Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude! - Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude! is a scrolling platform video game developed by Sega Technical Institute e Interactive Designs to Sega Mega Drive.

Published in 1992, the title was then also converted for Sega Game Gear in 1993. The absolute protagonist of the game is Greendog, a surfer / skater with blond hair and very relaxed looking. Greendog has ridden almost all the biggest waves, the only ones capable of thrilling him and giving him that extra adrenaline rush. He has traveled the planet and surfed in Australia, the United States and even the Mediterranean Sea.
The boy has various tools that in the wrong hands could be dangerous: he has a Frisbee, inline skates, a gyrocopter and a skateboard. One day, while surfing in the Caribbean Sea, Greendog is thrown off his board by the biggest wave ever. The sporty blond faints and wakes up on a beach that seems to be the alternative version of our world.

He also wears a golden pendant of Aztec origin, as his girlfriend Bambi explains to him. The jewel carries with it a terrible curse: the wearer is attacked by animals and from wild creatures and, more seriously, cannot surf.

To earn 3 Frisbees, pause the game and press C, A, B, A, LEFT, LEFT.

When the dog is around, grab one of the bones BEFORE the dog finds it. The dog will attack some enemies.

Pause the game, then press DOWN, A, C, UP, LEFT, LEFT. To return to normal speed, pause again and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, A, C.

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