GTA 5: Guide to Letter Scraps [A Mystery Solved]

We found all the letter fragments of GTA 5 to discover the mystery behind Leonora Johnson's murder and highlighted them in order on the Los Santos map. Here are the photos of the map with the letter scraps of the murderer!


-Training Chop through the iFruit App you can take it with you in search of collectables scattered around the game.

-To help you in your search, the spaceship pieces emit a strange sound that increases as you approach them.

-The letter fragments are used to complete the missions of the Unknown and Mad, to increase the percentage towards 100% and to obtain the relative achievement/trophy "A mystery solved".

Guide Step by Step How to find the letter scraps on the Mystery solved case

1-Over the containers, jump between stacks of containers to reach it.

2-Look to the right of the underground entrance to the airport.

3-On the roof of the Sightings, the airport bar. Use a helicopter to get there.

4-On the towboat Olifantus. Look on the small balcony in front of the helm.

5-Follow the train tracks that pass under Popular Street to notice the page next to boxes on either side of the railway.

6-In the courtyard at the back of the cottage.

7-In the abandoned bus wreck in the Murrieta depot.

8-In the Mega Mail parking lot, inside a dumpster across from Davis Avenue.

9- On the little beach of the island, in the middle of some shrubs.

10-In the empty pool of Vespucci Beach.

11-In the canal below Palomino Avenue, look on the central concrete platform.

12-Al second floor of a restaurant called Pearls, on the terrace.

13- On Vespucci Boulevard, under one of the large side arches.

14- On top of the yellow crane near Vespucci Boulevard.

15-A Back Lot City, inside the film studio.

16-Enter the Alta construction site on Occupation Avenue and look into the hole between the foundations of a building.

17-In the Pacific Bluffs Cemetery, look in front of a bench.

18-A East Vinewood in the middle of the small white dam.

19-Ad Hawick, on the platform for the Skaters.

20-In the bar in the swimming pools of the hotel by the sea in Pacific Bluffs.

21- On the stands of Vinewood Racetrack.

22- On the barbecue in the gardens of the house complex.

23- In the labyrinth of the Kortz Center.

24-In the playroom of the villa at Vinewood Estate.

25-In the dirt area next to Highway 11, just below the information sign.

26- On the tip of the I of the big VINEWOOD sign.

27-In the picnic area in front of the Big Orange kiosk.

28-Between the rocks in the middle of the islet.

29-Inside the cave of a small lagoon.

30-Climb up from Galileo Road to the north and drive along a winding dirt road until you reach a small mine in the Great Bush. The letter is on the ground near an abandoned track.

31-In the farm in the Grand Senora Desert, behind the wooden billboard at the entrance.

32-In the pit in the middle of the circular building under construction.

33- On the shores of Lake Zancudo.

34-Under the waterless bridge located on Route 69.

35-A land, in the cemetery of the Great Bush.

36- On the top of the big rock near the landing strip south of Sandy Shores.

37- On the veranda of the wooden building in Procopio Beach.

38-In the empty swimming pool of the ruined Motel of Sandy Shores.

39-Over a rocky peak in Raton Canyon.

40- In Millar's Fishery boat shop.

41- On the small beach on the Alamo Sea peninsula.

42-In the field of the Setta degli Altruisti, on a balcony.

43-Below the long white tubular greenhouses at Grapeseed Main.

44-Di in front of the lighthouse.

45-Next to the timber yard in the Paleto forest.

46-At the top of the cable car platform.

47-On the back terrace of a cottage on Procopio Drive.

48-In the tramp camp on Mount Chillad, look in the shack with the first aid kit.

49-In the back porch of the ruined wooden house.

50-The stairs of the small wooden house in the Procopio Beach rest area.

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