GTA 5: Solution and Guide to All Random Events

Below you'll find the game's mission guide with tips and video walktroughs of all 14 random events!

Random events are structured on miniquests that will appear in numerous locations as you wander the streets of Los Santos off missions. These little quests are marked on the map by temporary blue or red dots. There are 57 in total but you only need to complete 14 to increase the percentage to 100%. To increase the number of random events it's also good to rob ATMs, vans or convenience stores. Below is a list of the funniest random events not to be missed:

WARNING: Going to the locations indicated you will find the following random missions, if you do not find them try to pass at different times of the game.

  1. The Abandoned Vehicle: You never know who you can hide in an abandoned vehicle.
  2. Burial: A perfect victim for the Altruists sect. In some random missions you will be informed by the game itself that, as an alternative to the location designated by the mission, you can take the character you help to the mysterious Sect of Altruists whose location will be revealed on the game map.
  3. Only One Step 1: One more victim for the selfless.
  4. Domestic: Another victim for the Altruists.
  5. On the run from the paparazzi: Another victim for the unselfish.
  6. Pilot on the run: Yet another victim for the unselfish.
  7. Just one step 2:Again a victim for the unselfish.
  8. Only One Step 3: Yet another victim for the selfless.
  9. Girl in Alley: Never trust a girl hiding in an alley...
  10. Save the store: Save the store from robbery and get a 25% discount at Perro's Suburban Store.
  11. Kidnapped: The last victim for the Altruistic Sect.
  12. Bachelor Party: Here's a bachelor party you really shouldn't miss!
  13. Escape from the Sect: After handing over 3 victims to the Altruists, return to their camp location to become the new victims yourself.
  14. Shooting in the plantation: Great random mission to make some money as the reward is between 40,000 and 100,000 dollars. It's available again as soon as you spend a week in the game.

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