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The best apps of the year 2016 We could say that the Google Play awards would be the height of what are the Oscars in the seventh art world but this time moved to applications that are specifically for Android. This post will discuss some of the nominees more also the winners of each of the 10 categories which were based the different prizes in addition to reviews that exist on all pages. These awards have been awarded Google Play team members and according to their estimations.

The best application of startup outstanding

To start and not less important is awarded to the startup more prominent of of the Google Play. In this case the awarded was Hooper. If not we had enough with them so many comparators of flights that there are in the networks now also can find an application as Hooper, that already directly you predict how will change the price of your flight or if will vary much the prices, you recommended buy them when are it more low possible and much more. Sin lugar a dudas es una idea innovadora en un campo donde la innovaci贸n es un tanto complicada, teniendo en cuenta lo comentado anteriormente, la aglomeraci贸n de comparaci贸n de vuelos y las tantas ofertas diarias que hay, Hooper te analiza billones de vuelos y puedes llegar a ahorrarte casi la mitad del precio de origen. Without a doubt one of the great surprises of the Google play awards. Between them nominated had some as Dubshmash, an application in which can create videos bending phrases famous or songs, an application that you allows buy and sell shares as Bayou or Within, an application in which can see videos, documentary and short films that is can see with them google cardboard and you give a feeling surround.

The best app in services of Google Play

In the next category of best independent feature game would have a Table touch tennis, if you like table tennis without a doubt this is your game, a game with mechanical very inuitivas while that realistic and fun mini-games crowd squeezing Google Play Games service. Among the nominees had games like Tapventuras, a simple role-playing game where no doubt the challenge is to the chiefs, their number of lives and the way that we must defeat them, we also have Sea Battle 2, this time a strategy game in which we have ships, submarines, planes and much more and we will have to develop a good strategy in the field of battle to defeat the enemy.

The app more innovative

He following award of them Google Play Awards is was of the category of App more innovative and in this case won "NYT-Virtual Reality", now that more than never is of fashion it reality virtual thanks to The New York time have access to the news thanks to our glasses of reality virtual, a form more than receive information. Between them others nominees had "Fast like to fox" a game for Android in which control to a small Fox, a platforms fun while of vertiginous and that is worth it penalty only by its control, controlling the movement and speed of the animal giving touch behind the mobile. We also have for example "The fabulous", that it is or anything more or anything less than a coaching motivator to make a healthy life with exercise to meet increased energy throughout the day and set yourself some goals.

The best global app

In the paragraph of best app global in them Google Play Awards have to a saga very famous, Pokemon, this time with Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, a game of mechanical very simple as is the align pokemons in vertical u horizontal and that is fun both for which want to vitiate much as which only want to spend a while. Among those nominees had apps as Memrise to learn languages of form fun, with lessons easy and vocabulary to small dose for go learning day after day. We also have Freeletics Bodyweight. If before we were talking about coaching now we return to the subject, but this time more intensively, to lose weight in a short time.

The best game indie

In the category game indie for them Google Play awards, a genre that could tell that already has a sector of the market established, won Alphabear, a game in which must build words using them lyrics that you give and when use two lyrics adjacent appear bears that is may go doing more large. Of them nominees there is much that have in has as high ' s adventure, a video game in which the objective is skiing and give flips in the middle of the snow next to your Snowboard. We also have a big surprise as Prune, a video game in which you have to grow a tree and sort the enemies on Earth, poetic and funny at the same time.

Best app design

Jackson, an app has been the best app design to purchase and sell securities that has a full color interface exquiita. One of the best applications of the year. The nominees include Todoist, an app to list tasks, have a pending list and a very nice Task Manager and that has a lot of people behind. Even some media considered this app among the best. As this will list also we Bring! an app that lets you make your list of purchase in a matter of seconds.

The best application of 2016

Houzz, an application that supports us to decorate our House with an excellent community has been the award for the best application among the best applications of the year and in addition you have personalized attention and much information to obtain the inspiration that makes you lacking in decoration. Highlight among the nominees to Colorfy, an app that is based only in coloring, you delivered some of his drawings and you have coloring them by primitive colors to mergers of colors, perfect if you have anxiety. On the other hand have TuneIn Radio, app couple listen radio by internet and that has a large cast of programming.

The best game of the year

In the category of best game among the best applications of the year 2016 we have Clash Royale, one year more than Supercell have seen him make, create a game so addictive and that create as much excitement as this is not easy. A video game in which you have to fight through decks with enemies-style Clash of clans and in which gems will have great importance. Between them others nominees have to sagas so large as Star wars: Galaxy of heroes, a game of strategy by shifts in which us will find in crowd of scenarios and to characters emblematic of the saga and also have MARVEL Future Fight, uniting heroes of all them universes of the company and giving you a touch RPG.

Best use of a technology early

In the category of best use early of a technology won the app "World around me", an app in which can see in time real, focusing with the camera towards an address all them options that choose as restaurants or places of leisure. Among the nominees we had Glide, a messaging app but this time with video or another app like Zumpr, which serves to find and facilitate the meeting of homes for rent in different areas.

The best family app 2016

We would finally have the category of the best family app whose winning app was "Thinkrolls", an educational game for children from the House, logic games and puzzles that are complicating. In the nominees section there are touch nature, an app in which you have to cultivate your land giving way and everything, feed your animals with more or Lego Jurassic World, another installment of the Lego series, always fun and quality assurance.

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