Guacamelee! 2 Get the 5 keys and Unlock the Good Ending

In Guacamelee! 2 there are five keys hidden in the levels. They are used to open the golden door in the illuminated chicken headquarters, to receive the message of the Saint Chioccia and to get the good ending.

This unlocks four trophies:

One Down...
Very Special (Open the Golden Door)
Talk to Hend (Receive the message from St. Chioccia)
Legend of the Timelines (Get the good ending, collect all the keys)

Let's see step by step how you unlock the good ending.

Driving Guacamelee! 2 - Unlock the Good Ending

  • Get the 5 pieces of key. They are located in reachable areas with difficult platforming phases and require endgame skills. It's best to do them after the story in free-roam mode, after collecting lots of health and stamina crates and unlocking the self-healing ability + all the chicken powers from the dungeons. The platforming sections to get the keys are very difficult and require a lot of trial and error.
  • After getting all 5 pieces of the key, return to the Illuminati Chicken Headquarters in "Prison El Corazon".
  • Use the key to open the golden door there.
  • Also here you have to finish a series of platform sections.
  • At the end you are allowed to listen to the message of the Saint Chioccia, necessary to get the good ending.
  • Defeat the final Salvador boss in the Templo de la Serpiente.

Luckily, you can do everything in free roam and still defeat the final boss because you can repeat the final boss fight as many times as you want. Create a checkpoint before the final boss, so you can keep playing and find collectibles, including keys. Once you get everything, defeat Salvador to get the trophy.

Now let's see where are the keys that allow you to open the golden door.

Guide Guacamelee! 2 - Location of the five keys

To unlock the good ending in Guacamelee! 2 , you will have to defeat the final boss and find 5 keys that are hidden in the game world.

Let's see where all 5 keys you need are hidden. You'll need them to unlock a secret location in El Corazon prison. This place is known as the Illuminated Chicken Headquarters. Complete the above decribed steps to get the message from the Holy Chioccia, defeat the final boss and you'll see the good ending.

Key #1

This key is given to you during the course of the game. All you have to do to get it is defeat the Zope y Cactuardo bosses at Infierno. There is no way to lose this key so don't worry too much.

Key # 2

This key is in Templo de Jade. It enters the temple through the south entrance in the Los Manglares area. Go under the passage to find a green river. Here you will need to use your chicken-like ability to hover in the air to access the key.

Key # 3

This key is in Isla Bonita. Use the west door on Isla. To get past the skeleton guard, you'll need to lay eggs, which you'll need to use as ground to reach the platform section that allows you to get the key. This area is only accessible to chickens, so make sure you've unlocked all chicken skills before attempting to retrieve this key.

Key # 4

This key is in Infierno like the first one. Go to the giant lava lake that is located towards the well at the far end of the map. Here is an auction, launch yourself towards it and begin the platforming challenge that follows to get the key.

Key # 5

The last key is in Los Manglares. Go to the lower left exit from the city center and go down to find a gauntlet that is hidden by a wall. This is the toughest platforming challenge, so get ready before you go down there getting healthy and stamina in large quantities.

The blue circle in the picture below shows you the location of the glove you'll need to pick up to start the platforming challenge.

Well, now you have all the keys you need to achieve your goal.

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