Grim Fandango Solution

Grim Fandango is a graphic adventure game developed and published by LucasArts for Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux in 1998. The game is the first of the LucasArts point and click adventures to use three-dimensional graphics. Head of the project is that Tim Schafer former co-designer of Day of the Tentacle and creator of Full Throttle, released respectively in 1993 and 1995.
Grim Fandango is based on the Aztec conception of the afterlife, according to which souls must cross the Land of the Dead before arriving at the Ninth Beyond. The game is not too simple or trivial to finish, which is why we propose the following complete solution by Grim Fandango.


Mass poisoning
After the introduction you are in Manny's office. Here take the communication from the message tube and exit the room, head to the far left and take the elevator on the left. At the end of the scene go to the back of the garage and knock on the door of the closet where Glottis is, who will come out. Talk to Glottis and tell him that you need a driver and the problem is not that he is too big, but that the cars are too small! He will give you a paper for the boss to sign: go back up and give the order to the secretary: the boss is busy, so you have to find a way to get that document signed.
Take the elevator at the bottom and exit the door of the building, going to the right and taking the alley on your left. At the end of the alley you will find a string of balloons: go up and enter through the window on the left. Use the computer and select the automatic reply that requires Eva, the secretary to sign the document. At this point go back to her and have her sign the paper. A movie will start, after which you will arrive in the world of the living. Here, use the scythe on the corpse on the ground to watch another cutscene.

Mercedes Colomar
Go to your office and grab the deck of cards from the desk on the left. Exit the room and use the deck of cards in the paper hole placed on Eva's desk. Exit the palace, witness the dialogue between Manny and a demon and head right towards the stalls of the Fiesta de Los Muertos. Take a loaf of bread and talk to the clown. Choose the answers 1-1-1 and finally ask him for a dead worm: talk to him again and ask him for a second. Go back into the building and go to the room to the left of the entrance. Here use one worm with the red tube and the other with the blue tube, then go back to your office and use them both in the tube behind the desk at the back: the sorter is stuck again.
go back into the hall and go to the room to the right of the entrance, where the sorter is. Go where you see the demon that is working and close the latch on the door, so that it cannot be closed. Talk to the demon for a long time and you will find yourself, after a while, with an extra fire extinguisher in your inventory. At this point, exit the room and the demon will disappear. Enter the room again and then into the sorting room: here use the paper with holes in the tubes and you will have Mercedes Colomar as a customer.

The sordid plans of the DDM
You are in your office. Talk to Meche, then exit and go down the hall where your boss will block you, then lock you in Glottis's closet. Knock on the door and Salvador Limones, the leader of the Revolution, will answer! Choose 3-3-1 and from the closet you will pass to the headquarters of the revolutionaries. Talk to Salvador and Eva and exit, taking the elevator. Here you will need pigeon eggs and a cast of your teeth. Talk to the clown and ask him for an extra rolled balloon, which is not a worm. At this point, go back to the alley and climb up the ledge using the balloon string. Continue to the left and enter the last window, which leads to Domino's office.
Open the desk drawer, where there is a coral statue. Go to the punching-ball and deliver 3 hits, so as to take Domino's mouthguard. Go back to the balloon rope and take the shorter one on the left: going into the inventory use the coral statue on the shorter rope that you will have to take back and use with the ladder on the right. From the ladder, go up to the roof and go to the bottom where the pigeons are. On the plate, use the balloon first and then the pan de Muertos: the pigeons will escape and you can take the eggs from the ventilation tube. go back to the alley below and enter the garage to Glottis' closet. Use the mouthguard with the plaster machine and then put it on: you will have the mold of Manny's teeth. Now go back to the alley and show the eggs to the hidden blue camera on the left. Give the eggs to Salvador and the dentures to Eva: you will arrive in the petrified forest.

The petrified forest
Go right where you will find Glottis - fired and in a black mood - who tears his heart out, to throw it behind him. Retrieve it and go to the forest behind Glottis; go all the way to the cobweb. Here take 5 pieces of bone from the ground and throw one on the spider web, then use the scythe on it. Go back to where Glottis is, collect the heart and use it on the poor being. After the cutscene, get into Glottis' car and take her to the road to the right, where there is a tree marrow extraction machine. You need the arms to mount on the bone wagon if you want to continue along the bad roads.
Use the wheelbarrow and make sure that the left arms move synchronously, like those on the right which, however, must alternate with the others. When you have succeeded in the enterprise, use the lever and Glottis will climb the tree: while Glottis is still up, reactivate the lever and watch the scene. At the end of the sequence, take the signpost where Glottis used to be and head, holding it in your hand, towards the small street at the top left. Here you will have to stick the pole in a darker colored area. Enter the opening and go to the sign with the key. Grab it, go back to Glottis and take the car into the opening.

Direction Rubacava
You will find yourself in front of a door: enter and you will be attacked by a beaver demon. re-enter and go to the path on the left. Get rid of the beavers by throwing a bone in the water and quickly entering the inventory: here take the fire extinguisher and use it as soon as the beaver starts screaming. Perform the same actions 2 more times to get rid of the beavers. Go back to Glottis and use the key on the lock on the left. Watch the filmed sequence, after which you will arrive in Rubacava.
Go up the stairs and head towards the mist on the right: you will fall into the water but will be saved by Captain Velasco. Get up and go up the stairs until you reach the building. Enter and you will find Celso Flores: talk to him and he will give you a photo of his wife. Go back to Glottis and give the photo to Captain Velasco: talk to him and at the end of the dialogue he will give you the register of departures / arrivals. Give the register to Celsus and the first year will be completed.


At this point in history you have become the masters of a place where you gamble. A person came to visit you. Go into your room and take Salvador's letter which is on top of the desk. Go down and talk to the cloakroom clerk, Lupe, then go out the door on the left. Go down the stairs and witness the scene: Domino has kidnapped Meche and is taking her to the edge of the world.
You will be caught a second time by Captain Velasco, who will tell you that the only ship leaving for the same route is the Limbo. Talk to him and remember that to set sail you will need to retrieve the Marine Ape gear for Glottis, get rid of the sailor Naranja and have the federation card.

Federation card
After talking to Velasco, go to the pier on the left and at the “roundabout” follow the road north, so that you are in front of the Blue Casket. Go to the elevator on the left and, once you have gone up, go back to your room, always going up the stairs. Go to Glottis who plays the piano and then to the door at the back of the room, the casino. Talk to Charlie, the man sitting at the coffee table dressed in green. Get him a machine to print false matrices and when the man asks you what he needs to get you, tell him that you need a federation card. It will give you the VIP entrance to the catwalk. You have to recover the money that Max (the owner of the catwalk) owes Charlie. From behind the counter where Glottis is, take the golden liquor and give him the VIP card: you will learn that he loves cat races. Go to the VIP hangout, to the south-east: pull the lever before the bridge and go up the stairs in front of you. Continue to the right and enter the huge cat litter box in the door on the right.
Here you can get the can opener for cat cans. Once this is done, go back in and go up the stairs again; when you reach the balcony overlooking the catdromo, go to the corridor on the right and use the lift. Enter the kitchen and take the syringe for sweets that you find on the left, after which wait for the arrival of the waiter who will go straight to the galley. Lock it inside and lock the door with the scythe. Glottis will come and drink the whole barrel; Climb up the ladder next to the galley and use the can opener on the barrel, then enter the barrel. View the animated sequence, you will be in the warehouse. Use the forklift and with the latter enter the elevator: position it so that its arms are under the slot of the grate on the right. Get off the forklift and quickly press the elevator button, then get back on the forklift that must be carried forward so as to block the elevator on a floor where it would not stop. Get off the forklift and use the lever on its left. Exit the elevator and head down the hall, then retrieve the suitcase with Charlie's "money". After the sequence, you will have obtained the federation card.

The sailor Naranja
Go to the Blue Casket, enter the room and go to the back: watch the scene and talk to Olivia. When you're done talking, go into the kitchen and use the syringe with the mouth-splitting cocktail, then leave the room. Go back to the roundabout and go southeast. Head right following the rails that will take you to Toto the tattoo artist's submarine. Follow Naranja into the closet on the right and here open the fridge door and the fridge drawer itself. When Naranja screams in pain, use the syringe with the mouth splitter: Naranja will faint. Go to the closet where he is lying and take the plates that bear his name, then go out and return to the balcony from where you can see the catdromo: go up the stairs and then up the fire-fighting ladders.
Once at the top, drink the liquor from your bar and go under the metal detector. The security officer, Carla, will search you and take you to the back: as she talks, tell her about the metal detector and what you need. The woman will throw him out of the window. Retrieve it by getting off and going into the giant cat litter. Use the scythe and retrieve the metal detector, then go to the morgue via the Blue Casket elevator and down the stairs. Here you will find a door, below: use the Naranja tags on the body that the undertaker is not inspecting and give him the metal detector. After some time, you will be rid of Naranja.

Marine Bee Equipment
Go to the Blue Casket and talk to the 3 revolutionaries sitting at the table. Give them Salvador's letter, then take the book from the table and go back to the roundabout, heading west. Give Terry the red book and the sea bee and he will be arrested by Bogen. Having seen the cutscene, go to the VIP room and then to the private room to the right of the kitchen. Talk to Nick, the lawyer, who is sitting at the table. Tell him you need him as a lawyer and insist until he shuts you down. Talk to him again and tell him you REALLY need a lawyer and that you will tell Max about him and Olivia: Nick is leaving. Take his cigarette case, inside which there is a key that you cannot take because it has an opening double bottom. Give the cigarette case to Carla, who will make it explode allowing you to take the key; at this point, go back to where the sea bees are and go to the lighthouse.
Use the key to open the door and enter. After the cutscene is over, go back to your club and give the ticket found in the lighthouse to Lupe, the attendant. He will give you a women's jacket: use it and you will find a piece of paper in which there is a tattoo of Toto. Go to him, give him the piece of paper and he will stamp a card with a photo finish tattoo. Go to the catdromo where there is a giant stuffed cat and read the plaque: you need the matrix of the race in which Smurfette died and in which you will find the photo of Nick and Olivia. Use the fake printers and set week 2, day Tuesday and run to 6. Press the print button, then give the matrix to the door on the balcony. You will get the photo of Nick and Olivia. Now go to the private room of the VIP room and show the photo to Nick, who finally agrees to be your lawyer to free Terry, the sea bee.

At this point you have everything but you haven't started yet. Miss Glottis, busy with cat racing. Go back to your room and go up to the study: go behind the desk and use the green cloth, which will reveal an ingenious trick to cheat at the roulétte. When the dealer spins the roulete, press the magnet and watch the funny skit.


You have finally become captain of the ship. Some customs officers have stopped you and going below you find your crew sprouted. Glottis saves you for the broken headset, but you find yourself locked in the cockpit. Press the button on the right, use the levers and press the right arrow to tilt the ship to the left, then use the right button twice again. Look out the porthole, using the scythe on the anchors.
Press the left button and levers again, going back. Watch the scene, then you will sink into the depths of the sea. Save your game and wait for a guy with a lantern on his head to arrive. Talk to him and when he walks away take the lantern from him, then turn to Glottis. Arrived at the pearl, continue along the slope and you will find a rock with red tentacles: go around it and Chepito will be grabbed by the octopus.

The border
At this point you have reached the Border. Go straight and take the elevator in front of you: once you get on go right where you will find Meche. Watch the scene, after which you will find yourself back in your office.

The recovery of the ship
Talk to the two children in the cage and tell them that you can make light bulbs with your hands, but that you don't have all the necessary tools. They will throw a gavel at you. Exit and go back to Meche's office, you need to talk to. Use the ashtray in front of her: Meche will burn her socks: take them from inside the basket. Go back to the elevator, go down and go southwest, then talk to Chepito. Give him the gavel and socks and he will give you his jackhammer and a gun. Head south, where you will be swept by the current towards the conveyor belt. From here you will have to go south, where you will find Glottis struggling with the ship's engine.
Talk to him and go back to the conveyor belt, then go north. Climb to the surface and enter the crane: move it to the other side of the island and let it drop the chain. Get off the crane, go to the beach and use the jackhammer with the chain, then climb back onto the crane. Drop the chain and then make it go up again, then return the crane to the starting point and exit. Go down the conveyor belt and use the lever on the left to reverse the direction of the belt. Climb on the crane, drop the chain, return to the lever and use it twice. Climb on the crane and let the chain go up. At this point a scene of ship recovery will come.

Free Meche
Go back to Meche and give her the gun. After the scene, the woman will be imprisoned. Go back to the corridor that is located before the Meche office: here you will find a sort of safe, on the hinges of which you will have to use the jackhammer. You will discover yellow latches that must be positioned with the flat side facing right. use the scythe to lock them and open the door with the handle on the left.
Go inside, close the door and use the scythe with the box attached to a wire above the door. Go to the room you just discovered, rummage through the briefcases and use the scythe on the shower above. Turn the knob to the right and see which tile of the floor all the water flows into. go back to the other room and drag the ax to that specific tile, then use it to find a secret passage. At the end of the scene, Domino will arrive with his submarine. Use the scythe and try to beat him, but you won't succeed. Then use the scythe on the eye of the octopus, thus managing to eliminate it forever.


You have finally arrived at the station, after 4 long years. Glottis will feel bad and will fall down the steps.

Go downstairs and enter the building on the right: talk to Glottis who will tell you that you need some fuel for the cable car. Go down into the closet, open the drawer under the cup hanger and take a rag. Exit the closet and use the rag with the oil barrels. Exit the building and go down the staircase again. Open the coffin, where you will find an old acquaintance of yours who will throw you a cup that you have to collect.
Go up the steps and watch the scene, then talk to the door keeper and as soon as you go down the steps again, he will give you a message for you to read. The message comes from Hector Lemans. Go down and go to Glottis, then go down to the closet and use the cup in the cup hanger and finally the rag in the toaster. The fuel is ready to be used and a new scene is upon us ...

We return to Rubacava
We return to Rubacava. Here you will find your old bone wagon with an explosive device attached to the back. You have to find a way to defuse the bomb. Talk to Captain Velasco and as soon as he leaves, take the bottle with the SS Lombaggine inside. Go to the Blue Casket (from the roundabout head north) and enter. Talk to Olivia, knocking on the back door and entering the kitchen. Use the bottle with the barrel on the sink, then give it to Glottis who will drain the entire barrel.
After the skit, talk to him: Manny will tell him it was the jelly they make canned meat and he'll throw up everything. Go to Toto's submarine and open the iron locker at the bottom right: Manny will get a freezing liquid. Go back to the bone car and use the liquid with the jelly. Finally, get rid of the dynamite and watch the scene.

El Medollo
Talk to Meche who will leave. At this point you will have two objectives: to recover a gun and to dress up.

Find the gun
Take the sprouted man's arm and the photo that is in the garbage. Give the pigeon the message from Hector Lemans, then show him the photo and witness the scene. Exit the lair and head south, grabbing the suspension remote from Glottis. Go up the stairs and at the end of the corridor always continue up the stairs. Behind some actors there is a ladder: go up it and on a platform you will find a huge machine with a manual grinder. If you continue in the gallery on the right and use the grinder, the latter will lead you to the florist's hiding place where there is a crocodile with little reassuring intentions.
Push it as far as you can with the car, then use the suspension remote control to raise it, then jump onto the platform. Start slowly descending the ladder at the bottom of the platform: the crocodile will turn and put its tail under the car. Climb up, use the remote control and imprison the crocodile, then go to the florist's house and enter. Use the scythe on the pieces of tape above the door. Exit, reenter and you will have the gun you were looking for.

Go back to where the two actors with makeup were: take the jug of coffee, without putting it in the inventory as it is too hot. Climb the ladder behind the actors always with the carafe in hand and pour it on the actors themselves, who will then leave. Go down, put back the coffee and enter the closet on the right. Leaving you will find yourself wearing makeup. Go to the casino and talk to the agent wearing the hat twice. Then talk to Meche twice, then use the sheet on Charlie and talk to the agent again, who will break into the slot machine and dislodge Charlie. Enter the bathroom and you will have his clothes on.

Talk to the elevator attendant and note the numbers on the board. The guardian will ask you a question: you will have to answer with the number that was missing on the board. Talk to the Flores couple and tell them you work for Hector. You try to convince them and in doing so you talk to them about your problems, telling them that you have returned from the worst vacation of your life.
Leave, but Hector Lemans will stop you and take you back to your old office. Watch the scene and go to the ladder, then go up the ledge to the right. Use the grinder with the crack in the concrete, then use the sprout and go up the ladder.

The end
Climb up the hill and enter the greenhouse and Hector will sprout you. After the scene is over, use Toto's freezing liquid and return to the car. Here, talk to Salvador who is in the back seat. Open the ticket case and grab Salvador's, then head to the greenhouse and go to the field behind the greenhouse. Here is Salvador's body. Retrieve the key from his body, go to the car and open the trunk, then grab the gun and go to the water silo at the far left. Use the gun on the silo, then go to the greenhouse and enjoy what you deserve ending of Grim Fandango.

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