Guide A Way Out - How to Play Co-Op with a Friend

A Way Out is a new co-op game created by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The game presents a co-op adventure full of action where inmates, Vincent and Leo, must escape from a prison and take revenge on their enemies. The peculiar feature of it A Way Out is the fact that it is a title only co-op, which means that you have to play with another person, otherwise A Way Out it becomes a piece of furniture.

This guide will explain how to set up a local or online co-op so A Way Out that you can dive into the action with a friend as soon as possible.

Before entering the co-op mode, it is important to note that the game does not have a single-player mode. The basic experience of this game requires two players, which means that players must cooperate with someone online or have two controllers at hand to play locally.

While not ideal, there is a way to play A Way Out as a single player experience, at least for the first few chapters. Using two controllers, a player can switch from one character to another individually. In more advanced chapters this becomes almost impossible, but on the other hand, if you buy A Way Out it, you're supposed to know what you're getting into. It is a title that is played in co-op, period.

How to play A Way Out co-op online with a friend

If you want to play A Way Out online with a friend, luckily you will not have to buy two copies of the game to do so. Thanks to the Friend Pass, players only need to purchase a full version of the title. This applies not only to the club, but also to the online game.

On the other hand, creating a local co-op game A Way Out is as easy as connecting a second controller and starting the game, which are actually the only things to do.

Online co-op, on the other hand, is a little different.

Then let's see how to play online co-op with a friend. Follow the steps below.

  • To set the online co-op mode for A Way Out , the player who bought the full version MUST start the game and select the Play online option.
  • At this point, select the Invite a friend option. This will make your friend list appear on whatever platform the player one is playing on. Choose the friend you want to play with and send them an invitation.
  • When player two receives the invitation, you will be asked to download the free trial from A Way Out the digital store. Once the trial version A Way Out has been downloaded, the two players will be ready to play in online co-op mode.

*Note that the player who downloads the free trial version of A Way Out MUST be invited to join someone with the full version in order to play. Those who have the free trial version can only receive the invitation, do not send it.

Player two doesn't have to have the full version of the game, but if he only has the trial version, he can only play it by invitation of the player who bought a complete copy of A Way Out .

How can anyone who has the trial version play

Players who own the full version of A Way Out can invite a friend who has the trial version to participate in any chapter already unlocked. Players with the free version can only play chapters that the owner of the full version has reached and unlocked.

This configuration allows players with the full version to complete several chapters in A Way Out different co-op partners, and then return to previous chapters of the game without worrying about player Two's progress.

While this technically counts as an online cooperative, there is currently no online matchmaking for this title. The only way to play in cooperative mode is to invite a friend who downloaded the free trial version of the game Friend Pass.

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