Evil Ending, killing 70 characters and then reach the Cathedral at level 4. Secondly, you'll have to restart your adventure in Succubus Mode, and complete the adventure as the Succubus, thus obtaining the Ending as the Succubus mentioned above. Starting the game for the third time, before completing the plot, you'll have to find the Clothes of Adam.

This is a category of items that you will find on certain Martyrs scattered throughout the game. If you meet a martyr who owns a piece of Adam's Clothes, you'll only have two ways to get it: own or kill the martyr who wears it. As you will have understood, this ending is by far the most complex and laborious of the game, designed for all those players who now master it to perfection and want to discover every secret. It's going to take a while to unlock this seventh epilogue, but we assure you it's definitely worth it.

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