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Guardian's Crusade, known in Japan as Knight & Baby, is a video game released in 1998 for PlayStation da Activision. The development of the videogame is instead by Tamsoft.

The gameplay of Guardian's Crusade is the classic one of a turn-based role-playing video game in which the encounter with enemies is not accidental. The protagonists of the game are Orlando and Nehani, his fairy, who are sent to Santa Clara to deliver a letter to the mayor. Once the mission is completed, the two embark on the return journey but along the way they meet an animal with a pig-like appearance. A white lightning bolt falls from the sky and a man explains to our two heroes that the cub must be brought to the Divine Tower by its mother. The three friends therefore embark on a wonderful adventure, between green areas and lethal dangers.
Among the main monsters and boss that the group will have to face there are Karmine, leader of the Artema sect, and Xizan, an ancient and mighty monster. To help Orlando and Nehani instead we find Kalkanor and Ramal with Gwinladin but also Darkbeat with his sister Ibkee. On the screen, the enemies are represented by three different types of ghosts, who roam the landscape in which we find ourselves to catch and fight us.

You will need all 68 other toys to practice this trick. Legend deals incredible damage and is very useful in the final battle, but uses 50 PP. Peacemaker is also very good, as he kills all enemies, but uses all PPs and doesn't kill the final bosses. It is therefore not recommended to be used against the game's final boss.

Legend - Get the other 68 toys, then talk to Zepetto.
Peacemaker - Get Legend, then sleep at home.

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